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  1. CAMERAMAN says:

    i guess that is something you will have to take up with the state police

  2. concerned citizen says:

    What about why is Tiffany bintliff not going to court or any charges with the Robert lazor case of the 3 charges from burglary and other charges

  3. CAMERAMAN says:

    looks like burchard plead guilty to avoid trial

  4. concerned citizen says:

    Why was Tiffany bintliff name not on here for the same charges as Robert lazor.she drove to the residence and doesn’t have a license..and how was the outcome of Russell Burchard hearing. ..

  5. concerned citizen says:

    where do u find the charges for someone that was in central court

  6. CAMERAMAN says:

    it was rescheduled for 05/04/2016

  7. Taylor says:

    Can u tell me the results of Lee Hughes court outcome was? Central Court

  8. Malinda K Grace says:

    Thank you very much it bothers me my son is setting in jail and they said at court if it was clean he would be released…

  9. CAMERAMAN says:

    maybe he passed it since you have not heard anything

  10. Malinda K Grace says:

    Randy could you please help me under stand this there was a drug test giving to my son on 11-26 and no one has any results yet how long does it take i know peaple thats got them back with in two weeks we are talking months now….Thank you Randy for all the help

  11. CAMERAMAN says:

    he is going through the court system on drug charges stemming from an incident on 12/15/2014, a hearing is scheduled for 05/06/2016. he was charged with burglary, and criminal trespass from an incident on 09/05/2015. he was charged with burglary, theft by unlawful taking, and criminal mischief stemming from an incident on 08/28/2015. he was charged with receiving stolen property stemming from an incident on 09/11/2015. the last 3 cases are still going through the system. in cambria county he has drug charges stemming from an incident on 09/28/2015

  12. Rose says:

    Randy A lot of folks in Manns Choice are asking about Tobias Kimmel case was he sentenced for all his crime? All so you need to check in Johnstown for more that are pending. I don’t know all the facts can you shed some light on this. So Manns Choice this might take some time. Randy will do his best to find out Thank You keep up the good work!!!!!

  13. CAMERAMAN says:

    the hearing was continued until april 6

  14. Taylor says:

    Can u tell us what’s going on with Lee Hughes charges?

  15. CAMERAMAN says:

    MDJ calhoun’s court in everett

  16. kim says:

    where do they have these proceedings?

  17. says:

    heard that dunn was giving it to a minor for a long time. sexual

  18. Samme says:

    Any information about the Benedict, Suzanne case?

  19. Γ‰ric Morningstar says:

    Cant we all get along?

  20. Michelle says:

    Does anyone know any new information on the Rochelle and Maurice clayton arrests and court hearings for the aggraveted child abuse charges.

  21. BCFP says:

    the case goes to county court

  22. Simple says:

    So this means?

  23. BCFP says:

    he waived his preliminary hearing

  24. Simple says:

    What was the verdict in the Chapman case?

  25. Mema says:

    bcfp: henry k hall

  26. TammyLowery says:

    Does anyone know when the trial starts for Jonta Bishop and Nick and Kimberlee Forbes?

  27. BCFP says:

    she waived it, so it goes on to county court in bedford

  28. Mema says:

    How did Beverly Riggs make out at her hearing

  29. Heavy Heart says:

    How do you know continuance date for prelim?

  30. Heavy Heart says:

    Not sure how error was made, but McFarland’s bail is 100,000….. Not…. 10,000.
    Sure it was just a typo.

  31. BCFP says:

    the defendant waived their hearing to county court

  32. Anonymous says:

    Can u tell me the outcome in the Freda Endress case today?

  33. BCFP says:

    he waived his hearing, it now goes to county court in bedford

  34. could you tell me what happened with Cory Ray Smith in Central Court today? Thank You

  35. KARMA says:

    What is it with people who can’t comprehend the fact that what What Mr. Patrick Risbon did is not a health issue, but an illegal drug, illegal fire arm, and endangering others issues. Fighting with the owner of BCFP over it when even the police know it’s not illegal makes me think it’s just someone who wants to bitch about something she knows she was wrong about. For someone to come on BCFP Facebook to whine about who did what and what is illegal and not getting all their facts is childish. Funny how I don’t see this woman arguing with the police about them releasing the report to all news sources, not just BCFP. My question is, how would anyone know if he would have pulled the gun on the others in the house???? You don’t. Having the police involved not only saved their lives, but Mr. Risbon’s. Too bad some just can see it that way without trying to cause trouble for others.

  36. KARMA says:

    I see Mr. Patrick Risbon has made it to the court system. The controversy that is going on BCFP Facebook is that BCFP should not have reported on Mr. Risbon’s suicide attempt. Was the man on drugs when he wanted to comment suicide???? Instead of his wife bitching what the police sent to BCFP to post legally, she should be happy he will get all the help he needs. But when the news came out about the real reason the cops got involved, she decided to bring the kids involved in it. She don’t want any of it on BCFP, but yet runs her mouth about the situation on BCFP Facebook. Whoever called the police on him is the one that got him into trouble, so stop bitching about what BCFP should not be doing and support those that had to go through the drama. It’s bad enough the ones in the house were exposed to such behaviour, but to add more fuel to the fire is despicable.

  37. Sonny says:

    I got a great life, thank you! Never said I was worrying about other people, just pointing out facts, if you can’t handle that I feel sorry for you.

  38. Sonny says:

    I got a life, way better than yours or Eagleson’s.

  39. Daisy says:

    Get a life and stop worrying about other people anyway.

  40. Daisy says:

    That’s what I thought.

  41. Sonny says:

    I got an idea, you don’t want to rot in jail or be in jail, stop breaking the law and doing dumb stuff. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out!

  42. Daisy says:

    You are not better then anyone..period. And believe me, I would leave Bedford if I could but unfortunately it’s not an option right now. This is going no where and I’m done with it because not only do I think it’s hilarious that you think your better than ANYONE at all, I think your pathetic for actually believing it. I would say congratulations on being clean for 2 years ( and btw ANY clean time is clean time it doesn’t matter if it’s inside or outside) but, obviously you haven’t learned SH** from being clean and sober with the attitude you have!! Cuz if you had, you wouldn’t be in the mindset you are presently. Idk if this is personal with Jacob or if it isn’t. Either way I am standing up for someone I love and that’s all that really matters. I love Jacob and his family so therefore I still believe he shouldn’t rot away in jail I feel that he deserves freedom because he is a completely changed person. The past of a person shouldn’t get held against them, it’s the past..leave it there. What matters is the NOW. And NOW, he is amazing. πŸ™‚

  43. Sonny says:

    If you don’t like how things are done in Bedford, you are welcome to leave at anytime or never come into Bedford. 2 years clean in jail is nothing, I’ve go 2 years clean out in the real world. So yes, I do think I’m better than him, I took full advantage of my first opportunity to get clean, never resorted to committing crimes while using. Also, if he didn’t want to do jail time, don’t commit crimes, it’s as easy as that.

  44. Daisy says:

    Keep all your negativity and and negative opinions to yourself, no ones losing sleep over it. Everyone cares what ppl think to a certain extent. Everything worked out and prayers were answered with him not getting anymore time for those burglaries. He is a great person, esp if your a recovering addict you should know what it’s like! But I guess your just better then everyone else. And people make mistakes.. Jacob has been clean for 2 years, so what if he didn’t “take advantage” of the opportunities given.. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be at that time in point. He is taking advantage now so that’s all that matters. He doesn’t deserve to be in jail any longer, this time has already saved his life, he shouldn’t be rotting away losing moments with loved ones. In Bedford, fairness doesn’t exist. And in Bedford, all people know how to do is judge and cause problems and start drama. Keep it there, I’m all smiles over here…:-)

  45. All I’m saying is you do not know him or his life so don’t act like you do. Maybe he is taking advantage of this opportunity right now.. And for someone who knows what it’s like your pretty damn judge mental. And everyone cares what ppl think to a certain extent. No ones gonna lose sleep over it haha, but please.. Next time you just assume things about people take a second to think about what your saying, ESP when your a recovering addict also. He has been in jail for 2 years and has been clean the whole time. People make mistakes and he is not a perfect person but he also doesn’t deserve to be in jail either, and just to let ya know, he DID NOT get anymore time for the charges from 2008 anyway. So prayers were answered and everything worked out. It goes to show that sometimes life isn’t always unfair. But in Bedford, fairness doesn’t exist. Anyway thanks for the negative opinions and negative energy but take it somewhere else, it’s all good here. See ya! πŸ™‚

  46. Sonny says:

    No one important, obviously you do care what other people think,or you would not have commented on the previous posts.

  47. Sonny says:

    Obviously you have trouble with reading and comprehension. I stated he has had it arranged several times but never reported and the times he did go he did not complete treatment. I personally know because I was in treatment with him one time. I on the other hand have been clean for almost 2 years, I took advantage of my opportunity to get clean.

  48. No one important says:

    This is why you Bedford people suck. Everyone here is nothing but judgmental. What? “Druggies” don’t deserve any chances? I’m sure you know or have known anyone with any type of addiction. And for your information whoever you think you are that knows him, actually he hasn’t went to rehab or anything more then 2 times. So idk what all these times are you speak of. No one belongs in jail for that amount of time unless they have done something horrific or unforgiving, and you know what i mean by that, no use going into details. But anyway- I know he doesn’t care and nor do I care what any of you people think because he is very optimistic and sober and clear minded. So eff all of you for being negative and judge mental and unbelieving in people. Things like this could happen to ANYONE, even you. Oh wait that’s right your better then everyone else I forgot. Oops. But yeah it could happen to anyone so remember that next time because I’m sure if it was someone you loved or cared for you’d feel the same. Think about that.

  49. Adam says:

    Eagleson is in jail where he belongs. He has been given plenty of chances.

  50. Sonny says:

    Ealgeson is a druggie. He has had help offered to him. I personally know he has been offered or had drug and alcohol treatment arranged numerous times but would never go or would quit going. He keeps making mistakes and it is his own fault.

  51. No one important says:

    Umm..May- I’m pretty sure if it was your family or someone close to you you wouldn’t want them in jail either. So what he’s been a bully in high school. That doesn’t mean he should be in jail for years on end. He’s been away from people that love him for 2 years already I’m pretty sure that’s long enough. People make mistakes, sometimes more then one. All anyone knows how to do anymore is JUDGE. Higgins has a personal vendetta against him and it’s unnecessary. No wonder people in Bedford can’t be for real, they have people like him to look at as an example. It’s pathetic.

  52. may says:

    Jake Eagleson has been a bully since he returned to bedford, pa. high school. He needs to mature in jail for a while.

  53. No one important says:

    Jacob eagleson has been in jail long enough away from his family and children.. I think Higgins has a personal vendetta against him and it’s not only NOT fair, but it’s not right. People make mistakes and people change. He has done long enough time f&*% Higgins.

  54. BCFP says:

    it means they dont have to post anything to get out of jail, but if they get into trouble again, that is what their bail would be, and they would then need to post it

  55. just wondering says:

    what is the difference when someone has bail like 25,000 unsec n 10%? I mean if unsec do they still need to pay 10%? How do they stay out of jail without bail?Ty

  56. careful says:

    Probation viloators visiting bars and clubs has nothing to do with manpower has to do with what they are on probation for. Some even go out of state and nothing has been done yet. trust me, it will catch up to them and the remaining probation should be spent behind bars.

  57. BCFP says:

    it could be that law enforcement and probation does not have the funds, to hire extra manpower to roam the bars looking for violators

  58. Taylor says:


  59. BCFP says:

    you can call the bedford county jail at 623-2955, and pick the option central

  60. Tammie says:

    Could you tell me how I can find out if Scott Schroeder was released on bail? My daughter was not notified and someone called her father and told him that they saw him at Walmart.

  61. Angela McCaulley says:

    So find it offensive that a man facing sexual assault felony charges was left go on unsecured bail.

  62. mandy says:

    Can u tell me what is happening with Meade sarver and the outcome of his hearing today at central court

  63. KARMA says:


  64. BCFP says:

    the fact remains, this will be all over the news once the trial gets underway. no matter how you try to twist it around, people in the community have the right to know what really goes on around them

  65. victimmyself says:

    HONESTLY!!! Would you like everyone to know these details of what happened to YOU if it happened to you???????? Give up the ego for once.

  66. BCFP says:

    i love how you decide what the public needs to know, maybe i should have posted the 4 page report, would you be happy then?

  67. victimmyself says:

    I take back the thank you. Your report is atrocious!!! You could have done better. The public didnt need to know all of that. You didnt think of the kids at all. Also, it was already proven thatthe mother didnt know.I hope kids that you know and hold dear to your heart never goes through this. I bet then you would be more careful of what all you put out there.

  68. Victimmyself says:

    Thank you BCFP!

  69. BCFP says:

    we have to go through the report, it is 4 pages, and we dont want to put information that will hurt the victims. this is a very sensitive case

  70. For The Kids says:

    Where is the story on Richard Maine?

  71. victimmyself says:

    All I am asking EVERYONE before any comments or anything are made to remember the kids. The public, and especially certain people that think they know everything about this case, doesn’t know everything. They don’t know the heartache that the kids have been through and are still going through. Everyone just think of the kids before you open your mouth. You don’t know everything.

  72. BCFP says:

    if your talking about the maine case, we are doing a report on it, we will not list the names of the victims but the public will indeed find out what mr. maine’s is accused of

  73. victimmyself says:

    Before you go and post things about people, you should think of the kids first. They’ve been through enough.

  74. BCFP says:

    nail & pope waived their preliminary hearing in central court

  75. Jada says:

    how do i find out the outcome of Ashley Nail, and Brian pope jr.?

  76. For The Kids says:

    thank you

  77. BCFP says:

    we will do a story on his case this evening on bcfp facebook

  78. For The Kids says:

    would really like to know the outcome of Richard L. Maines day in Cenral court.

  79. Peg Barnett says:

    you know what my languege maybe be bad but I really don’t care say what you want. You repeat yourself so you are not getting to me to say something I am not to say I said what I said and the only ones that would have none was the ones who know you left eveyone know everything. You should have not even commented on what I said and no one else would have just read as me being me “A BITCH’ so go cry about it and if you have anything else to say please tell me in person. This back and forth is getting stupid so what ever you have to say find me and we shall talk.

  80. Peg Barnett says:

    yep they do all the time maybe they (police) need to sit there too

  81. Peg Barnett says:

    No one knew who I was refer too until you put your 2 cents in now every one know everything and if you have anything else to say to me say it in person ok other wise shut up

  82. Tracy Harris says:

    Like I said reread your own post. U don’t know what anyone else has been through either. But singling out what u believe to be a “regular” isn’t right. I’m sure there are people leaving their houses drunk too and they need to be stopped just as well. Everyone knows what you are talking about and others have lost people too. Nice use of language. It shows maturity. Maybe next time u should talk about intoxicated drivers as a whole and not your boyfriends ex. That’s where the problem is.

  83. Peg Barnett says:

    excuse the hell out of me but when you have a family member that was killes by a drunk driver you kinda don’t care much for them so get a life and stay out of mine. I didn’t say anything about one person just said they need to sit at the car lot across the street or out side the fire in bedford or maybe at giant eagle. The need to nail all of them as far as I care cause I really don’t give a damn. There is no situation in which anyone should drive drunk.

  84. Tracy Harris says:

    No doubt Tpr. Terkay is one of the most professional and hardworking troopers in this area, but if you don’t know the whole story don’t comment on it. Putting others down to make yourself feel better is ridiculous. No one is perfect and we are all adults so let’s start acting like it. That could happen to anyone.

  85. Peg Barnett says:

    I am glag to see they are finally are cracking down on DUIs they catch alot more if they would sit at the car lot across the beef and brew see they nailed one of the regulars way to trooper terkay

  86. debbie brant says:

    iam sorry 4 writing about the melius,i had no right,iam not to judge

  87. debbie brant says:

    wow,i didnt think the melius did anything wrong

  88. Stephanie says:

    no not all of them will narc there are only 2 that have and they are the only 2 that will i no everyone of them and i no that none of the others will narc.

  89. kim says:

    watch most of the people busted in the arsons will narc someone out and get off easy

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