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  1. CAMERAMAN says:

    on tuesday march 8 he has a hearing scheduled at 9am in courtroom #2 it is an ICC hearing which is a indirect criminal contempt hearing.

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    When will the trials for joesph manspeaker start.

  3. Staff Member says:

    If the courthouse can have mock trials why can’t the Anderson House be turned into an Inn where tourists and locals can interact in solving fake crimes within the house? It would bring more tourists to Bedford and make a good profit. There would be hard work into it, but it would be worth it. This would be something new that Bedford needs.

  4. Ed says:

    Huston , I don’t understand your hostility with your apparent need to be cruel and insulting . I do not harbor any animus toward you . My remarks only pertain to the borough and it’s rules that have to do with our historical designation. Any comments outside of that discussion were only in response to your suggestion that if someone were interested in maintaining Bedford Borough’s historical designation and unique character , that somehow that means they ” don’t have a life” . There is life outside of this issue and I expressed what mine is . I did not realize you held such hatred toward someone who would note what their belief is .

  5. Huston says:

    Ed STFU seriously. Isn’t there some concrete statue of jesus in Everett that you should be humping? I’m outta this bible beater town and don’t give a damn what you think of me or my porch decorations. If I would have stayed long enough I’d have put up Hillary for president posters.

  6. Ed says:

    Huston , What I posted were not my words but rather the guidelines and reasons that are found on the web that explain the importance of staying within the agreed rules and codes that are set by the borough in accordance with their responsibilities . I think that in the long-run , it is a good thing to stay within the prescribed parameters that are set so as to honor our historic designation . The benefits for future generations and even present day property owners , is detailed with what I have set . I know of several people that have had to concede to the rules that were established and for their sake and fairness , it would not be right if someone thought , for whatever reason , that those rules did not apply to themselves . You though Huston , are reading much more into this than what I had in mind or intended for the reason for bringing to the attention the violation . I would like for Bedford borough to be able to keep it’s unique quality and appearance as much as possible ,so that 50 or more years from now , it will look very much as it does today . The only words that are my own in my past two previous posts , were those at the end in response to your suggestion that I , ” need to get a life” . As I wrote , in case you did not read it , I have a life. Jesus is The Way , The Truth and The LIFE.

  7. Huston says:

    Ed, I’ve only skimmed through a small amount of what you wrote, basically it was to boring to hold my attention. You have an awful lot of free time on your hands. I was going to take my rainbow buntings down at the Anderson House before the fall foliage festival but thanks to you I have decided to leave them up until the day I move out.

  8. Ed says:

    More helpful info. Cut and pasted from Wikipedia ” Local historic districts usually enjoy the greatest level of protection legally from any threats that may compromise their historic integrity because many land-use decisions are made at the local level.[12] There are more than 2,300 local historic districts in the United States.[16] Local historic districts can be administered at the county or the municipal level; both entities are involved in land use decisions.[17]
    Local historic districts are identified by surveying historic resources and delineating appropriate boundaries that comply with all aspects of due process. Depending on local ordinance or State law, property owners permission may be required; however all owners are to be notified and given a chance to share their opinion. Most local historic districts are constricted by design guidelines that control changes to the properties included in the district. Many local commissions adopt specific guidelines for the “tout ensemble” of each neighborhood, although some smaller commissions rely on the Secretary of Interior Standards. For most minor changes, homeowners can consult with local preservation staff at the municipal office and receive guidance on and permission for the changes. Major changes however, require homeowners to apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA), and the changes may be decided upon by the historic commission or architectural review board.[18] The COA process is carried out with all aspects of due process, with formal notification, hearings, and fair and informed decision making.—The issue of local historic districts and the impact on property values is a concern to many homeowners. The effects have been extensively studied using multiple methodologies including before-and-after analysis and evaluating comparable neighborhoods with and without local designation status. Recent factual analysis has been conducted by independent researchers in a number of states, including New Jersey, Texas, Indiana, Georgia, Colorado, Maryland, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, and elsewhere. As stated by economist Donovan Rypkema, “the results of these studies are remarkably consistent: property values in local historic districts appreciate significantly faster than the market as a whole in the vast majority of case and appreciate at rates equivalent to the market in the worst case. Simply put – historic districts enhance property values.”[25] In a 2011 study Connecticut Local Historic Districts and Property Values, it was found that “property values in every local historic district saw average increases in value ranging from 4% to over 19% per year.” [26] Similarly, in New York City between 1980-2000, local historic district properties on a price per square foot basis increased in value significantly more than non-designated properties.[27] Equally important, local historic district property values were found to resist market downturns better than historic non-designated properties. A recent study investigating the data on single-family residential mortgage foreclosures and comparable non-designated neighborhoods found that designated properties were significantly less likely to experience foreclosure.[28] Local historic district designation has proven to protect property values from wild fluctuations and provides stability in the housing market.[28]”

  9. Ed says:

    Huston, you do understood the historical designation that Bedford has , don’t you ? The Historical designation that we have is dependent on a continued adherence to the policies and rules that were drawn up by the County and Borough to establish and keep that historical designation . The following info may be helpful to understand what this means and why it is important to follow a strict enforcement . ” ——–
    ——-RCW 36.70A.520——
    National historic towns — Designation.

    Counties that are required or choose to plan under RCW 36.70A.040 may authorize and designate national historic towns that may constitute urban growth outside of urban growth areas as limited by this section. A national historic town means a town or district that has been designated a national historic landmark by the United States secretary of the interior pursuant to 16 U.S.C. 461 et seq., as amended, based on its significant historic urban features, and which historically contained a mix of residential and commercial or industrial uses.

    A national historic town may be designated under this chapter by a county only if:

    (1) The comprehensive plan specifically identifies policies to guide the preservation, redevelopment, infill, and development of the town;

    (2) The comprehensive plan and development regulations specify a mix of residential, commercial, industrial, tourism-recreation, waterfront, or other historical uses, along with other uses, infrastructure, and services which promote the economic sustainability of the town and its historic character. To promote historic preservation, redevelopment, and an economically sustainable community, the town also may include the types of uses that existed at times during its history and is not limited to those present at the time of the historic designation. Portions of the town may include urban densities if they reflect density patterns that existed at times during its history;

    (3) The boundaries of the town include all of the area contained in the national historic landmark designation, along with any additional limited areas determined by the county as appropriate for transitional uses and buffering. Provisions for transitional uses and buffering must be compatible with the town’s historic character and must protect the existing natural and built environment under the requirements of this chapter within and beyond the additional limited areas, including visual compatibility. The comprehensive plan and development regulations must include restrictions that preclude new urban or suburban land uses in the vicinity of the town, including the additional limited areas, except in areas otherwise designated for urban growth under this chapter;

    (4) The development regulations provide for architectural controls and review procedures applicable to the rehabilitation, redevelopment, infill, or new development to promote the historic character of the town;

    (5) The county finds that the national historic town is consistent with the development regulations established for critical areas; and

    (6) On-site and off-site infrastructure impacts are fully considered and mitigated concurrent with development.

    A county may allocate a portion of its twenty-year population projection, prepared by the office of financial management, to the national historic town corresponding to the projected number of permanent residents within the national historic town.”———-

    As an antique dealer , I am sure you appreciate the importance of proper preservation of those valued treasures . In a similar way , the borough leaders and manager need to be careful to preserve our town so that one hundred years from now , things will look pretty much the same , preserving history and the treasure that is Bedford ( Fort Bedford)(Raystown).

    Concerning your suggestion that I “get a life” ? I have a life , HIS Name is The LORD Jesus Christ. Jesus is The Way, The Truth and THE LIFE. The greatest purpose in all of life is to get to know Him and to make Him known to others . There is not much more that is more worthy of person’s time and talents . God bless you . ( I John 4:7,8; John 1:1-14; John 3:17; Acts 20:21; Romans 6:17; Mark 8:36; Acts 16:31; John 3:3; I Peter 1:23; Philippians 1:6)KJB

  10. Huston says:

    Ed, get a life. It’s sad that we’ve wasted this much time on such a petty issue. If you’d put half as much effort into something worthwhile you wouldn’t have time to allow my flags to bother you. You want to talk code enforcement? What about the tyvek wrapping on the party shop building. It’s been left like that for years.

  11. Ed says:

    Huston , I do not understand your hostility including your unkind words toward me . My interests and question from the start has only been that each person be treated fairly and the same as it has to with the code enforcement living in the borough of Bedford . It is sad that you have interpreted it differently. I have no ill will toward you and I wish you only the best .

  12. Huston says:

    Ed I’m moving from the area very shortly. So short and sweet go fuck yourself.

  13. Ed says:

    Huston , I do not care what you think the banners stand for. The rainbow actually stands for and is a token ,as it appears in the clouds, for the promise God made that He would never again destroy the earth with a flood. (Genesis 9:8-17)KJB . What you think it stands for or what I think it stands for , is irrelevant in this case. The banners are in violation of the codes that are in place right now . They have never been approved by those whose job it is to approve and or enforce those codes . The Bedford Candy shop facade is not in violation of the codes and is also a privately owned building and business. The Anderson House is a Borough building and the borough members that are elected and that represent the people of Bedford , should be more responsible that it abides by the standards , codes and rules that are set for everyone else . Whether or not the banners are “offensive” is also not the primary issue nor the reason the borough should have contacted the business and let them know they are in violation.

  14. Huston says:

    Ed my rainbow flags are no more offensive then the colors on the Bedford Candies facade of yellow and pink. I think you know they are gay pride Ed and I think you doth protest to much. I could truly give 2 s%×&s less what your opinion is. So eff off. As for your statement that they have no historical relevance, have you heard of Stonewall before?

  15. Ed says:

    Why are the people running a business in the Anderson House allowed to violate Bedford’s historic designation and building codes for banner and flag colors ? The colors are tacky . They have no historic relevance. The Anderson House is also NOT a privately owned building but rather a borough owned structure in which case the historic designation should be more fully followed . Why has this been allowed ? Has the borough now agreed not to enforce the codes in place ?


    An interesting question you might ask the Boro Council members at the next meeting, Why was the previous Man who was running the Fort left go, I know why he was left go, but it might be interesting to see if they would tell you the truth. I have my doubts they will.


    I feel it is some what late for Boro Council to start to worry about the inventory of artifacts at the museum, since up to this time, it seems no one on the council seemed to really care about what was there, they have no clue what is missing, nor what was donated years ago.

  18. Dana says:

    The council will do what ever they feel suits their own best interests ..not THE PEOPLES or THE GENERATIONS to come..who will never see change for the better or landmarks that were meant
    for everyone to enjoy

  19. FREE PRESS STAFF says:

    we will pass that request onto the borough manager

  20. del turner says:

    Could the borough mgr speak louder on the video, it is hard to hear her! Thanks

  21. Carol Scott says:

    Egolf Park was given to the people of Bedford County
    to enjoy. Do not sell it !!!!!restore it. I am tired of this mess so clean it up. I hope with the new leadership that you guys will move ahead for the people. I wish you all a bright future with the park. God bless

  22. Ed says:

    rather , there is no excuse not to do this . That is to keep and maintain the Egolf park for us , its beneficiaries .

  23. Ed says:

    WHAT THE COUNCIL NEEDS TO DO IS DO WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT THEM TO DO , NOTHING ELSE !!!!!!! FIND OUT WHAT THE PEOPLE OF BEDFORD WANT THEM TO DO WITH EGOLF PARK, AND DO IT !!! I believe the vast majority of Bedford residents , want Egolf Park to remain what the donors wanted to be, a park open to the people of Bedford and beyond . In essence this Park is a free use public park that should be maintained for all of these beneficiaries. I believe the judge made a wrong decision and and an appeals court will verify that . Keep the park and maintain it . Use the volunteers to help do it . There is no excuse to do this . The English flag should be sold to the highest bidder and that money given back to the care of the park.

  24. Ed says:

    The Bedford Borough council may have failed its fiduciary responsibility concerning the proper care of Egolf Park for the beneficiary of that park. They should have been looking out for our interests NOT any other group or entity . If Mr. Lemly had connections to an organization that sought taking the park then Mr. Lemly , in my opinion should resign from council because of the conflict of interest . I believe the law process should continue and I pray people in Bedford will help support the Egolf park association to help litigate this further UNLESS the Bedford Borough Council stops its desire to cease their duty to keep and maintain this property for US , teh people of Bedford. WE WANT THIS PARK, DO YOUR DUTY, YOUR fiduciary duty !!!! There are too many obvious things that most can see that should bring an investigation of this . A too cozy judge’s decision does not sit right with many people i know. How could council have ever though to use the tree money from the Park to pay to preserve and keep that old English flag. There are just too many glaring things that do not seem right. JUST STOP TRYING TO GIVE AWAY *OUR* PARK !!!!!!

  25. ichAudrey VanWyk says:

    Egolf Park Associates has been formed to Save this beautiful park for perpetuity! Dave Gasperich is president of the group and any help to defray the mounting legal expenses would be greatly appreciated. This beautiful land, once lost, can not be replaced.

  26. ed says:

    The issue IS the future use for the residents of Bedford and keeping it as our people’s Park as was the written intention and desire of the Egolfs. There was and is no other specific complaint or discriminaiton against any other group or entity as is suggested and even stated as belief by the Humane Society letter . The desire against ANY change to the use of Egolf Park applies to ANY AND ALL other invention or planned alteration of original purpose of the Park. The risks by the Humane Society and costs that would apply to such attempts to alter the original purpose of the Park by seeking ownership of such , should not be laid upon any other but The Bedford County Humane Society. I do not think it sounds proper(not extortion but possibly to intimidate) , that the Humane society would make a request of a “donation” to cover the costs of their legal fees and more , from the group that was and is only intent on keeping what is already ours , Egolf Park for The People of Bedford .

  27. ed says:

    Please do not give away or sell The People of Bedford’s Egolf park .

  28. kelly says:

    dont sell egolf park to the humane society…. GIVE IT TO THE HUMANE SOCIETY

  29. ed says: > This is a site concerning the truth of the dangers and evils of slickwater horizontal natural gas fracking and the people and companies involved with the toxic contamination of what should always be clean , safe, good tasting, drinking water. Don’t let the frackers threaten , intimidate or buy off any of our commissioners, consilmen , representatives or other fellow citizens.

  30. Ed says:

    Let council members give away THEIR OWN LAND NOT THE People’s land.

  31. Ed says:

    Let council members give away THEIR OWN LAND NOT THE People’s land . !!! MOST IN BEDFORD WANT TO KEEP THE PARK !!

  32. Ed says:

    Egolf Park is for the people of Bedford . Let the council members who have a severe conflict of interest on this issue, GIVE THERE OWN LAND TO THE HUMANE SOCIETY . DO NOT STEAL THIS AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE OF BEDFORD AND OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS !!!!!!!

  33. Ed says:

    DO NOT SELL EGOLF PARK !!!!!! or give it away !!!

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