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  1. tm says:

    Is anyone aware of a reception hall being established in Ryot/Pleasantville mountain. This road is already dangerous…now adding alcohol to travel up and down this mountain. Who is going to patrol during wedding/receptions

  2. Wondering says:

    I believe that maintenance personnel should be on staff or on call around the clock at Bedford County Jail just in case something would break or need to be fixed. I believe that this would help I believe that maintenance personnel should be on staff or on call around the clock at Bedford County Jail just in case something would break or need to be fixed the jail from being on lock down so long and keep the inmates from getting mad because of no visits or phone calls

  3. Ed says:

    The commissioners have approved a North Richard Street half-way house for homeless young adults ages 18 to 21. The problem is that there is not enough parking in that area. About six cars can safely park there . There are about 12 cars that need those spaces . Please reconsider and possibly look for another spot for the half-way shelter .

  4. Can you please address this?

  5. Mark McConnell says:

    I understood that Bedford County received no money from Marcellus Shale drilling fees or taxes. How is $5000 able to be spent for the Pike to Bike project?

  6. Mark McConnell says:

    Based on your statements Lance, I assume you are saying EVERYONE should follow the rules and pay their share. I don’t see this as a scam.

  7. Lance says:

    You people that own property would REALLY have something
    to whine about if The city of Bedford got even stricter about
    building permit enforcement when people remodel their homes.

    The scam is when you remodel your property you must submit
    a building permit so that information is turned over to the
    county tax assessor’s office so they can send you a revised higher property tax bill.They don’t like being cheated out of money.The county is broke.

    The county prefers that homeowners have their remodeling
    done by a licensed and bonded contractor and they really
    frown upon people doing their own air conditioning and heating
    electrical plumbing and structual remodeling.

    Companies who insure property prefer that way also if you
    burn down your property through a incompetently done remodeling

    This is a area where homeowner’s have gotten away with murder for years.

  8. jeff says:

    we hear the bills they pay.. what bills are outstanding that they are not paying?

  9. BCFP says:

    shannon, we spoke with the staff at the commissioners office, and they told me that is not true what your claiming

  10. Shannon says:

    Well Ed they were there because it was staged! They were in the commissioners office right before the meeting. They put on a good show didn’t they. Imagine how the commissioners had all the answers right there for their questions. Nice little show for the gazette to get out the commissioners justification for raising taxes and bankrupting the middle class and the elderly isn’t it?

  11. ed says:

    I am all for the Tea Party but this inquirer was not needed. These present commissioners actions speaks for itself as to their cost and budget cutting faithfulness . These present three are going above and beyond what anyone else could do to save the county money. The sheriff has also done very much to save the tax payers with his unpaid double duty at the jail. The needed and respected Tea Party and others need to watch the commissioner meetings and if so , they will see that we are fortunate to have the these three commissioners.

  12. ed says:

    Sure, that renter with or without children might not be paying property taxes but it is because he does not have the income to buy his own home or attain financing to do that. At least a home owner has the asset of that home . It is harder now to buy a home for most than it used to be when those present home owners were fortunate enough to acquire their home. Don’t penalize and take from the already hurting worker’s pay checks.

  13. ed says:

    you will not be able to save as much water as you think by making those improvements because everyone knows that there is a BIG BIG basic fee that is applied to every water and sewage customer . Too much of the Bedford water and sewage bills are from the basic service and not usage. This is soooo wrong because we really can’t save much money by conserving water usage . They get you with the basic monthly customer bill not how much you use. THIS HAS TO CHANGE !!! Contact the borough council , city manager and your commissioners and complain .Demand a change so that we can do our part to conserve and save money on water usage if we wish.

  14. ed says:

    Is it possible to petition to some government authority to have this judge removed?

  15. barbie says:

    I feel for the women and her husband as I know how it is when you want or need help at the court house, the commissioners need to tend to the people working in the court house that are responsible for taking care of the deeds and property and not spend so much time worrying about the judge

  16. Danielle Elegra says:

    A Wonderful Story Unfolds in Bedford County Audit Books- Image No Tax Appeals in 2012!

    Imagine there are no tax assessment hearings in 2012 because the commissioners have the money they need because commissioners in the past made good decisions for the citizens of Bedford County and did not go on spending sprees! The true is not a wonderful story for Bedford County private property owners today. The commissioners need tax increases today because there was a plan to spend excessively in past years and there was a plan to get revenue via a new property assessment taxation with help from Texans!

    Elected officials in the past made unwise decisions; went on spending sprees and those commissioners should be remembered, and never should they be returned to office.

    A law should be created whereby commissioners cannot approve any expenditure in excess of one (1) million dollars unless approved by public vote. Do citizens think this is possible or is it too late to have a say in local government? Humm…watch the news!

    Review past expenditures in Bedford County audits, see the budget audit for 2011: “Who is paying for that nearly ten million dollars or more asset shown on the audit books at the courthouse classified as the jail and now a tax burden to property owners because the jail failed and we are left with the mortgage; why does the county have asset buildings shown in excess of 20 or more million dollars on the County Budget in 2011 with no income other than projected property tax increases?

    Who, What, When, Where, and Why did these asset tax burdens all come into being and how does one justify those expenditures for a new courthouse upgrade with luxurious city parking garage?” It seems unwise to go in excess and spend what you don’t have unless you know you are going get. which you need in revenues to pay for excessive spending spree expenditures and your knowledge for revenue is to have new property tax assessment ….. “Oh, that is why Tyler came to town, on a tax assessment mission?” “The mission was to levy enough property taxes to pay for all those expenses shown on the Bedford County Audit Books?” There’s your answer to tax assessment increases!

    The Tyler assessment job did their job, they gave the county tax assessment values, unrealistic higher than fair market values, to bring in revenues to offset county spending spree madness shown on the Bedford County Audit Books.

    One would think that a better solution for expenditures shown on the audit books would have been never to have approved such tax spending spree burdens onto Bedford County private property owners but they chose to spend today and private property owners were in the plan for tomorrow.

    Instead of bringing Tyler into town they could have gone with a cheaper and more accurate method which would serve as fair assessments on local properties by using computer real estate software and a few onsite local assessors? Oh, I forgot, the county is now using software to evaluate your property but they refuse to go onsite and chose to rely on maps and whatever Texan Tyler told them? Humm….

    In the past, the commissioners wanted no part of assessing local properties so they got the monkey off of their back and brought Tyler to town to get property tax assessments where they needed to be in revenues for those expenses on the Bedford Audit Books.

    The elected officials in the past spent millions without voters approval. We the citizens need a change before it is too late, we need to vote on expenditures which are over one million dollars; the Bedford County Audit Books need to be reviewed at a commissioner meeting and why layoff are now in Altoona newspaper for the jail? We know the story so level with us, you are going to go with unfair assessment to get what you need to stay afloat!

    Everyone should review audit books for Bedford County, this is public information, you have a right to see all prior years and see how expenditures brought us into a tax assessment with those from Texas who know how to escalated fair market value of private property for the need.

    Tyler came into being and did the dirty job to bring the loot into being which property owners now protest but it is all in vain. Don’t be surprised with this kind of government that one day in the near future, residential property owners will pay $10,000 or more in taxes per year for an average home.

    Look at the Bedford County audit books…see how expenditures growing and why Tyler had to come to the rescue? It is going to keep growing and soon you won’t be able to live in your home.

    Bedford County doesn’t need commissioners. Bedford needs a good business manager with analytic skills to approve ventures such as the new jail shown as $9 nine or more millions dollar venture which had no solid return on investment but we have commissioners at that time who said then and yet say: “I move to approve,” “I second the motion!” Where is the taxpayers input? Give property owners a say in spending money in excess of one million dollars!

    Are county commissioners qualified business managers, knowing a good investment with a positive good return or do commissioners just know how to approve and let private property owners holding the bag loaded with property tax burdens? How did we get where we are with budget problems…the audit books tell the whole story.

    Do yourself a favor: Compare and review the audit books at the courthouse.
    “You have a right to know and see why expenditures have brought property owners into the tax assessment room.” Excessive spending, required Tyler to tag you with excessive property taxes, now you are sitting in the assessment room with those who know they must make it happen and what do you think they know could happen if those property values are not where Tyler put them? Perhaps bankruptcy shall be their evil end?

    The poor people appeal but “Tis” all in vain; remember you the property owners have been sentenced. The middle class and seniors in this county are going to be continually burdened in upcoming years with ongoing tax increases because “The upper class can’t relate to the middle and poor class because they never had to pinch a penny like we do.”

    And for the rest of this story: See the Bedford County Audit Books.

  17. Tom Cicala says:

    I agree with Ed . reinstate musselman . the man did a very good job and the county and certainly the jail needs influences like Mr. Musselman. I myself have alot of respect for the man

  18. Ed says:

    If there is not a just and very good reason why Mr. Musselman should not be the chaplain again , then he should be instantly reinstated and allowed to do the work that he started.

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