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167 Responses to COURT SCHEDULE

  1. T. Rapali says:

    When does Shawn Troy Diehl go to court? Or has he already. Thx

  2. Taylor says:

    Can u tell me what David S Hughes got in court Mon or Tues ?

  3. Don't matter says:

    Could you please keep me updated on that

  4. CAMERAMAN says:

    he is on the court schedule for jury selection on tuesday april 26

  5. Don't matter says:

    Russell burchard please ?

  6. CAMERAMAN says:

    we was not in court to see what happened to her

  7. Don't matter says:

    Why is it that you haven’t answered me yet but you’ve answered everyone else’s questions

  8. Don't matter says:

    How did Stacey Ickes make out?

  9. Don't matter says:

    What was the outcome on Russell burchard ?

  10. CAMERAMAN says:

    was not in court for that one

  11. Lisa says:

    Was wondering if you could tell me what Lawrence Osiwany sentence was for his hearing yesterday

  12. CAMERAMAN says:

    she got 11-23 months in jail along with 2 years probation, a fine of $2,225.00 and the $45,000 has already been paid back. bail was revoked and she was taken to jail

  13. taxpayer concerned says:

    what was or is kerri mickles out come please thanks

  14. CAMERAMAN says:

    all comments go under moderation, it depends if i am online as to how fast it gets posted

  15. Concerned Citizen says:

    Why is it every time. I. ask for a trial date for a certain person it is under moderation. other people get answered right away.

  16. Sad citizen says:

    Will you be able to get the outcome of the Cintas vs. Sunoco Enterprises?
    This company that came in and “took” over Bedford county oil has destroyed many people’s livelihood in this county. They need to be out of here and nobody will take them down!
    Sad citizen!

  17. CAMERAMAN says:

    she is scheduled for sentencing on march 18

  18. concerned taxpayer says:

    Can you tell me when Kerri Mickel from new paris is suppose to be sentenced. She is the tax collector who swindeled thousands from tax payers. They shouldn’t be so easy on these kind of people. They are taking money away from hard working people. If you could find out if and when she is getting sentenced.

  19. friend says:

    Hes in jail now so his family and friends was wondering when he was going to ccurt

  20. CAMERAMAN says:

    last thing on that name is from 2002

  21. friend says:

    when does Jason Lemin go to court??

  22. Sally says:

    Anybody know the outcome on Steevi Grant case?

  23. elizabeth dunkle says:

    debra sipes got a disc from Elizabeth dunkle it would be nice maybe to see if that information could be obtained.

  24. Abused not says:

    WOW! Tyler Pittman T.J. you should be really proud of yourself! NOT!!! You actually put your hands on a woman that has put up with all your worthless deeds for years.What were you thinking?I guess your old boss buddy can’t bail you out this time,as before in all your misadventures.This woman did not deserve what you did,how could you?I hope Bedford Co., does something with you and sends a message not only to you but other males or females that thinks its okay to put your hands on their partners,wives,husbands,etc.For all the hours you spent abusing her,I hope and pray that the District Attorney and Judge take this into account.You could be sitting in Bedford Co. Jail on murder charges.You need counseling very badly.Their is no reason justifiable enough for what you did.

  25. joe awesome says:

    What was the outcome of luke bartholow and Larissa Grubb case

  26. Malinda Grace says:

    I was wondering how i can find out what happened to Beverly Lynn Miller Halo???

  27. Taylor says:

    We all have the facts straight… Should look it up…

  28. Deb says:

    Taylor;;; Get your facts straight. Not his second only first.

  29. BCFP says:

    he received 6 months probation

  30. Taylor says:

    What was the Sentencing that William Sigel got for his 2nd DUI?

  31. BCFP says:

    State Immediate Program

  32. Susan says:

    What is SIP sentencing? thanks

  33. a says:

    Does any know how colby austin wilson did at his status hearing?

  34. BCFP says:

    it means to start all over from the beginning

  35. Susan says:

    What does DeNovo mean?

  36. BCFP says:

    there is no update at this time

  37. Laurie Wagoner says:

    Just wanting an update on kimberlee sue forbes and nick forbes on their involment in the deen murder. Have they been tried yet and convicted and if so how long did they get.

  38. volunteer says:

    it is with sadness of the passing of jr winck’s father this past weekend. please keep the family in your thoughts.

  39. CAMERAMAN says:

    we did not make the comment, so get your facts straight, and since you brought up law suit, i will tell you to give it your best shot, it is called freedom of speech, i find it funny your using the same name ” concerned citizen ” as the screen name your complaining about

  40. concerned citizen says:

    This message is to the person and the Bedford County Free Press
    concerning the post about Miss Fochtman. You and this publication need to get your facts straight.. These allegations are false and slanderous. Due to the fact she currently has court proceedings pending these type of comments need not be discussed at this time. Please refrain from further comments. I’d be suing you by now….

  41. friend says:

    what was the outcome of miller/fochtman court today?

  42. BCFP says:

    for which case?

  43. corey clingerman says:

    When will the criminal sentencing be??

  44. BCFP says:

    there was no criminal cases today

  45. Linda moles says:

    Looking for today’s court schedule!!

  46. Wondering says:

    When is the court schedule updated?

  47. Anoyomous says:

    What was the outcome of Freda Endress sentencing yesterday?

  48. BCFP says:

    since you know about it, why dont you give us more details

  49. mark says:

    so. have you explored why a state trooper drop kicked a citizen near the american legion in bedford on saturday

  50. BCFP says:

    There are two charlie karns in the court system, this is not the boro council member

  51. N.A.Price says:

    I seen yesterday that Charles Karns was in court for revoke parole. Is Charles Karns the person on the Everett Council Board.How did that turn out. What did Charles Karns do to be at the hearing. Thanks and keep informing us about our county.

  52. BCFP says:

    tuesday night

  53. Pearl says:

    when will weds cases post?

  54. BCFP says:

    we have not been notified that he was captured

  55. Shirley says:

    Has David Matthew Craft been captured?

  56. BCFP says:

    we post the police reports as they are sent, a lot of times police dont send them out right away, they wait weeks to send them out, like on a dui, when they get the results back from a blood test it could be weeks after they have pulled someone over. we do not sit on any faxes that are sent to us.

  57. You know who says:

    To the owner Hey Randy 🙂 could you please put your police reports in order Thank you

  58. Wendy Howell says:

    Jeff …isnt that Amy Batzel your crazy ex wife ?

  59. BCFP says:

    it will show up on public records sooner or later, what is the name ?

  60. mike says:

    So if they took a plea I wouldn’t be able to find out?

  61. BCFP says:

    status conference (plural status conferences)

    (law) A meeting that a court may require to be held between parties to a case to determine whether those parties are prepared to go to trial. no official ruling is ever handed out during these conferences

  62. mike says:

    It was a status confrence

  63. BCFP says:

    was it at central court ?

  64. mike says:

    How can I find out what happened at someone’s court date yesterday?

  65. mindy says:

    The case that has Mindy Bollman vs Jeffery Bollman should be Jeffrey Duncan for u noisy ppl who thinks it my brother it’s wrong once again it’s Jeffrey Duncan

  66. BCFP says:

    transfer to state

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