1. Well now that Ashley had her baby I hope the D.A. Does his job and she pays for being a drug dealer. Yes the baby will change her life but that doesn’t excuse what she did for yrs of dealing heroin. Her sister Amber is worse than she ever was but she threw her friends under the bus (including her sister) to get the heat off her. If Ashley only knew.. Anyway I hope the baby wasn’t addicted. But maybe there were enough time it wasn’t when she was caught and had to stop using. Hope the real father can get custody, sounds like he will be a good daddy. On the question about where the parents are… Either the girls dad really don’t know how bad the girls partied n dealt drugs or like Amber said” he don’t care what they do and knows everything!” Amber isn’t even out of school yet or 21 to drink but if you look at her or Ashleys facebook pic’s you can see Amber with a beer bottle in her hand and looks trashed. Real nice! Does daddy see that or even care? Only a matter of time Amber will get busted. Like I said she is worse than Ashley ever was. She just didn’t get caught yet. her friends that think she is true to them better think twice.. Seriously! She just repeated something she was told a couple months ago and promised she wouldn’t. But you will find out soon enough. Anyway alot of people are counting on the D.A. To do the right thing and no deals because she had a baby. She should have thought about the baby before the drugs.

  2. Thank God the police were able to get a few more drug dealers off the streets. I have a 16 year old son I shelter & know his every wear about, do to all the low life druggies in this area. Everett school district needs to run dog searches through the school as well. Pretty sad your child comes home & says he hates school because of all the well known druggies showing up for class wasted & teachers can do nothing. Falls cut really needs to be watched with the weather getting nicer out & all the teen post of that being their party Haven.

  3. I seen on the BCFP court schedule last week that Ashley Ramsey was in for a Plea. Does anyone know what happened? Just wondering because when Amber comes back to bedford county on weekends she’s right back into calling all her “friends” to party. She’s not even 21 yet and she acts like nothing happened or her sis getting busted. Rumors say she snitched along with Alshey and the way she still parties makes you wonder. Where are their parents in all this? I’m just wondering what happened since Ashley is pregnate. I dont even know if she had baby yet or not.

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  5. Yonnies, the correct spelling is “karma” and you obviously don’t understand what it is so let me enlighten you. When you do wrong (lie, steal, sell drugs) you create bad karma for yourself. When you do good (charity work, get treatment for an addiction, help the cops take down a drug dealer) you create good karma for yourself.

    So, yes, bad karma can be a bitch and, I agree with you, what comes around goes around. If you break the law you will eventually be caught and will have to pay whatever the penalty is. Personally, I would like to see the drug dealers face charges for the harm they have done to each and every person they’ve ever sold drugs to.

    I don’t know whether you support some or all of the drug dealers/users who have been arrested during the past couple of months but, since I keep seeing these karma comments, I’m assuming that you do and that you believe the person or people who help the Task Force are the ones in the wrong. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Drug dealers create drug addicts. Drug dealers and drug users are responsible for crimes committed against decent members of society. THEY hurt others, including the people who care about them and THEY are the ones who are in the wrong. If I misinterpreted your comment, I do apologize, but if I haven’t and you are a user/dealer, I hope the Task Force gets you too.

  6. and what do you have to say now AMBER?…nothing because u know thats the truth….because isnt it funny how both of you moved…and yes im sure u have plenty of excuses as to why you both moved but ther real reason is….is because u got hooked on dope just like ur sister…she was prob the first one to give u drugs….JUST LIKE SHE WAS THE FIRST ONE TO GIVE HER OWN KID DRUGS….i really do pray to god that they take her kid away…and if they arent planing on now im sure they will when she has it and they do a drug test on it and it shows up with dope…..

    I hope ashley keeps on helping getting the drug dealers but remeber sooner or later she will be the one in hand cuffs like she shoulda been

    the sad thing is, is that it takes a newborn baby 6weeks to smile but it always takes 6weeks for a newborn whos mother did drugs for the baby to detox….so be4 her baby will know how to smile it will know what withdrawling off drugs is like…

    keep up good work DA

  7. …..yes the only reason there are so many drug dealers in Bedford is becaue they are all users 100% of them are and they cant get a job because there hooked on drugs so what do they do….they sell drugs to support there habbit no matter what excuse or reason they have its all bs thats why they go so far away to buy the drugs bc there cheaper and they can come bk to our streets and sell to our kids at twice as what they pay just so they can get high they dont care who they hurt or what they do drugs will take over there lives…and any1 who thinks that ashley ramsey isnt snitching is a complete idiot PERIOD.

  8. Glad to see DA Higgins smacking still smacking the Drug Dealers just one week removed from a election battle! You, sir, are an asset to Bedford County. While I certainly disagreed with some of the decisions you made in your personal life, you have been the best damn DA this county has ever had. No one can touch your record as DA!! Thank you again, and keep up to great work, and most importantly, don’t ever let the bastards get you down. Keep your eye on the ball.

    I should also add that I saw Higgins extend his hand to Karns at the Everett Borough Council meeting. As a voter, I truly appreciated that. I have noted with interest that there has been no thank you note in the paper from Bambling/Banasick for the 6000 voters who supported her candidacy. Clearly, she has as much class after the election as she had during the election. None.

    Don Riehl

  9. @ veteran, I too know the father, a extremely wonderful man. Have known him for 50 + years. This man does not deserve to have HIS business slandered because of something his son did. Keep the father and the son separate. Don’t blame the father for the mistakes of the son.

  10. I truly understand wanting to get each and every drug dealer off the streets. I personally would not want my child to grow up and purchase something from one. There seems to be a misconception out there that Sean ran a car dealership. Allow me to set that record straight: He would clean cars once in awhile to make some money, but the idea that he ran it – perposterous. The man who really runs it is the hardest working man I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet – and I’ve known him well for over 30 years. He does not stand for drugs AT ALL! – He doesn’t even take a sip of alcohol – ever. He has tried in every way he knows best to end his son’s relation with drugs – even calling the police on occasions. He has worked so hard to continue operating a business that his son has tried to ruin. He is a very honest man with more integrity than anyone I’ve ever met. There has been so much bad publicity due to his son’s lifestyle – but it’s his son. Sean is almost 30 and these are the choices he has made in life, but please do not hold that against the man who wakes up with the sun and works until almost 10pm every single day – 7 days per week. There is a huge difference. I just thought I’d add. I am not trying to insult anyone via this message – I just want you to know the truth.

  11. @get over it im so mad at you right now. your comments are perfect. i wish i would’ve said it myself now i just hope the little bitch reads all this. but i just waqnt to know since when did the task force start handing out drug test to pregnant women along the highway??? i know they don’t but lets say they did wouldnt they KNOW therewas going to be someone pregnant in the car? DO NOT TRUST AMBER OR ASHLEY but if you do so what you all can make chichi’s togther in jail hahaha

  12. Mr, drug dealers and the users who are their friends/customers can’t really come up with an acceptable reason for selling poison that kills and destroys lives. Blaming it on a lack of jobs is just as lame as the comment under one of the other articles where someone posted that kids need to use drugs to wind down after a hard day and that there’s nothing to do other than use drugs anyway. It’s all bs. If I told my wife that I was going to sell drugs to support our family when I was first laid off from my job she would have kicked me out real quick. Drug users/dealers don’t think like normal, decent people because they’re not normal anymore and in many case not decent anymore either. Feeding that habit takes priority and you can bet your last dollar that they’re committing other crimes as well.

  13. @ Guard, you are absolutely right. Why should tax payers pay for it. Either way she should go to jail, but hopefully she doesn’t do more drugs or anymore damage to the baby while she is out. Do pregnate women really understand what they are doing to their unborn child and the withdrawal it may go threw. If they want to ruin their life with drugs DO IT! But plz give that poor little baby a chance. People shouldn’t have kids if they can’t love and take care of them.

  14. well when a drug dealer is busted don’t they take away the drugs. The car used to transport the drugs, And anything else like scales. Bags. Ect? Well if this baby is born with drugs in it’s system or not they should take it away to a good home. Just like all the other drug dealers caught this year they lost everything. Why is she so special because she is pregnate? She put that baby in danger. Any other state puts pregnate women in prison. This is another case where children are at risk. Born or not. Also why does everyone blame no jobs for a reason to deal drug?? It seems like the drug dealers use the money to support their drug habit anyway.

  15. Amber your lucky your ass wasn’t along and busted. Is that why you moved? The heat was getting to you. But word around was you snitched before you moved only to have your sister in the middle of it. You are no better. How many times you rip your friends off or pop pills in school and got away with it. You used ppl and turned on them, then bat your eyes to get what you want again. You talk about kids buying drugs and nothing done. Well can you honestly say you never sold to them?? Then how do you know it happened? You know! Everyone knows what you did and still do. And as for her baby. Anyone selling drugs with a baby inside them are scum. That baby belongs with a loving couple that can give them a good drug free life. Also when we lost a dear friend to herion, how dare you 2 act so upset when you know you were involved with supplying and using. No proof that day. But you both know. And so do alot of other ppl. So enough with the excuses and putting down bedford county and the D.A. And you wonder why you lost alot of friends including my b-friend and I. That’s really why i thought you moved.

  16. I don’t agree with you about the deals, satindoll. They’re an important investigative tool since they give criminals a reason to provide law enforcement with information and assistance that results in even more criminals being arrested. What other reason would they have to cooperate other than reduced time? What are we up to now…29 people arrested who would be otherwise selling/buying drugs on the streets? Eventually the deal makers will have nothing to offer and they will go away with all of the others they helped put behind bars. They’ll put themselves there because they always think they can get away with it.

  17. @satindoll you know for a fact that sean was trying to take over jims business. hahahaha how the hell did that work out. you know NOTHING and jim name is anderson so that even further shows you dont know shit. also jim isnt the only person sean snitched on, what was he trying to take over their business to? but s-doll answer me one question how do you know sean was tryin to take over jims business? sean tell you himself? get your facts AND names right before you post stupid bitch

  18. Wow.. i think its funny how everyone just seems to know what they are talking about.. for # 1… His name wasn’t James Corle.. so that shows just how much everyone thinks they know.. It was James Anderson.. So if you’re going to write about knowing the facts, you might want to get the facts straight… I know the facts!!!

  19. This would be wonderful if we knew for sure they wouldn’t turn around and rat someone else out to get out of doing time. How is it ‘taking them off the streets’ if most of the ones we see in these drug busts are repeat offenders arrested in EVERY bust? Don’t offer them a deal, give them jail time. I know for a fact that James Corle was reported by his neighbors for dealing from his house, and it went on for years, before Sean Mackey rolled on him to get out of doing prison time. Now guess what, he was working on taking over Jim’s business. Who would have guessed? Yeah, that’s right, anybody who knows him. And if Amber REALLY cares about her unborn child, she wouldn’t have been involved in this bullcrap, she would have been working on getting herself sober, and finding a respectable job, so she could take care of it.

  20. Okay so either we have the Ramsey is a snitch which I know her personally and could believe it considering I had a pregnant friend that went down for some stupid stuff like this and she sat in jail until about a month before the birth of the baby. Now we also have the possibility that Higgins is a complete moron that doesnt deserve the job title he has. To those of you speaking about CYS and what not being on Ramsey you wont read about that you wont hear about that unless you talk to her. Children in Youth and the CYS system runs under the oath that they cant say anything about their clients SO EVERYONE STOP WORRYIN ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED WITH ALL THIS CRAP THEY ARE DOPE HEADS THAT MUCH IS CLEAR AND BEDFORD COUNTY WILL BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT ALL THE COKE AND DOPE RUNNIN AROUND

  21. Yes, Amber, WAY TO GO TASK FORCE! Are we going to have a replay of the responses under the first article, with all of the excuses and justifications for dealing and using drugs along with the lame accusations that drug users just love to make about decent citizens who are against illegal drugs?

    I don’t expect the world to be perfect, little girl, but I do expect people to obey the law and if they don’t, I expect the law enforcement officers my tax dollars help pay for to do their jobs and bust them. Not having a job is NO EXC– USE for selling drugs and only a complete idiot would think that it is. Everyone has to make a living? Boo hoo. How about I make a living selling your stuff after I steal it from you instead of working the 3 part time jobs I work, 7 days a week? Do mommy & daddy have a car? I could get a couple of bucks for that. But, wait a minute, stealing is AGAINST THE LAW so I would go to jail if I got caught. Just like the drug dealers.

    And who the hell even hinted that it’s okay for anyone’s kid to be buying that trash? That’s why we want if off the streets, because we don’t want ANY kids to get hooked on drugs. My son is still young but, since you clearly have no clue, it would be a BIG problem if he were to EVER use illegal drugs of any kind. I would not excuse it or look the other way.

    I will agree with you about one thing. Most people are addicted on some level to something. I’m addicted to coffee. Can’t get going in the morning without it BUT coffee is LEGAL! When you’re addicted to something that’s ILLEGAL, you risk going to jail. If you can’t understand the difference who’s the stupid ass? That’s right, it’s youuuuu. The Task Force has been targeting real criminals and I hope they catch more of them. Sorry if that offends the drug users/dealers out there.

  22. Well isn’t it funny how Mackey who snitched out James Anderson took his sales and the DA knew. Who thinks that Ramsey snitched him out and that’s why she’s not in jail? hmm makes ya wonder!

  23. @amber you sounded so so smart with your dumbass comments mackeys auto barn thats a job inbedford county that sean mackey ran. he just needed two jobs huh. it sounds like to me your really upset or is it your just going through right now because your sick. not flu sick. what about the other people in this county that isnt working? stop it with the excuse making withdrawl girl. who gave her a drug test? thats a lie you know it and everyone knows it. why did she go to the city to begin with? bored,just needed to get out ofthe house? bullshit shes a junkie thats now going to rat. i promise you that and i hope she gets you you stupid bitch.

  24. For once they actually get the REAL drug dealers….and um MISS AMBER for one everyone knows that Ramsey was still very much doing drugs…..and of course your going to shine light on her because isnt it funny how ASHLEY RAMSEYS SISTER IS NAME….AMBER….so of course ur on her side shes ur sister and of course she and the DA would say she passed that way people dont think she is the next snitch around town they will do everything they can to get people to think she didnt do nothing wrong. BECA– USE THEY WANT PEOPLE TO THINK THAT…Ramsey has been on drugs for years now and same with the other two…..So its about time the DA is actually getting the real people bringing drugs into Bedford county not these lil kids who sell 1 time and get busted…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK TASK FORCE

  25. Saw many, see many all in protective custody. I agree the young lady should be in there with them but being that she is going to have a baby let her parents take care of the bill then send her to do her time.

  26. way to go task force? maybe they should be catching real dealers , but no all you p.o.s. hypocrytes just want to run your god damned mouth about crap. funny how they want to blast people yet when you see the paperwork its a completly different story , how about screw bill higgings screw bedford county and screw everyone who thinks the world should be perfect. for one if bedford put jobs out there there wouldn’t be drug dealers and everyone has to make a living and for 2 these are your OWN kids buying this crap but yet its not a problem when there your own kids . and i love how they didn’t mention the fact that RAMSEY passed her drug test on the spot they want to put her out there like she’s a dealer and BCTF got crap twisted thats for sure. my opionion EVERY human being is a addict of somethin, you don’t ask to be that way . oh and heres a tip stupid ass’s if RAMSEY was a snitch or was on drugs , children and youth would already be on her about that baby not to mention the fact that her baby would NOT be healthy nor could she go to the dr and crap. far as im concerned her baby daddy can bounce for that. face reality cause this crap will never go away , but the task force needs to realize who the real criminals are instead of screwing up lives of people who aren’t even in the crap anymore. wooooooow .

  27. i see it like this…the ones that are snitching are the other drug dealers, they figure if i can get them off the street that lets me sell more with them out the way….now….how did the girl get off from not going to jail???? snitching maybe???? cause that bullshit her being pregnant shes no different then the others getten busted….its already been proven that the snitches get off and dont go to jail they get to use and sell and snitch to the DA ….do u see the snitches in jail????hell no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Who gives a flying fig who’s behind the capture and arrest of even more drug dealers operating in this county? Oh, that’s right, the people who are turning them in are the *bad* people and the drug dealers are the *good* people who have been so wronged…in your alternate universe. Personally, I would love to shake the hand of anyone and everyone who is helping the Task Force bust these criminals. Those of you who are upset? Better stop using/buying/selling on our streets before your name and face show up on this website.
    Way to go Task Force! Three more down!

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