1. think of it this way, now merchants know what to look for when these junkies purchase items. how do you think brooke malia was caught ?

  2. lets just let everyone know how people use the one bottle method buy explaining the ingredients used. wtf

  3. I agree. My husband and I work our asses off, and are barely getting by, and we aren’t out doing this crap. Let them get help in jail where they can’t get around my kids with this mess.

  4. There are millions of people who struggle every day, they are poor, hungry, have health and mental issues, etc. etc and yet they do NOT make, use or supply drugs! It has NOTHING to do with whether you are well off or not so stop using that as an excuse for their behavior. And furthermore, you cant help someone who doesn’t want the help and REF– USES to admit they have a problem. So yea, lock em up if they don’t want to change and refuse help. How about its called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY! es we should try to help when we see a need HOWEVER it is THEIR behavior that gets them in trouble NOT society’s lack of help!

  5. If our society would be more willing to help people when they see them struggling through hard times in their lives Maybe so many of our youth wouldn’t turn to drugs and alcohol. If you don’t come from a family that’s well off nobody cares. So Yea, lock them all up Don’t DARE do anything to help them.

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