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  1. This is so sad. What I want to know is if Jonta is the one that pulled the trigger why would the mom and her son clean up the crime scene instead of making a clean get away? Calling the cops, or at least telling him it isn’t their battle? A grown woman? No, that sounds like her son did it and she is trying to protect him and jonta was doing as told and then he got a shit lawyer who told him to go with self defense even though he said he was innocent. Of course I am just speculating and we won’t know til more evidence comes. But it isn’t adding up. Not to mention that Jonta was clearly shaken because he told his grandmother the name, nothing else, which is something a kid would do when listening to the advice of an older person. This is a sick crime. But it isn’t adding up. Even if you watch the arraignment video he hid his face on the way in and when he left he came of as cocky. But maybe it was more incredulous, and he said he is going to beat it because he knows he didn’t do it. Even is GPD was on him he could have shot the gun at another point in time. What would his motive be? I am not saying this was a heinous crime. But the motives should be questioned and that it is really scary to know the death penalty is on the table. Maybe they were all trying to rob the guy and it went bad. This breaks my heart that people do stuff like this.

  2. Wow wow wow!! To kill somebody is one thing and that’s bad enough, but to then burn a body after you already murdered him, that’s sick sick sick! Had you not done enough nigga when you shot him? Then to make it 1000 times worse by burning him up? My god he’s one sick nigga!!! My god this sickens me!! And to think then people are trying to help this bastard out by covering up the scene!! I have not one ounce of pitty for anybody! Well yes, 1 person! That’s the poor grandma that had to leave town because of threats! She didn’t do nothing! It’s not her fault at all!! Innocent until proven guilty? Hmm, think we all know who’s guilty and who’s not!!!May you RIP my friend! You are missed!!!

  3. I would like to take a minute to Thank the DA, Bob Higgins and the PA State Police including Det.Martini for working as hard and diligently on this case as they have to see that justice will be served.I personally think they have shown true professionalism to apprehend and incarcerate the individuals who committed such a cowardly act of inhumane proportion. Regardless of what others may think my nephew Jim Deneen didn’t deserve to die for his actions let alone in the manor these 4 people carried out. They have no compassion or value on life from the shooter to the mother who instead of making a call to the police as a real mother would to protect her son but made the call to obstruct justice and burn the evidence and a human being.I pray that justice will be served swift and harsh. Rev.9:21

  4. I heard there is a lot more involved in what happened to him, and all I have to say is that it will come out. Sooner or later the truth will come out. Jimmy did not deserve to die the way he did. Anyone who is withholding information about what happened is just as guilty as the people in jail.

  5. thank you for the blessings! the real bandits should have had the same feelings. my nephew also was unarmed.have a nice day and may the blessings of God be on both of us.

  6. RWD I refuse to have a battle of wits with a unarmed bandit May God handle it the way he sees fit God bless you

  7. Again i’ll try to clarify my comments to you pearl..no one is judging any individual “I am judging the acts of the person or persons” involved in a murder in small town,USA. I would be as guilty as the people involved if I condoned it. They may be the most honest people in the world and have a crystal clear past “which I doubt” but never the less a crime was committed and the “court of due process” needs to move forward. As for the violent behavior I never said the “whole family” I just posted “the family”. It’s not normal for a father,husband,dad, to hold a family hostage by gun point until a swat team can remove them. I’m going by whats printed in the paper. If you had to be removed from your home for safety and your life on what you’ve posted here than someone’s as nutty as you are for believing their innocent of covering up a murder scene and tampering with evidence..and when this is all over and they do the time for the crime I hope they use better judgment than what they did during this crime and move on because speaking for the true victim which is james deneen they’re not welcome back here. no one was dragged into this situation, they stood around a body and as per their statements and “they” decided what to do with his remains,remove the body,clean up the mess,burn the materials and then burn the “murdered” body. Please read the written statements or have someone read them to you. Thank You! RWD

  8. Pearl, we are not wrong about this. Their affidavits clearly state they openly participated in a murder cover-up. Unless there is record of a phone call at some point around the time of the murder, they are GUILTY. This will be easy for the courts to figure out. People are free to express their opinions on the matter, just like you are free to NOT read the comments.

  9. Just for your info RWD the police were called about the threatening phone calls so before you know the facts don’t call me a liar and as for lying about someone threatening my mothers life then explain why we had to remove her from town to keep her safe so before you go accusing someone of lying you might wanna check your facts As for my relatives all I said was let the law and courts do their jobs before people try to be judge and jury and I would say that about anyone not just family that’s why we have a justice system in place so idiots don’t take the law into their own hands and find out after its to later they were wrong as for this family having a history of violent behavior hummm funny I am part of this family and have never been in trouble go figure so before you go condemning my family get your facts right and in that small town I know how stuff gets blown out of porpotion…. I know cause I lived their a while and when I first moved their no one know me so they assumed a lot of incorrect facts so go figure how your town works which brings me back again let the law and courts do their job!!!!!

  10. Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act. Prov 3:27

    Pearl as hard as it is to accept, the facts are your relatives had more than 1 opportunity to notify the police that they were being held against their own will. your nephew may have been an honor student in school but his honor has been tarnished in the real world by being an accessory to murder by hiding and tampering with a murder seen. this family has a history of violent behavior if I remember correctly.if janta was being robbed and it was self defense than why go thru all the effort to clean up the murder scene,buy lime,stone,burn up a car with a dead mans body? and as far as someone calling and harassing you..i don’t believe that either or you would have as well..notified the police! they can trace such calls. seems lying runs in the family. I hope justice prevails!

  11. Pearl-It doesn’t matter if he was an honor student, was drug into it, or feared for his life. When the person who pulled the trigger leaves the scene you leave, go somewhere safe and call the police. You don’t continue to clean up the crime scene. Whether you like it or not Nick and Jonta were friends that went to school together. If you read the affidavits they have already admitted guilt. There is also other evidence out there that shows they bought lime at hardware store and had a load of gravel delivered to their house and spread on driveway. This has not been in the news but many in Hyndman know this for fact as the owner of hardware store and guy who delivered gravel have told people PSP interviewed them and took video surveilance from store.

  12. I KNOW my Heavenly Father will see justice for Jimmy. No question in my mind there. For the 4 arrested and ANY others out there involved and in in fear of the police pulling up in their driveway. You can run, but you can’t hide. Not when our God leads this investigation giving wisdom and direction to ALL law enforcement. May God bless each and everyone of them involved in solving this heinous crime. Our family is so very grateful to them.

  13. Ms Cindy
    My heart goes out to your family and I am truly sorry this has happened however the point I was trying to make was that no one knows for sure yet what truly happen to cause the actions my nefew and his mother took it could have been out of fear for their life it could have been they just got drugged into this so all I was asking is before people jump to judge them let the police and courts do Their job I was not trying to say by any means what happened to Jimmy was right or fair but I do know that there was something that would have happened for a honor student to get mixed up in all this Nick has never been in trouble and to go from that to being mixed up in this there is a reason and all I asking is give the courts time to get all the info let them do their job thats why we have the court system they have not proven them quilty yet. So all I ask is let the courts decide they will have all the details where those of us that we’re not there don’t

  14. Pearl, Jimmy is my son. There isn’t any words to describe the unbearable pain we as a family feel. I only have one comment I want to address with you. No, as you pointed out, we don’t know if Nick had a drop of blood on his sweatpants or if they we’re covered with blood. We don’t know because the evidence was destroyed. All it would of taken was a simple 911 call and your aunt and nephew would be on the streets today. As it happened they covered up for the murder, then had the audacity to torch his corpse. NO ONE DISERVES THAT. No pearl,
    all of these people are locked up and just where they belong.

  15. Went to the post office yesterday in Hyndman. People were saying the PSP were at a house in Hyndman still conducting their investigation, they took a truck from a house and did several more interviews according to people in town. Many people are stating there will be a couple more arrests in the near future, as there was a total of 7 people at the Forbes residence when the murder occurred. Was wondering if the BCFP has been hearing anything?

  16. I attended my cousin Jim Jims funeral today…it was so incredibly sad…We could not even see him one last time to say goodbye. I have a question for the Forbes and Jonta. Ok so you killed him why tell me why you had to burn his body?? Why?? He was our family.. Our friend..A Father of two small children…I pray somehow someway you feel the pain his children and family felt today as we buried our loved one bc of a senseless act of violence!!

  17. Question for BCFP is it true there were more arrest’s made Oct 2nd or 3rd ? if so who were they ? We heard there are more involved than the original (4) also want to add we attended Jim Jim’s funeral today and looked on at his weeping little daughter and his 13 year old son. This is so sad almost unbelievable that a young mans life was taken in this manner. Jimmy didn’t deserve this. May justice prevail by judge & jury !

  18. Thanks for the vocabulary lesson on the word “nigga.” As if we really needed it. If the murderer wants to refer to himself as a “nigga” then everyone should be able to refer to him as “nigga.”

  19. Go ahead and sent the NAACP or anyone else. They’ll just make themselves look like idiots. This isn’t Ferguson, MO. The truth is out there, they are guilty by their own admission. They tried to cover up a murder, even after the murderer left the scene. Please take the time to read the affidavits posted above, they all admit to covering up.

  20. i know what it means, feel free to call the NAACP, or better yet get jesse jackson, be sure for them to contact BCFP, and we will see just who is who

  21. The word “nigga” is a slang word that minorities created to erase the word “nigger” in its original context. The acronym for NIGGA, stands for “never ignorant getting goals accomplished.”  It’s a new era my friend. Maybe the NAACP will pay Beford County a visit after all of this to teach you the difference.

  22. the only thing you have proved is how ignorant you are, i was not condoning anything, i just pointed out that bishop used that term when speaking about himself, so it’s ok for a black person to call another black person that name, but if a white person does they are racist, interesting concept there dawn

  23. I’m sure Bishop was using the slang word “nigga” in which many black people do and not in the contents I’ve seen so many residents from this area post so freely. The fact that you’re even condoning such behavior proves my point…ignorance.

  24. n dawn, just so you know, at the arraignment of mr. bishop, he called himself that name when speaking about himself

  25. I see the term “nigger” must be apart of Bedford County’s everyday vocabulary. I’m white but so very thankful I did not grow up in this town. Some of you people are some of the most ignorant and uneducated people I have ever seen.

  26. Whoever was the coward that called my 70 year old mother today and threatens her life because she is the Grandmother of Nick be a man or women and Call Me I’m his Aunt and I’m not in poor health. it takes a whimp and a coward to call and upset the edlerly. Yall got my moms number I’m sure you can find mine!!!!

  27. Our family’s hearts go out to Jimmy and his family but understand all the facts are not yet been shown or the investigation would not still be on going I can tell you that yall jump to a lot of conclusions ok they say nick had blood on his sweatpants do yAll know if it was a drop or a lot so yall just assumed they were covered in blood him were yAll there No and neither was I so there for I have to leave it to the police judge and attorneys to figure it out. I hate that there was a life lost and I hate that the others their lives are hanging on to the truth coming out there is not just one victim in this there are a lot of others so yAll should not just assume let the courts and law handle it

  28. billy, the affidavit of probable cause has been posted, to laurie, the murder occurred on your sister’s property, if neither knew bishop, then please explain what he ( bishop ) was even doing on your sister’s property in the first place, and why did they help a complete stranger clean up the crime scene, and supply bishop with the gas & lighter ?

  29. on behalf of my sister kimberlee forbes and my nephew nichloas forbes they were dragged into this situtation. my sister did not kill this man nor did my nephew.our hearts go out to victim and his loved ones he left behind. remember we are all victims to this crime that boy caused. thats all i have to say.

  30. This was my nephew and the way he died just is overwhelming. This tore my whole family to shreds. I worked with the boy who killed my nephew we got along well he even hugged me when this was all going down, they had it all planned out. I even took him to school he sure had a way to charm everyone, boy I was fooled. GOD BLESS YOU ALL and whoever else that was involved I hope you all go down. I thought I had friends I worked with and trusted I hope you get it coming to you! I had a good relationship with my bosses but they knew he was trouble! I actually feel sorry for them. All I am saying all involved I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL! Rest in peace Jim Jim I no and you no who was involved The back stabbing bitches that was involved they had there issues to looking for there next fix! GOD BLESS YOU I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU MY HEART IS BREAKING I WILL SEE YOU IN HEAVEN WHILE THE REST WILL BE IN HELL.

  31. Dear Pearl, the facts are my nephew lost his life from a senseless cold blooded act of murder..these are the facts. now where planning a memorial service with the remains of brutal act of arson. therefore people have been jailed. and chances are they’re not apple dumpling gang! I’m not judging..i’m just asking… WTF am I missing?

  32. Pearl-We don’t need to know the specifics. Some coward shot someone in the back of the head and then attempted to burn the car and body.

  33. I think there is more to the story than what we are finding out. I have a hunch the Forbes boy was there when Deneen was murdered. I think the mother and son came up with this story to protect themselves. Why would Forbes’ mom need to burn his sweatpants if he was just wiping up blood? He claimed Bishop put the body in the trunk and never once claimed to have touched the dead body. There are other things that just don’t match up. This could get interesting. Sounds like a case for the forensic files.

  34. Don’t ya’ll think you should let the courts do there jobs and everyone should wait to hear everything before ya’ll act like judge and jury Ya’ll don’t have all the facts and your judging these people before you know everything that took place.

  35. No matter what the circumstance is, you dont shoot someone in the back of the head, throw their body in the trunk of a car and then set it on fire, with the he!! !!!!! This was someones son, brother, cousin, grandson and many peoples friend, to those of you and I mean All Of you that were involved, have you ever heard the phrase ” a life for a life” !!! Many thoughts , prayers and hugs to the family of this victim..

  36. This is just awful and a shame. I hope they burn your black ass. As for the forbes you can rot in hell as well. Jimmy was a great guy who had issues from time to time but always admitted when he was wrong. He was an all around guy. I can’t wait until you boys make it to the big house. Better hope you don’t drop the soap.

  37. It really makes you think what kind of people we live close to. You think you know people in this town, but you know nothing. I have no idea what people are capable of. Over something so stupid!! Sure, nobody wants to get robbed, but killing a man? Really? I can’t believe the MOTHER! Sure she wants to protect her son, but her son wasn’t the one that killed the guy. If I was in that position, I don’t care if it was my sons friend or not, I would be calling the police. I may not have much of a life, but I would definitely rather be free than sitting in a cell for years.

  38. Really!! What a shame over something so trivial. Something so gutless and cowardly? To shoot someone from behind and then torch the body in the trunk of a car? Nigger what was you thinkin? My turn!!

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