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  1. Today gives our family a little more closure to this terrible tragedy that took the life of our family member regardless the reason why. Today there where no winners on losers. James Jr., his entire life for nothing other than money and Jonta for the same reason. I feel that after listening to Jonta that he truly has felt that what he did was wrong and was very remorseful and at his young age someone within the system will take the time to be a positive role model for him and in return he can do the same someday. Jimmy had his issues but today is walking with the Lord free from the devil called drugs. Tonight leave a light in the window for both young men who lost their lives and will never spend a night at home again with their families. As for Jonta I do believe you are remorseful and sincere and I accept that apology. We will pray for you at my home and hope others do as well. May God look over you and continue to work in your heart because he has in mine. It’s hard being a father and loosing a child.

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