just to let readers know i only have one website and that is Bedford County Free Press. there is a guy named Jesse James Leighty who has created a website and is using all of my videos of government meetings, local events, and advertisements on his website. his website is not affiliated with BCFP and he does not have my permission to use any of my videos or material on his website. do not be fooled by websites using other names or even copying my Bedford County Free Press name. if you are unsure about a website that has all of my material, contact me personally by email at or call me at 814-977-8305. i only plan on using one website and that is this one


  1. it has been 8 months and i am still waiting on jesse leighty to show me how it is done, all i see is him using the videos i created on his pathetic website, and his facebook page is nothing but a few shared posts from other people’s pages. he is not doing anything on his own. another one who has failed to even come close to what i do.

    NEXT !

  2. so here we are over 3 months since the last comment, so just when is jesse going to do his thing ?, his website is a pathetic joke, and his lame facebook page is nothing but shared posts, that is not news, he even tried getting people to post local sports stars, while i obtain the services of a former bedford gazette sport photographer, and i myself started recording local sports games. he has not been out anywhere reporting on live events. face the facts, jesse is nothing but a wanna be ” cameraman ” , all i have to say is

    NEXT !

  3. yet here you are on BCFP, makes you wonder why are you not on his website reading the news, oh that is right, because he does not have any local news. you sound like a little school girl, crying because you do not like the reporter who’s site you just can not stay off of. nice try. you are done here. go visit the nothing happening site that jesse operates.

  4. shocking that someone would want to do better than the air head who does it now is it? Randy can’t even spell, let alone put together a sentence containing all correct grammar. You have a lot of people on your side Digital Pimp.

    Randy, don’t flatter yourself. nobody wants to be like you. You have competition now whether you like it or not so are you going to man up and be professional or are you going to type little insults proving how you are unqualified for the job? You are turning Bedford news into a disgrace with your 13 year old girl drama. Professionals report and ignore drama, not cause it. (successful ones anyways)

    Let the best reporter win (meaning Jesse)

  5. Jesse’s page is stupid. i listened to his talk show Saturday night. they used foul language, talked about lesbian sex, and you could hear them smoking something. it was disgusting, who in their right mind would follow his pages, other then junkies and shady people. their is no local news, most of the ads i seen on BCFP first. and what is with him using videos recorded by BCFP on his website?. this guy has to get a ride every month to make his probation appointment. he has no vehicle, no drivers license. no wonder he can not get around to cover events. and he does not allow comments. when someone does comment, he tells them to go to some other page to comment. does that make any sense ?. if you want to comment on a post. you have to go to some debate page, and i guess you are supposed to state which post you want to discuss, then make your comment. why not be allowed a person to comment on the post itself?. i have no desire to follow someone who just wants to be like BCFP.

  6. hahahaha, fake reporters always worried and trying to copy what BCFP does. you know you are good, when people try to one up BCFP.

  7. i see the problem with google claiming my site may be hacked has been resolved, the notice by google has been removed

  8. another big question i was asked, if he is not charging for advertising, and he spends so much time posting national news, how does he support himself, they asked me where does he work. i told them, he lives in a motel in everett, he has no vehicle, he has to beg people for rides, he is currently on parole for terroristic threats, and he is a known hacker. they laughed about his having no vehicle, and he was in bedford the same day as the senior rally across from the courthouse. he must have missed that, while walking around town waiting for someone to give him a ride back to everett.

  9. i confirmed with the chamber that leighty did in fact email them complaining about BCFP, and as i stated it did no good, i am still a member of the chamber so leighty failed. he also attempted to contact one of my advertisers in another failed attempt. you really have to ask yourself. if leighty is so sure he will be better then BCFP,then why bother trying to discredit BCFP by contacting advertisers and the chamber. and i spoke with a few people who looked over his website and facebook page. they asked me why are BCFP videos on his website. and why does it appear that he taking some of the ads off my website and facebook page and placing them on his. like the gateway help wanted ad. he has it word for word on his website. they stated why go to his website that has more national news then anything. if they wanted national news they would go to fox news, cnn, or msnbc. they could not find any local news on his website other then ads and videos he got from BCFP.

  10. Hey pimpdaddy I ALSO see you have to BEG for a ride back…..hahahahahahaha……digital pimp….hahahahaha……digitial MO-RON!

  11. Hey pimpdaddy…youre a sad excuse. You had to BEG for a ride to Bedford for your probation meeting…..hahahahaha… for a pimpdaddy yo sho is one broke ass……hahahahaaha….

  12. how sad, you have to look at my site to compete with me, you run along now junior, i have real work to do, while you play wanna be reporter

  13. Never tried to hack it, don’t need to, There no info I can’t See from Right clicking and picking “view source”.
    I visit your site to see what content your posting or publishing, so i can compete. No worries here mate, Thought maybe you mite like some IT pointers. Nice revamps, tho you should look into responsive themes, that way when someone visits your site on a phone or tablet it can be read. Just a pointer. Quick question tho why do you block everyone on your Facebook pages?
    Oh, remember how I showed you to use MySQL to see ip’s lol
    What you see for me is not me, hahahahahahahahahaha.

  14. you sure do worry a lot about my website, yet again, you come to my website trying to tell me how much you know about this and that. why do you worry so much. i must be doing something right, you have failed to hack into it.

  15. lol i never said it could be hacked, lol read, don’t get flustered and rand, I said Google reports that your site “Mite be Hacked” That’s from at one point your WordPress got compromised, If you had read up on WordPress, They had an exploit, Hackers where exploiting it, Because I do work with WordPress and Computer I knew this, You Did not, But any way, you mite have at one point and because you don’t know how to contact or maintenance your website, it reports that from search engines, FIX your SEO. LOL Sloppy Randy, Sloppy!

  16. i did a bing search and yahoo search of this website, and guess what ?, there is nothing that states this site can be hacked, i spoke with a real computer person, and we discovered that google thinks they are the internet police, we even know which link they rules a possible spam or threat. it is a news report, a scan of google with my website only provided one link that MIGHT be a threat, and seeing bing and yahoo does not have that scare tactic in their search of this site, i will leave the one link on, i could get rid of it, and that warning would go away on google, but why should i, when i proved that other search engines do not show that stupid warning.

  17. grow up son, you are way out of your league playing with me, people see how obsessed you are with bcfp. they are laughing at you, just like i am.

  18. look who is butt hurt, yet again, another day, of you coming here and whining, a lot of people know about you and c&y, you forget, i was there, remember, you called me when they showed up, now who is the idiot ?, a lot of people know who is raising your kids, and no, the chamber will not tell me to stop doing anything, you need to learn the facts of life boy, look how you talk, i talk facts, you talk fiction.

  19. you can be baited too easy, you are falling into what I want, I am making you mad?
    Come on do you still need help with your site, its still coming up your infected. You do know that right, before anyone even goes to your site if you google it, it strait says it mite be hacked, thats not me, thats you not knowing whats up nor you being smart and trying to fix it, Have you looked at marketing numbers for your site or Facebook, lol randy I dont care what you think, i just fucking with you because you wanted to fuck with me, remember, lol this is nothing to me to type, it take every thing in your power to type 3 words, and you need to all cap it just to read it, i dont. lololol you keep responding, thats time your not reporting, or filming or running around, meaning I win

  20. Yea , I know people have complained about you,, so think about it, anuff complaints they will get rid of you, don’t matter if your are paying dues , if you are chasing off new members, they will tell you to stop or leave, but why are you butt hurt all the time, is it because of what happen to your ass when you was a kid, I heard stuff up the pie hole hurts but I would never think you would have a stick up your ass this long. You fucked up, C&Y Never took my kids, by you making that statement on your site, where you do have control, you committed slander, There are no cases where they took my kids. No court records, nothing sealed. Now that your going around saying that your fucked, you need proof or facts, thos that don’t work for you. So here some thing that was fact.

    Cameraman got fucked in the ass by his family! See thats not slander, its fact, I know that this information is true, From statements from you and your ex.
    Where your proof that C&Y took my kids, I can say they took yours when you was popped for selling narcotics!
    See how we forget things randy, you really need to stop the pot smoking and pill selling!

  21. seems to me you come here, i have more readers then you will ever imagine, well good for you, you went to the cops, do you want cookie ?

  22. you filed a complaint with the chamber, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, ok, do you think you are the first idiot to whine to the chamber about me, i pay my dues to them, i am a member, they understand what i deal with. do you even know what you are talking about half the time, as far as wanting to play, sure, let’s play, i like to play the game. i say put up or shut up, funny, you don’t not see me coming to your page and commenting, yet here you are on BCFP wanting to play children’s games. you sound like a 5 year old when you say things like ” my page looks better then your’s ” you are not going to come here and keep posting your lame comments, and bs lies. i have control here. you do what you need to do, but remember, i am not the professional hacker, that would be you

  23. Well anyway I have responded, Now that you committed slander, I have contacted the Chamber of Commerce and have logged a complaint, I was not joking when I said I applied, By your very actions tonight you could very well lose your membership. Next time be a better example of a member of the Chamber of Commerce! Treat people you meet as possible customers, not Marks or targets! Remember I have more ties here then you, when you was born you was where?? First year of my life was on a farm on the side of Little wills Mt.! So it’s funny to see everyone from here side with an outsider that act like hes from here , then a person from here that was treated like an outsider??????

  24. you are a moron, you lost your kids and you know it, why do you use my videos, i give two shits what you do, however when you keep tagging my bcfp page for me to read your stupid shit, i am going to reply. you could never keep up with what i do, it seems to me you worry about me so much, you keep an eye on when i revamp my website as you call it. so now i can not re-do my website without idiots like you thinking it is about you. i have never discussed my personal life with you, you do not know my brother, you have never met bones, the only reason you knew my wife, was because you wife and her were friends. give it up jesse you will never be as good as me. looks to me like you are the idiot throwing a tantrum there jesse or you would not be on MY website commenting. john this punk lives in a motel in everett, because he went through most of the crack motels in breezewood already. he is best know for being a little bitch, he get his ass kicked all the time, then tries to get people back, via the computer. i have never asked this idiot to hack anything for me, funny he should mention hacking, that is another of his trades, just ask him, he will tell you, he can hack into anything

  25. Keep saying stuff that legally wrong, hahahaha, Get your Fact’s right, C&Y Never took my kids, so right there, I have grounds for slander, Second, A least all my kids are mine! Third I got Post where your praising me john, Hahahahaha.
    Next Hes still not getting it, I don’t need a car ,I got it so it’s Done by remote by reporters, LOL!
    He just mad that he can’t figure out WordPress, Oh take note, I did not call out randy, He posted on This page and On Facebook First, Then I waited 2 week to respond to it on here, While I kicked his ass in website design, “The Point That I was making Originally, That this website looked like shit, Be I digress, Randy is a fail Pot dealer, that from what I heard still deals piss weed, and Pill on the side, But Hey, When the feds take down Higgins for all his crap, Cameraman won’t any “Friends” Left, So now I got 2 two “Troll” So let’s see who is the pitcher and who is the catcher? Cameraman Looks like a Bottom! And we know he like Meatballs!
    So let’s get the fact’s right her “boy’s”
    1.I Did help set up code and other stuff for BCFP (Or other wise they would still be trying to upload to YouTube with 512kb DSL ,He was paying $45.00 A Month for it too, When 15 Mb was available from the same ISP for Same Price, EPIC Fail )
    2. I wrote For BCFP!
    3. I was Asked By BCFP To Break the Law (Hack), To stop “Shut Down Bedford County Free Press”
    4. LOL you Still don’t Get what an “API” is, When I install that to WordPress Via Plugin, The Other Sites (CNN,Newsweek) Push the post from there server to my site, so I am Like an affiliate (It’s the Digital Age, Learn something New) So Randy can call posting Scan’s of printouts from the courthouse , And Faxes From the police “News” or Scan parts out of a magazine, lol I’m doing nothing different, Just smarter, See Im not trying to Post Police reports, Or Local Legal Stuff, That Jerry springier up there. I am looking to post about the arts in the area , not Shock Ad’s to sell shitty Tasers.
    5. See I must be doing something right, Read my post, How ugly did I get, Not really, just truthful!HAHAHAHA
    you guy’s are trying to make me look bad, putting my past out there, thing is, it’s all out there, this would be the 3rd or 4th time randy has put my shit out there, So what’s new, What’s your point! Say something different, Anything? No?
    6. See I know Randy Personally, Like down to how he would tell me about girls that sucked him off, or how hes going to do this or that to people. I knew His wife, His Kid’s, His Brother, I meet Bones Once even! Shit what does that tell you! Now why would someone that you know knows you & can remember A shit ton of stuff why would “you” Call that person OUT. Remember Again I state, Randy Called Me out, Not the other way Around!
    7. Again, If I am “Jobless” as you said, Yet it looks like I can Get a Shit ton done on the net If I had Ample Free Time, Again why would you Piss off said person, Then All there Free Time Is now Aimed and Taking way your Time!
    8. I could list more, Shall I?????
    Randy, If Im not an issue why you care, why revamp your site? Why even say anything?
    You Don’t get it, I am going to keep this up, No matter how hard you throw a tantrum.
    So you got 2 choices,
    A. pick up your toys and go home. B. Play Ball

  26. Come on digital pimpdaddy I’m waiting for some sort of coherent reply. Living in a hotel?? What one of those dives in Breezewood??? Lost your kids? No car? No drivers license? Pimpdaddy you don’t sound very successful……

  27. instead of trying to be me, he should be working on being a better father, this guy is a major p.o.s.

  28. no he has no vehicle, he has no driver’s license, c&y took his kids a few years ago because he does not know how to be a father, he has not got them back, he lives in a motel in everett, he is on parole for terroristic threats, did i leave anything out jesse, oh i got computer a tower off him in the past, when i got it, it was infested with roaches, i opened it up, and there was a nest of roaches in it, i had to trash the tower.

  29. The digital pimp does nothing more than copy the reports from the national media. Hey pimpdaddy here’s a clue for you, we’ve already seen the national stories on the news by the time you post them to you sad site. Nothing original pimpdaddy. Sad, pathetic…..

  30. Digital pimp??? Hahahaha….hey pimp do you even have a car? Do you even drive? You’re so successful as a digital pimp you’re still living your life as low life white trailer trash. Do you even have a paying job????

  31. Lol, You know who I am, I’m not doing this as a hobby, Putting you on notice now, I have applied to the chamber of commerce, I am filing as a LLC, This is 1&3 Productions, We are An Online Newspaper, We are A Internet Radio Station, We are Live Steaming Original Video’s & Music Acts. We Are More Then Just “Free Press” We don’t just deal with “Local Government News”, In fact we are about World Wide Media, We are not looking to JUST server Bedford PA. , But Any Place that wants us to serve them! Lol I am Not copy & pasting, Lol Little man, look into what I am doing, I am Getting API’s, Lol, You don’t even know what that is do you, HAHAHAHAHA!
    An API is a Protocol that communicates with A Company’s Server, So I am Not Copying Anything Son, It’s the Company’s that publish the Article So Let’s Run Down The List……..
    The Guardian
    Al Jazeera
    Los Angeles Times
    The Washington Times
    Chicago Tribune
    Popular Science
    And So on, and so on.
    Looking For more.
    Now let’s more on shall we, If the Media outlets are “Pushing” Their content to “My Site” How is that “Me” Copy & Pasting? Next! That Now Makes My Site Number One When It Comes To World Wide Media In Bedford County! Now with that said, Let’s address local “News”. How long does it take you, Or WJAC, Or any other local outlet to get the report from the scene? T.V should be the first right, Well Guess what buck-o, With the system I have Already Live Tested, If I have A reporter At the Location In 5 Mins, The report Is up on both My site & Facebook in 10 Mins, With Our pick of Video, Audio, or just Old fashion type. I can Even Remote Live Broadcast To Facebook & My Site For Breaking News. Oh, Yea you have to take the time to put something up on your site then copy & paste it to Facebook or vise verse. Not I, When I post to either Facebook or My Site, It is post to the other “At The Same Time” As it Stands I have……
    1 Copy Editor
    1 Food Critic
    1 Healthy Living Critic
    4 Live Remote Reporters!
    And people are replying to my Job App on Facebook to fill more positions.
    My reporters can use any Web Enabled Device (Cell Phone, Tablet, Laptop) to Report Live “On The Scene” From Any Part Of The World! (This includes Bedford County)
    And Here Is A Major Scoop! So you Can Report it First, But you Won’t Get The Story!
    “On “The Bedford Informer” Only We Will Have An Interview With A Woman That Just Meet Our 45th President of The United States, And Her Take On Meeting The Golden One”
    So you See I am Not Playing Games, You Are…..HAHAHAHHA , It’s Time to Play the Game!
    How do I know you Are Playing, Look At all the Revamps to your Site & Facebook.
    Look At The Art Revamp because of what I’m offering, (Free Ad Space For Life, Plus I’m Sure The Designs I’m Mailing Out to All Your Advertisers won’t Factor into Any Of This)
    #WnW # PressaMaina

  32. round 3?, you can not keep up with me when it comes to local news, why don’t you try doing something on your own, all i see you doing is copying and pasting national news, and using my videos to advance your page. you have your little followers, and that is nice and all, but i have a business to run, and you have a hobby trying to be me. i do not have time to play with you in the sandbox. so run along and find something better to do with your life other then worry about me

  33. Randy, why won’t you post my reply to your Editorial?
    I see that you trying to update your site, Need help?
    Ready for round 3?
    #WnW #Pressamania

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