We have an election coming up on November 7th and one of the races is for the officer of the registered recorder.  Faith Zembower has had control of that officer for 24 years. Lets ask some serious questions concerning how she has been able to keep that job and the tactics she is capable of.


Many believe she is riding on the Zembower name, and has done so for years. even after getting re-married she refused to take her husband’s name, and decided to continue to use the last name of a man she is no longer married to.  Is that because the name Zembower is more known, and she feels she would not win an election unless she uses that name ?


Is Faith Zembower really doing her job or does her staff do most of the work. Here are some major questions voters need to ask themselves.


Did the voters elect her to parade up and down the halls of the courthouse during the reassessment giving advise to tax payers concerning reassessment when she does not work in that department?


Did the voters elect her to organize a secret write in campaign for the office of the district attorney ?


Did the voters elect her to use her office as a meeting place for campaign managers involved in an election for the district attorney office ?


Did the voters elect her to dump her personal trash into the dumpster at the county courthouse ?  She was captured on video and was never charged.


Why did she cover the security camera in her office?  Why does she cover the window on her main office door ?  What is it that she is hiding?  When told to remove the flowers she hung over the camera, she argued that is was her office, is it her office or is it the people’s office ?


Did the voters elect her to take numerous smoke breaks a day  in the parking garage ?


Why does she not want her office information to be accessed on the county website, does she want to keep track of just who is doing research ?


Do the voters want in office someone who refuses to pay her own bills, and is taken to court for failure to pay them, only to have an elderly woman pay it for her with a promise to pay her back, when Zembower failed to pay the elderly woman back, it was brought before their local twp supervisors during a public meeting, Zembower only paid it back because BCFP brought it to the public’s attention.


 What most people does not know, is Faith Zembower from the very start has been pulling the puppet strings of those who want BCFP shut down, we have so much overwhelming evidence that it is Faith who has fueled the hatred that a group of people have for BCFP.


Who do you think contacted the D.C. reporter to come to Bedford County to investigate the D.A. office and BCFP ? It was her master plan to get rid of the two people that she knew she could not manipulate or control, but her plan backfired.


BCFP could write a very large book of all the dirty tactics this woman has pulled over the course of the last 6 years. these are just a few examples.


Most of her groupies state that her opponent does not have any experience in the recorder of deeds department, did Faith Zembower have any when she first stepped into that position ?


In her campaign ad she uses the term ” HONEST” which is a slap in the face to this county. she is one of the most  dishonest persons I know.  Sit back and watch what happens next when she reads this article, she will command her band of haters to go all out and attack BCFP, like she has done so many times when we point out her evil ways.


People expect us to post the unfiltered facts, and as tough as it might be to except the truth, these are the facts as we know them. This article is not based on opinion, it is based on where the facts have led us. There is so much more evidence that could be posted.


Make no mistake, here at BCFP it does not benefit BCFP if she wins or loses, because she knows if she wins, she will always have to look over her shoulder to wonder just who will turn on her next to expose the truth about her. There is a reason she lost 2 employees during 2017, ask yourself, why is that ?  Those employees got hired in another department within the courthouse.


With everything she has going on behind the scenes does she really have time to oversee an office ?

Think before you Vote on November 7,2017



  1. She has demonstrated time and time again that she does not know or follow the law. I, for one, am glad she is going. Karma. Best of luck to Mr. Winck.

  2. i was not aware and i just found this out over the weekend, that certain attorneys have access to faith’s office after hours, and even possibly local realtors. faith zembower was able to convince a judge to allow this many years ago. this special treatment must stop, and your vote can do that this tuesday.

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