My name is Cynthia Fisher. On 2/15/18 I received an email from a lady that was wanting to become a Mary Kay Client. She claimed she did not have a debit or credit card due to being deaf and ask me how much it would be to order Time Wise Repair Set. She claimed to live in Pa. Today 3-1-18 I received a check from UPS from a Nicolas Cruz. When I open the envelope it was a check from a USESI. The lady than contacted me and saying the check said that it was delivered to my address. I ask her what was the amount of the check wrote and she told me $1925.16 which is the exact amount that the check was made for.


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  1. First red flag shouldve been her reason for not having a debit/credit card was due to being deaf. I know plenty of deaf folks that have no problem with such a trivial task. Although your wording on the above post is very confusing, I get the just of it. And remember anyone that attempts to solicit money by phone it’s usually a scam, that’s why as soon as I answer and get the impression that they are soliciting I just simply hang up.

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