1. the commissioners only approve the salary as set by the warden, keep in mind the officers are mostly union, which the salary needs to meet their standards. most officers only have the minimum training. that was the issue the previous warden had, the officers were not trained on how to deal with an escaped inmate, which led to a complete circus a few years back. if you pay attention to these meetings, a few meetings back, there is a major issue with officers harassing other officers. one was fired, the union challenged it, the fired officer had his clique within the jail testify, he brought in the previous warden for a character witness, which proves nothing as to what occurred recently. he got his job back. most officers do not like BCFP, because we call it as we see it. there are only a few good officers out there, the rest of worthless as far as i am concerned. they think they are somebody special, when a lot of them are overweight, over paid, idiots, who are only jail officers, because they are at the bedford jail, trust me, anywhere else, they would be laughed out of the building. i am sure when a few read this, they will curse my name again, but they know they can tell someone who gives a shit what they think, because i do not

  2. Is the prison board the ones responsible for setting the salary for jail guards? And if so, are they contemplating a significant raise to curb the high turnover rate? I mean they are in quite a spot…the job doesn’t necessarily require a whole lot of sense, nor any particular set of skills, they are basically adult baby sitters. I would think long and hard about throwing a bunch of money at this, but they do have to do something due to the high overtime costs, and it’s not like they can just not fill the positions due to the DOC regulations of guard to inmate ratio…And I also agree with DA Higgins that the hail did run a lot smoother when just the Sheriff was the Warden.

  3. what’s up with you guys these days?How are things going for you in B County?If I can be of any assistance please feel free to let me know.
    Thank you
    Sincerely:Roger L. Helsel

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