1. It’s pretty sad that some people will go to the end of the earth to see their very own child (blood) is in jail. Just to keep the states money. Pretty pathetic and I hope you know who you are. There is a place in hell for mothers like you.

  2. I find it funny how they try to charge you with a petty crime like theft or receiving stolen property and your in another state being questioned about a homicide at the same time

  3. Samantha Talbott lives in Cumberland MD, 21502. I have reported this to the PA District Attorneys Office. They have done nothing, to collect her, but it keeps being posted that she has a warrant. I have even in the past reported scheduled court dates she has in Cumberland, MD, they never show up to get Samantha. Samantha has also has been on your fugitive of the week, on Bedford free press. I get the run around when I report this to the District Attorney’s office. How can it be? I would say people not doing their job.

  4. people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.. or alcoholics on probation for that matter Joan E. Wolf.. Funny how theres no warrant on Aprils list.. She was actually in the hospital and missed her court date, all squared away now but thanks for the breaking news. Take a shot of that Jim Beam Apple for me tonight.. Hope your PO doesnt show up while your drunk, may have to make a call to Barb and let her know

  5. Tiffany Bintliff may being staying with her landlord in Saxton up the road from where she was living or staying with her uncle in Central City. There is a warrant for her arrest.

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