1. just to let people know. john hess resigned from the board. and his letter was read at the meeting. i requested a copy of the letter. and at the meeting tice stated i could come to his office the next day and pick it up. well when i went there. his staff informed me that tice changed his mind. and stated he felt he was did not have to supply me a copy. now i ask. what does tice have to hide. is it the fact that there is something more to hess resigning ? and that the reading of the letter in an hour meeting might get over looked compared to seeing the letter without having to find it on the video.

  2. John Hess is absolutely right about the need for BCCVB to reach out for new ideas, and ways to strengthen the plan the Board has put together in their proposal to increase the room tax to 5%.A tax increase will generate an additional $750,000 the first year and will probably enable BCCVB to spend $12 million or more over the next ten years. That is a lot of money and is something worthy of further discussion. There are lots of questions about how social media will fit in as well as other questions about how to make a visitor’s visit more likely (and longer) by offering more “experiences”, that is, interesting things to do. –Jim W.

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