1. where do i even begin, let’s start with this executive session to discuss rates and such, this is supposed to be done in a public meeting so tap holders can have an input and voice their concerns. my oh my jason zembower sure has come a long way. i find it funny jason is the vice president and seems to be making all the motions and doing all the leg work on everything. can you imagine though it was jason zembower who contacted me which led me to start recording the meetings in the first place claiming there was to much crap going on that needed to go public. now look at him, second in command to the ever popular stalking woman abuser lynford yokum himself. and pennie getting a raise ?, that bitch does nothing to earn $400 a month never mind $425, and just when was she re-hired looking back at all the meetings she resigned and was never re-hired at a public meeting. but when you have a p.o.s. woman abusing half brother in charge i guess you can get away with just about anything in centerville. i did hear yokum’s good buddy steve miller is buying the store. i guess that is just one more free ride the woman abuser will take advantage of. and i do find it amusing that yokum and the gang is talking about tap holders not paying their bill. yet their leader does not pay his own bills. does the IRS still have that lean on your shit hole in centerville yokum ? do you still owe your boss all that money you keep borrowing. once a p.o.s. always a p.o.s. shit, right woman abuser ?, i am still waiting for your attorney to contact me, or did you forget you made a promise to take me down ?. looks to me like the water bill might be going up if they have to have a secret meeting to discuss it.

    see you around 🙂

  2. angry tap holder, what questions do you not have answered ?, i operated a video service if you and other tap holders would like to hire me to record the meetings i will be glad to the fee is $100 to record both meetings. if you just want the water board meeting the fee is $75.00 paid in advance to assure payment

  3. i do not attend the meetings because it does no good, the people voted yokum back in and they expect me to do their work for them. until the tap holders show up meeting after meeting nothing will get done. me recording the meetings was a waste of time. the people want yokum as president, well you got it

  4. Why don’t you come and record anymore? I miss seeing the meetings. Still don’t have many honest answers. Hope to see posted meetings soon.

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