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The Everett Police Department filed drug charges on 48 year old Heather Grace McMillen, of 1033 North Spring Street, Everett. On 01-18-2019 at around 1212pm, the Everett Police Department responded to a complaint of the odor of Marijuana, coming from a apartment, located at 11 West Third Street Everett. The apartment was being rented by McMillen at the time. The police searched the apartment and found a small amount of Marijuana and a glass smoking pipe. McMillen was charged with, possession of a small amount of Marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. The charges were filed a District Judge Kathy Calhoun office.

Everett Police Dept. cited 44 year old Byron Nathan Morrison, of 438 South Huntington St. Everett. Morrison was cited for Disorderly Conduct and Trespassing from an incident, that occurred on May 12th at 8 pm. Morrison entered the property of 69 year old Stephan Calhoun of 323 Water Street and caused a disturbance and refused to leave when told. 

The Everett Police department filed charges of Disorderly Conduct on 37 year old Mary Spriggs, of 27 West 3rd Street, Everett, and 59 year old Diana Camille Lovrencic, of 29 West 3rd Street, Everett. On May 2nd at 5:10 pm, the two began yelling and swearing across the roadway to the 32 year old victim Kayla Snyder, of 36 West 3rd Street.

The Everett Police Department filed two counts of Endangering the Welfare of Children and Simple Assault on 52 year old Michael Henry Lovrencic of 27 West 3rd Street Everett on 04-08-2019. It was alleged that on 04-06-19 Lovrencic was witnessed throwing a glass bottle at a 6 year old female, striking the victim in the back and then again throwing a Pepsi can at a 9 years female victim striking her in the chest with the can. After investigating the incident, the Everett Police filed the charges at District Judge Kathy Calhoun office. Lovrencic was place in the Bedford County Jail on a probation violation detainer.

The Everett Police Department filed DUI charges on 25 year old Tyler R. Weide of 3820 Chaneysville Rd. Clearville, PA. On January 1st. 2019 at 3:06 am, Weide drove his 2007 Subaru into the front of the HO HA Laundromat building at 7 East South Street. Weide was taken into custody by Everett Police, a blood test later revealed he was driving with a Blood Alcohol of .206%. $7,499 dollars in Damage was caused to the building from the accident. Charges were filed at the office of District Judge Kathy Calhoun.

The Everett Police Dept. is investigating a Criminal Mischief which occurred sometime after 10 Pm on 03-29-2019. The incident occurred at 106 Price Lane, a unknown actor removed the lug nuts from the left rear wheel of a 1998 Ford Ranger. The victim 52 year old Dennis Foor was traveling on West South Street when his wheel fell off and discovered the lug nut had been tampered with. Police are asking if anybody has information on this incident, to please contact the Everett Police Department.

The Everett Police Dept. received a complaint of a theft, which occurred. sometime from 7:00 pm Feb. 3rd through the morning of Feb. 4th . A 2001 Silverado Chevy pickup was entered while it was parked near 18 Barndollar Ave. and 10 dollars was taken from the vehicle. Anyone with information on this can call the Everett Police Dept. at 814-623-1105

The Everett Police filed DUI charges along with Careless Driving on 32 year old Lawrence Randall College, of 155 Old Town Rd. Fishertown, PA. 
On 12-22-18 at 9:22 PM, College was driving a 2002 Jeep Cherokee and struck a tree near the intersection of Hillside and Gogley Street, causing severe damage to the front end of the Jeep. College along with a passenger then fled on foot. Police shortly located the Two and both were taken into custody. College Blood Alcohol Level was a .227 %.

On 01-28-2019 at 1125PM, The Everett Police Dept. arrested 32 year old Derrick Joseph McCormick of 19 West Second St. Everett. McCormick was on Mechanic St. intoxicated and when Police tried to take McCormick into custody, he resisted arrest. After McCormick was taken into custody, police learned that he allegedly left Three young children, ages 4,3,1 years of age alone at his Second street home. Police arrived and found the Children in the home alone. 
Police charged McCormick with Three counts of Endangering the Welfare of Children, Resisting Arrest, and Public Drunkenness. McCormick was arraigned in front of District Judge Tonya Osman in Schellsburg, and place in the Bedford County Jail with bail set at $30,000 Straight.

The Everett Police Dept. cited 35 year old Gregory S. Summers Jr. of 664 North Spring St. Everett, Pa. Summers was charged with Driving a vehicle at a unsafe speed, after causing an accident on 01-09-2019 at 1120 Pm, which occurred in the area of 612 North Spring Street. Summer lost control of his 2000 GMC pickup truck, while traveling South, due to his speed, and struck a utility pole. After striking the pole his vehicle then crossed over the curb onto the side walk, continued South and came to a stop near the intersection of West 6th Street. Summers was uninjured from this accident.

The Everett Police Dept, filed a Retail Theft charge on Jeanna M. Thomas , 23 years of age, of 379 Blackhawk Rd. Clearville, PA.
Thomas stole a Bic Lighter worth $1.89 from Sheetz on Jan. 7th 2019 The act was caught on Surveillance camera.

Harvey E. Sarver Jr. 53 of 632 Raystown Rd. Everett, was charged by the Everett Police Dept. for Defiant Trespass. The act occurred on Jan 10th 2019 at 438 South Huntingdon St. at 8 am. Sarver ignored several warnings to stay away from the residence by a 35 year old victim.

Disorderly Conduct charge was filed by the Everett Police Dept. on 33 year old Rodney Chance Ramsey, of 690 South Breezewood Rd. Breezewood, Pa. The act occurred at the Redman Club on East South Street, where Ramsey was trying to provoke a fight.

The Everett Police Dept. arrested a Fugitive from Justice, after taking into custody, Tyler Allen Moore, 27 of 6 South Bentz St. Fredrick, MD, on a shoplifting charge. The incident occurred on Jan, 5th 2019 at 3: 55 pm at the Everett Foodliner on West Main St. Everett. While Moore was in custody, the Everett Police discovered Moore was wanted on a Burglary Charge filed by the Salisbury Police Dept. and a warrant was issued by the District Court, from Wicomico County Maryland.
Moore was arraigned at District Judge H. Cyril Bingham Jr. office in Bedford and was placed in the Bedford County Jail awaiting extradition.

On Jan. 2nd, The Everett Police Dept. filed a Theft charge and Receiving Stolen Property charge on 22 year old Kevin Riley Barton, of 1380 Memorial Church Rd. Everett, Pa. Charges were filed at District Judge Kathy Calhoun office in Everett. The Everett Police Dept. conducted an investigation into a complaint of a donation jar with $43. Dollars in it, had been stolen from the Everett Free Library on October 16th 2018.
Through their investigation Barton was brought in for questioning, and did admit to the Theft.

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