The Everett Police Department was called to a disturbance at 1:30 am on 07-12-2017 at the rear parking lot of Hockenberrys Bar at 42 East Main St. Everett. A fight was occurring when police arrived and Three persons were involved as police broke up the fight. The following individuals were charged.
Drew Charles Conner, 24 of 109 Adam St. Everett, Roger Lee Mitchell, 36 of Shaw Ln. James Creek, Pa. and Jeffrey A. Clark, 51 of 133 America Rd. Clearville, Pa. All Three were charged with Disorderly Conduct, Harassment, and Conner was also charged with a additional charge of Public Drunkenness, The charges were filed at District Judge Kathy Calhoun office.
The Everett Police Department filed a charge of Retail Theft against Frank Alvin Carroll, 55 yrs. old of 35 Gorsuch St. Everett, Pa. Carroll was caught taking several packets of cheese and meats from the Everett Foodliner on 07-14-2017 at 3:19 pm. The charges were filed at District Judge Kathy Calhoun office.
The Everett Police Dept received a complaint of a theft of Two 50 ft. water hoses and a sprinkler which was taken from Tenley Park, sometime from Saturday the 3rd and Wednesday the 7th of June. Police are asking if anybody has information on this theft, please contact the Everett Police Dept.
The Everett Police Department is investigating a Criminal Mischief.
The Police Department received a complaint from Victoria Reese, 32 of 732 North Spring Street, on June 1st 2017.
Reese reported that her 2005 Ford pickup, had Two tires damaged by unknown person. The tires had the sidewalls punctured and the loss was set at $300. Dollars.
Police are asking if anybody has knowledge of this crime, please contact the Everett Police Dept.
The Everett Police Dept. handled a two vehicle accident on 05-30-17 at 1147 hours, The accident took place at the intersection of East Main St. and Master Ave.
A 2011 Chevrolet driven by Courtney Moen, 22 of Everett, pulled from a stop position from Master Ave., and into the path of a West bound 2006 Dodge pickup, driven by Victor Heresniak, 59 of Swedesboro, NJ.
Both vehicles were towed from the scene
The Everett Fire Dept. responded for traffic control.
The Everett police reported, that there were no injuries.
The Everett Police Dept. charged 22 year old Dakota Bussard of 219 North Spring St. Everett, with Driving under the influence of Alcohol and General Lighting Requirements, and driving without rear safety glass. The offence occurred on 04-08-17 at 0240 hrs. while he was driving a 94 Jeep Cherokee, which was traveling South on North Spring Street. Charges were filed at the office of District Judge Kathy Calhoun.

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