Vehicle into a structure
12/13/2017 @ 1425 hours
Lee Griffiths, 82 of Bedford was stopped along the 600 block of East Watson St. when she exited her vehicle but failed to place the shifter into park. The vehicle rolled away and struck a garage. No one was home at the time of the incident. Bedford Fire Department assisted on scene.

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Vehicle Fire
12/8/17 @ 1035 hrs:
Misty Karns, 34 of Bedford was operating a 2003 Ford Explorer when it caught on fire along penn Street. Police were able to contain the fire with extinguishers until units from the Bedford Fire Dept arrived on scene.

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12/3/17 @ 1640 hrs
12/6/17 @ 0430 hrs:

Spencer M Jacobs, 22 of Bedford, charged after Police responded to an East Pitt Street apartment on 2 occassions for reported domestics, the first involved a female overheard screaming for help, upon arrival Police located the female hiding outside and determined she was Jacobs’ girlfriend, he was cited for Disorderly Conduct.
The second incident reported at 4:30 am was a loud verbal argument which was disturbing the neighbors and involved the same individuals. Upon Police arrival Jacobs refused to answer the door, Disorderly Conduct charges pending.

Hit & Run
12/5/17 @ 2115 hrs:

A vehicle fled the scene after striking a decorative rock and a utility pole along North Chamberlain St, Police later observed a vehicle with damage that was consistent with crash, operator was found to be Shannon Karns, 50 of Bedford.

11/30/17 @ 1850 hrs:

Bradley W Klavuhn, 38 of Bedford, charged with Harassment following an incident at a S. Bedford St apartment in which he got into an argument with a former paramour, the victim reported she was physically struck in the back of the head by a closed fist of Klavuhn. Klavuhn fled the scene prior to Police arrival.

2 Vehicle Crash
12/2/17 @ 0910 hrs:

Jill Bardell, 63 of Bedford was southbound on South Thomas Street and was stopped at the intersection with West Penn Street, her 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe pulled into the path of a westbound 2004 Ford F-250 operated by Lane Corbett II, 44 of Flintstone MD. No injuries reported, the Hyundai was towed by a crew from Interstate Towing & Recovery.

2 Vehicle Crash
12/1/17 @ 0910 hrs:

William Kisner, 83 of Bedford was westbound on East Penn St and attempted a left turn onto South Richard St, his 2001 Volvo turned into the path of a 1998 Ford Ranger operated by James Best, 66 of Bedford. Kisner and a passenger were transported by Bedford EMS for medical observation. Both vehicles were towed, assisted by Bedford Fire Dept.

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Trespass, Resisting Arrest & Disorderly Conduct
11/20/17 @ 2205 hrs:
Debra A Dull, 41, of Bedford charged with Defiant Trespass, Resisting & Dis. Conduct following an incident in which Police were summoned to an East Pitt Street apartment for Dull refusing to leave when instructed by the tenant multiple times. Dull was arraigned before MDJ Osman and committed to Bedford Co. Correctional Facility after Dull was unable to post bail.

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Drug Violations & Endangering Welfare of Children
10/20/17 @ 1425 hrs:
A traffic stop initiated by Bedford Police triggered a joint investigation by BPD, Bedford County Drug Task Force and Bedford Co. Probation Officers which led to the arrest of Cathryn E Clark, 28, of Bedford. Clark was charged with Possession of Heroin, PWID and Endangering the Welfare of Children. Clark was incarcerated on a probation detainer at Bedford Correctional Facility, criminal charges filed at MDJ Bingham.

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Dog Law Violations
11/02/17 @ 1610 hrs:

Lisa L Irvin, 59, Bedford charged with 5 counts of Dog Law violations following an incident in which 3 dogs she owned were running at large, a brown pit bull bit the leg of a female walking along the 700 block of Preston Street. Offenses include; Harboring a Dangerous Dog, Confinement & Vaccination Required. The pit bull that attacked victim was current on rabies vaccination, one of the other dogs lacked such vaccination.

Burglary & Criminal Trespass
Marcia M Alshannaq, 41, of Somerset was charged with Burglary and Criminal Trespass following an incident at 222 Sunnyside Road. Alshannaq was arrainged before MDJ Bingham and incarcerated at the Bedford County Correctional Facility on 11/1/17.

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Hit & Run – DUI
10/14/17 @ 2005 hrs

Ryan M Evens, 36, of Charleston SC charged with DUI and Accidents Involving Damage to Unattended Vehicle/Property as a result of his ’07 Jeep Commander striking a parked vehicle along the 100 block of East Pitt Street. Police located Evens’ vehicle, with the help of a witness, along the 100 block of West John Street. Evens was transported to Bedford UPMC for a BAC test.

Criminal Mischief

A 2016 Buick Encore parked in in lot behind 117 Railroad Street was ‘keyed’ between 0630 and 0745 hrs. Vehicle was owned by a Jeannette, PA resident.

A victim in an Armed Robbery refuses investigation/prosecution following an incident on 7/3/17 at a Sunnyside Road residence. During the investigation Police discovered the 42 year old male had made contact with an escort service, upon arriving at the residence for prostitution, the victim entered and was confronted by a subject displaying a pistol and instructed the victim to lay on the floor, at that time the suspect removed a wallet and money from the victim’s pants pockets. Victim had initially provided an account of incident that Police were able to verify contained discrepancies.

Bedford Police have closed the stabbing incident reported on 7/2/17 due to the victim not cooperating with the investigation. After the initial report,Police have attempted numerous times to interview and obtain a statement from the victim, but to date, he has refused to speak with Police. During a recent contact with victim to schedule an interview he stated to an Officer, “I feel like everyone else is worried about it way more than I am”. During the investigation it was discovered that victim reported a similar stabbing incident to a Blair County Agency in 2014, and that case was closed due to the victim’s refusal to cooperate.

7/2/17 @ 2130 hrs:

Bedford Police were summoned to UPMC Bedford for a 28 year old male that was taken to the ER by private vehicle after receiving a knife wound to his abdomen area. According to the victim, he sustained the injury from an unknown person in the vicinity of the 200 block of East Central Way and South Richard Street. Investigation continues, anyone with information are urged to contact Police @ 623-1105.

Simple Assault
06/11/17 @ 1905 hrs:

Jonathan S Hillegas, 24, of Bedford is charged with Simple Assault, Terroristic Threats, Harassment & Disorderly Conduct following an incident at a West Pitt St apartment where he assaulted a 55 yr old male by kicking the victim in the head and choking him. Hillegas was released to a family member.
Aproximately 3 hours later, Hillegass appeared at the same apartment and assaulted the victim a second time, requiring medical treatment at UPMCBedford. Hillegas fled the scene prior to Police arrival. Hillegas faces a felony count of Assault, Retaliation Against Victim/Witness, Harassment & D.C.
07/04/17 @ 2200 hrs – Hillegas was arrested on a warrant issued for the above charges and was placed in the Bedford Correctional Facility after failing to post bail at MDJ Calhoun’s Office.

Public Drunkenness
07/03/17 @ 1815 hrs:

Samuel R Morningstar, 30, of Bedford cited for Public Drunkenness when he was observed laying along North Davidson St, highly intoxicated. Assisted at scene by Bedford EMS.

6/22/17 @ 1045 hrs:

Terence L Coyle, 43, of Bedford charged with Harassment following an incident in which he called the cell phone of a female acquaintance 60 times between 10 pm and 3 am, Coyle then followed victim thru town for the sole purpose of harassing and causing distress to the victim. An Officer witnessed a portion of Coyle following the frantic victim.


  1. To Barbara : I suggest you contact the Bedford Co. Sheriffs office or the District Attorneys office and just let them know your concerns. I realize your deaf so perhaps someone can call for you or you can send them an e- mail, just google for the address. Good luck.

  2. From what I’ve heard, they were involved in some sort of drug bust. That’s the only thing that has been said as of lately, I’m sorry I couldn’t help more, Barb.

  3. i have not seen any recent arrests made concerning her, your story does not surprise me, lisa is known to hang out with some rough people. we will keep our eyes open, maybe someone else can look into this, for lisa has major issues with this news website

  4. To Whom It May Concern:

    My name is Barbara Kedell, and I Live in Schuylkill Haven, 34 Parkway, Schuylkill Haven, PA.
    I am writing for information concerning my sister Lisa Irvin her daughter Cathyrn Clark, her grandaughter Ciara Morris. I got a short text saying they all were arrested last week and were all to go to jail and grandaughter placed with a family member but should be under care of children and youth.
    Lisa appeared confused and I was unable to understand what she was trying to tell me. I am a 72 year old senior citizen and very concerned/upset on what is happening. I live 189 miles away cannot get to Bedford and I am deaf and cannot hear on the phone. I sent lisa text and tried calling but no replies. Could someone please write to me about what is going on. I’m worried for lisa’s well being. Can she be checked on? She has a history of mental illness,suicide, and drug abuse. Would some please write to me about what is going on?? I have no way to get to Bedford now I am deaf and cannot use a phone.

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