could child stalker rob snyder be running scared ???



  1. ain’t it funny, the trash of this county claim i am in hiding and can never be found, yet i am in public all the time doing what i want to do. the problem is they lack the balls to back up their words.

  2. It was good to see my ol’ buddy cameraman on Saturday. Here again I accidentally ran into the infamous cameraman. So much for those who have been trying to “run into” him for the last year or so. They have been unable to do what i have done by accident. Does this make me a legend in their eyes? I sure hope not. I am curious what kind of party dirty diane might throw for her constituents?

  3. old loony lohr continues to create lies, i did not cause a disturbance at the bedford twp, and they did not tell me to go stand in the corner and keep quiet. greg crist must have forget to tell lohr how taxpayers insist they make a change about being able to hear the meeting online. crist forgot to tell lohr how the supervisors were going to be forced to allow me to continue to set up, up front, instead they hooked up their sound system so i could pick up the sound from where they wanted me to set up. they were forced to make a change to satisfy the taxpayers of the twp. this is why crist needs to go, he feeds lohr lies about what happens at the twp meetings. time to drain the swamp. the twp had two choices to make, and they picked one. they answer to the residents of the twp, and they spoke loud and clear, they wanted BCFP to record the meetings.

  4. john lohr has been kissing the rear end of bedford twp supervisor greg crist for over a year. now lohr is campaigning for christ’s opponent matt mundorff in the election. does lohr realize that the only two in this race is his buddy crist and mundorff. and mundorff is also advertising on BCFP. is there trouble in paradise ?

  5. I have not posted for a while. i have been keeping up with BCFP and the haters. I see BCFP has a lot of candidates advertising. kudos to them. i see the haters are throwing a temper tantrum. only an immature uneducated person would cast their vote based on whom the candidate advertises with. and how about the Cameraman being the media manager for Wayne Emerick. i see that one hater is going to vote for Nelson because the current sheriff told them to. one hater believes Nelson is the best qualified candidate for the job. i don’t believe Nelson having sex with inmates from the county jail and drug dealers makes her qualified to be Sheriff. having an affair with a current married state police investigator does not make her qualified to be Sheriff. even though under oath the investigator testified that it was not him who had an affair with Nelson, it was his wife who had the affair with Nelson. i have much more to say on this dishonest candidate Nelson in the future.

  6. that was very nice to see rob snyder admit that is is nothing but a coward pussy. thank you for proving my point you a worthless p.o.s.

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, it has come to my attention that rob snyder is claiming i had 5 beers & 5 shots, and he claims i drove dui. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, oh my goodness snyder, i did not even drive that night, nor did i consume everything that came with the meal, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you are such a pussy. what is wrong snyder, you lost your ” trump ” card when nothing happened to me after higgins resigned, like you told your misfit followers ?. now you are throwing out anything in hopes it will stick ?. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. nice to know i still have the power to make snyder dance at my every command. untrue are the rumors he is starting that i drove while dui. by the way snyder the food was fabulous. to bad you can not afford to eat there. thanks for proving you come here and read what i have to say. even though you are still a pussy

  9. my girlfriend & i had a good time friday evening at the golden eagle inn for their beer & whiskey dinner. a 5 course meal with each course served with a different beer and shot of whiskey. we sat with county commissioner candidate dave copley. we had an interesting talk about the upcoming election.

  10. had a good time at the golden eagle inn for valentine’s day. We had oysters, steak tataki, grilled hanger steak, sweet & smoke salmon. Red velvet cake, champagne with fresh strawberries. made reservations for their beer & whiskey dinner.


    Bobbin Robbin has admitted to knowing that his IBEW union members were stealing money. Snyder in a failed attempt to divert the allegations made against him to a completely different topic was enough evidence for readers to know that Snyder an IBEW union member himself is running scared from the FBI. this leaves no doubt that Snyder knew what was going on and turned a blind eye to line his own pockets with money he is accused of stealing. Snyder is a bedford county native who graduated from Northern Bedford School District in 1985.

  12. he is one that would be ok with human trafficking. snyder is known to stalk children. he should be more concerned with trying to be one step ahead of the FBI. after all they arrested his union brothers from IBEW. which i am sure he knew what was going on. just like he stated about others knowing what higgins was doing. snyder had to know his union brothers were stealing funds. he can deny it all he wants. but we all know the trash snyder is.

  13. Just noticed this nice comment from Snyder on WJACTV page.
    Rob Snyder “Except they tried to bring this through a checkpoint. Even if you got your absurd wall, you won’t, there will still be checkpoints. That stupid wall would do absolutely nothing to stop this. No wall for you.”
    IT appears he is against the wall that could keep us safe. Just because the fentanyl came through a checkpoint, he fails to see the big picture of what can happen back there. Perhaps there are things he wants to come across the border illegally. What could that be? Drugs, human trafficking. I am curious about why he really doesn’t want the wall

  14. yes it is true, shuster’s daughter hired my cleaning service to get her new home ready for her to move in. the good thing about the cleaning service is unlike the haters knowing my advertisers. they have no clue who hires me to clean their home or commercial building, so they can not harass my customers. on a side note. how about the IBEW union members getting busted. are we to believe that snyder did not know this was going on. he can make any excuse he wants. the child stalker is no doubt running scared. he can say no all he wants. but his union brothers are trash just like snyder is. run snyder run !!

  15. I love the new look of the website. Congratulations to BCFP for beating the haters. their page is a ghost town. Bobbin Robbin proves every now & then that he reads this page. when he goes off on a jealous rant. BCFP have got more popular & successful with the departure of Bill Higgins. their cleaning business is going well. i heard the daughter of Bill Shuster hired Uptown Cleaning Service to clean her new condo in Bedford and stated they did an excellent job. i will keep watching the haters and the success of BCFP.

  16. yes, and you introduced yourself as soundman. you did not hide who you were, then come back on here and state you seen me. the cowards of the county like gay boy snyder does not have the balls to walk up to me and state who he is.

    prove me wrong pussy rob !

  17. I will be the envy of all the haters who have been trying, in vain, to “run into” the cameraman. I have been seeing for most of last year how many of them have wanted to meet him. They search all over Bedford county, looking high and low but have been unable to find the man with the camera. Well I did happen to run into him over the weekend…and guess what i did?? I shook his hand. I was able to do, by accident, what they all have dreamed of doing. Nice to meet you in person, and I look forward to following your NEWS in 2019.

  18. The tension is mounting…,, Animosity should not be in play…,,, because those haters like one person and not another…,,, Haters cannot control who likes who…,,, it’s time for those haters to face their fear…,, they can’t nor have the authority to control all of the people in Bedford County…,,,

  19. Move back to your old county…,,, Laurel Morgart…,,, to find out about the “new” and the “old”…,,,

  20. Bobbin Robbin has his hands full these days…,,, The hand lotion he uses is making his hands soft…,,, As for Lohr…,, his twisted humor…,, is losing some of it’s spark…,,, boring…,,, boring…,, boring…,,,

  21. Bobbin Robbin whined and complained when BCFP posted that they donated money for Christmas meals so people would have a Christmas meal. . the Bobbin one complained that BCFP was patting themselves on the back. today i seen on WTAJ that Governor Tom Wolf made sure the media was present when he did some cleaning at a shelter in Harrisburg. will Bobbin Robbin complain that Wolf is patting himself on the back. or will the Bobbin one continue to make comments along with the Bedford pussy John Lohr about the looks of another male. is Lohr and Snyder both gay pussies that they notice the looks of men ?

  22. A question to John Lohr…,,,Do you ever hit a point in your life, where you realize you’re utterly stupid?…,,,

  23. it has been brought to my attention that the haters deleted all positive comments about BCFP on their hate page. they are a bunch of pussies which included child stalker rob snyder, woman abuser john lohr, crippled gimp kerry hershberger.

  24. i am still waiting for the attorney general to come talk to me concerning the haters claim that i was involved in illegal activity with former district attorney bill higgins. that is all we heard from cowards like rob snyder and that pussy john lohr. it has been 9 months and not a peep from any type of law enforcement. meanwhile snyder is still whining like the little bitch he is.

  25. jim mickey, i was notified your post was removed from shut down, did they remove it or did you ?

  26. No, nobody threatened me, was just my daughter getting me to realize that what I was doing was wrong, what started out as harmless humor escalated and got way out hand. And I also almost guarantee that most if not all the things said about you in the anti- BCFP pages is bullshit. I also just wanted to set the record straight cause a lot of people kept asking me about the things I was writing whether it was really true or not, well most if not all of my face book friends knew I was fucn around and knew none of it was true. Things just got too far, people try hard to earn good reputations so we don’t need people like me writing the things I did, especially when all of it was made up. I’m real sorry to the haters tho, I knew you thought you had won the lottery there for a few days, but unfortunately for you guys the truth had to be revealed.

  27. James Mickey can see for himself…,,, how much that hater values hate over family…,,, I’m sure the hater’s son is not appreciating how his parent is displaying themselves in public…,,, family to that hater isn’t a number 1 priority…,,,

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