1. rob snyder will never show up where i am at, he knows better. he likes to call others a coward, but we all know he is the one with a bright yellow line down his back. i was told he does not like women because he is a real man killer if you know what i mean. and what can i say about sharon wilson. she is way out of her league playing with me.

  2. Sharon Wilson and Rob Snyder are yapping it up on shutdown. Rob Snyder is at his usual game of name calling, and taunts. He likes to call other people cowards, but I have noticed over the last 6 years, it is he who is the coward. Not one time can he place himself in Bedford County.

    Sharon Wilson is still mad because I left their merry band of crack heads. She really has a hard on for the DA. So much that she claimed at one time to have hired a private investigator. Maybe she is the one who paid that Drew guy to look into things, which were tossed at some point.

  3. it has been brought to my attention that sharon wilson now wants to run her pie hole again, it sure does appear that wilson is either reading this website or someone is reading the comments to her. regardless, sharon wilson has never gave up on getting rid of BCFP. she has fueled old man lohr with her liking his harassing comments on his facebook page. now she has stated that i have crossed the line, well sharon wilson you can bring it on, you have failed many times in the past to take me down, and this time will not be any different, she admitted to getting tim iman to spy on BCFP in the past, which makes her ” in to deep ” in the bullshit games the haters play. anytime you want to play the game sharon you bring it on, i accept your challenge

  4. You see John, that’s your problem. You cannot understand the context I which someone is speaking. You see John, my wife would be the FIRST to tell you she is an EX crackwhore. You see John there is no shame in what people USED to be. And see John I’m the type if person who obviously doesn’t cast judgement on ones past actions as I am now married to this ex crackwhore and have been with her for 23 years. I don’t physically or verbally abuse my wife John unlike ummm you. And John if you couldn’t already tell I could care less what you copy or photograph. My Facebook is open to the public for all to see, well except those who just want to troll and copy photos and essentially stalk.

  5. see how lohr tries to drag other people into his bullshit, many people from our facebook page is looking on, they refuse to comment, because they do not want to be lohr’s next target. now lohr is running back to his page where he feels safe. and to funny that a guy with his attitude would even dare step foot into church.

  6. Let me add to my last comments.

    When I said Lohr was not there when Randy or I was there, I meant that he was not inside the building when either of us were there as he claims. Also, when I say Lohr tried to get information from the car rental guy, I meant that after Lohr stalked Randy to the location, he waited across the road and then went to the car guy and pressed him for information. And after Lohr left, the guy had to hang around for awhile, he couldn’t drive right away, because he was laughing to hard at Lohr.

  7. John Lohr is out of his mind. That dude at the car rental place never told him the things Lohr claims. And Lohr was never there while I or Randy was there. That guy is privately laughing at Lohr. He said Lohr tried to get information out of him and complained about Randy.

    The only thing I can figure is, Lohr must have been stalking Randy, and followed him from the park to the car rental place. Then he saw that picture of Randy and myself on shut down, and decided to contact the guy from the car rental place. The guy from the car rental place said he thought Lohr was going to break down in tears, because he refused to play his games.

  8. One other remark by anyone but we four?? That’s real success? Promised my Mother I wouldn’t have a battle of wits with unarmed Idiots. Will check in occasionally to see how many followed you from Facebook!!
    Didn’t notice his rank but, he sure knew how to take charge. Something you were never capable of.
    One more question and then its time for Church. Lawler where was your respect when you called your wife an ex crack whore?? You see I photographed everything when this site when it was on Facebook!
    D.A. Higgins and I are both Roman Catholics! Bless you all may you get some Brains or at least a little common sense!!! Adios Senor Wat or as George would say ” ELMER FUDD “

  9. And John, no it wasn’t investigated by 4 Troopers. Only 1 did the investigation John and no John the investigating officer for your abuse wasn’t a Sgt or Lt. John your senility is on full display.

  10. So, I guess you still do verbally abuse your wife then. I figured as much. Yeah, I sit up worrying at night what you think of my decency. It’s sad to watch a lonely old man behave this way. No friends, no family who interacts with him, no neighbors who associate with him. The ONLY family who does has to because she’s scared of him because he berates her treats her like garbage. I actually feel pity for you John where does all your hate come from? Did mother abuse you? Was daddy too hard on as a child? Who taught you to treat women the way you do?

  11. you are pathetic old man, this site has been running just fine without you for the past 9 years. now you want to take credit for the success of this website, because you have arrived and have shown the county just what kind of a person you are ? i find it funny, you question the decency of lawler after you have verbally attacked him. where is your decency old man ?, you have attacked this page, tim iman, and now your own brother, yet you question the decency of someone else ? why would i block you, you are showing everyone just what kind of a person john lohr really is

  12. Lawler, you claim to be Friends with D.A. Higgins. Message him or any other Law Enforcement Officer in Bedford about your Buddy Senor Rat! Then you will see the REAL RAT! You don’t have Guts enough to do that.
    When I posted your Photos on Facebook two question came up! #1– Would you dress out over 400 lbs.? # 2—- This from a teenage girl who had just given birth. She wanted to know since your Titties were bigger than hers if you gave milk ???

  13. There goes my thoughts that Lawler had some decency left in his mind. You have proven what the retired PSP Troopers around here say about you being an asshole and only a desk jockey! So much for wondering if Lawler is a REAL Christian or as Mom used to say.”Sunday Christian and an every day Devil” Now I understand why so many Christians are leaving the Churches!
    Am sure your investigative skill on a keyboard are far beyond those of the four Stateys who did the investigation. One of which out ranked you!
    As for the court case. My choices were. Tell a small lie in court and get off or tell the Truth and pay the smallest fine! Unlike any of you I chose the Truth!
    Now to Donnie. He wont settle Mothers Will because he hid over $70,000 from the home that kept Mother in her last years. When that comes out he will be seeing the other side of the bars!!
    Senor Rat, do you realize without me to argue with you this site would be boring and useless! That’s why you wont block me!! L.M.A.O.

  14. Look at this unstable old coot. If I’m not mistaken and I’m not it was you you old fool that said you were so tight with the sheriff that your charges would be thrown out. What happened there John? Not as tight as you thought? Then you were running your suck hole about you’re gonna take s trial and make the da look bad. What happened John? You pled guilty. Does it make you feel good to verbally abuse your wife John? You treat that poor woman so bad. No wonder Matt didn’t even want to really ever visit you.

  15. wow lohr thanks for proving me right, i love how you just threw your own brother under the bus. i have never stated that i was tight with bedford county law enforcement, that would be you who stated that. you claimed you were in tight with the chief of police in bedford, you claimed you are in tight the the sheriff, and you claimed you are in tight with members of the state police. never once have i ever stated i was in tight with law enforcement. so everyone is wrong in the world including your brother ?

  16. This question is for Lawler only. When this spousal abuse allegedly occurred four PSP officer arrived on the scene. As they should one questioned my wife,one questioned my daughter,one questioned myself and the fourth one attempted to question the supposed witness.
    After everything was settled they marked it unfounded with the exception of that I did attempt to catch and thump the so called witness.
    This so called witness was one Randy Rhoades. He had been just recently released from an home for the criminally insane. He refused to tell the Trooper his name and told him you f—king cops never do anything.
    If Delozier or you are as tight as you claim with Bedford County law enforcement it should be quite easy to find the REAL report and the truth. Try proving me wrong???

  17. So very happy to see the “FATHOG LAWLER” is still alive and still as Stupid as ever. Did rolly polly Donny tell you how much money he screwed the rest of the siblings out of?? His problem is his inability to reproduce and like Lawler he got caught cheating on Brenda. Donny is a wether and Dad stated he should have been shot in the coal bucket!! Poor Fatboys should stick together!!! L.O.L.
    Lawler bring your Fat Ass on anytime you get to feeling Froggie! “COWARD KEYBOARD CHAMPION”
    Tell Baby Donnie “DAD ALWAYS LIKED ME BETTER”. Thats why Donnie is so Sour???

  18. And I’ve had nice long talks with your brother Don. Boy John, you are quite the embarrassment to the Lohr family. E anyone was ashamed of you including Matt. You still beating your wife John? Do you punch her now or just slap her around?

  19. Hey you pathetic old man. Your son would be ashamed of you, as a matter of fact I’m told he WAS ashamed of you and your lunatic behavior. Someone should 302 your ass. You need evaluated you bumbling fool.

  20. oh here we go an old man trying to intimidate me with threats of posting my truthful comments around town, they will laugh at you old man, and they will not post your bullshit in their windows. and you will not see me on facebook, i do not read your pathetic page. i do my talking right here on my website, where you can not report the comments.

  21. Tired of dealing with an Idiot Coward. Adios Senor. Be seeing you on Facebook. One of your many enemies want to print copies and Post them at the stores around town. Now Delete me while I Have a GOOD-NITE Senor Rat! End of the enjoyment. Everytime some one looks at your it might be because they saw the Posters!

  22. oh no, please don’t post anything on facebook !, you really are a clueless clown, you have enough ??, you really do need to go to the senior place and get some friends, i was told you were a racist your comment proves it. and by the way, you have my race wrong. i am toying with you old man. i know so much more then you think i know. but i will let you have fun thinking you know everything. here is a hint concerning you being a racist. how is your daughter ?

  23. Cut me off and prove your an Idiot Coward. Answer one of my questions about my Friends or Relatives and prove me wrong. Don’t give a Damn if you cut me off. Have enough to make a “FOOL” of you on Facebook. ” ADIOS” as you Puerto Ricans would say! L.M.A.O.

  24. you do understand, that you are only commenting here, because i allow you to right ?, i can cut you off anytime i want

  25. you really are an idiot, you do not have a pic of me at the food bank because i was not there. nice try old man. but keep commenting. because you are looking like a real fool. people are laughing at you old timer.


  27. do you know how obsessed you look old man ?? i don’t need to tell you shit, i am not your neighbors. you can not bully me old man. now go take your medication. and go play checkers with someone your own age. while the adults take care of business since has been’s like you can not

  28. do you understand how stupid you look, i know more then you think, did you take you medication today old man ? do yourself a favor old man, find a senior citizen place and go play bingo with people your own age, and try to not harass them like you do your family and neighbors. it is obvious to everyone you are way out of your league playing with me old timer.

  29. L.M.A,O You cant name one of my Brothers or the People who I call Friends. Facebook traced the real me to Carlisle and couldn’t get any further Good luck ,you Dummy! You still don’t know who is responding to your sick page???

  30. i know more then you think old man, i know your wife fears you, she told me in a private message when you were running your mouth on the news page. your brother can’t stand you, i know a lot about you old man, a lot of people you call friends can not stand you, they only put up with you, because they do not want harassed. you talk the talk, but we both know, you don’t have the balls to walk the walk. i am always around, yet you avoid me. you are all talk old man, all you know how to do is harass family members and your neighbors. a lot of people hate you.

  31. Where were you when the Lord passed out brains.Being the investigative Weporter you claim to be, why cant you find out the truth?? Just who do you think my Brothers are? Dumber than a Box of Rocks you are. You couldn’t investigate anything. I was never a Game Protector and you have no idea who my Friends and Family are. Good thing you have a helper as you couldn’t find out anything!! Remember the incoming round that hits you never hear!! ” The masses who hate you are your own bringing. Your remarks blaming whole families because of the indiscretions of one member is why you have so many Haters!! Wise -up! Your day of reckoning is very near!!

  32. you are full of shit, you are the reason he is no longer with us, i am calling you on your lie, you harassed him like you did your bother, like you did your wife, you do not scare me, come clean about how you treated your son, your call old man, you do not have the balls to act on your threat, because you are a big mouth coward. come clean about how you treated your son and own family old man, YOUR CALL !

  33. Rrrrandeee your the absolute Idiot most of Bedford County thinks you are. Even Reich told me each and everyone has had their turn at being Harrassed by the WAT DELOSER. This is your LAST warning about my Hero Son. He died from being in combat in Desert Storm. 82nd airborne. Unlike you coward he chose to defend IDIOTS like you by serving his country. Blood clot to his lung from being a Paratrooper killed him and one more remark from you and maybe you will meet Jesus face to face. Your call Wat Idiot. Done playing with you. Remember the message you cried to the PSP about? Absolutely capable of carrying it out. Couple more Gulf Veterans are involved in this!!!

  34. in john lohr’s first comment on here, he brought up the reason tim iman rented a car, now he advises iman to stay out of it. john lohr has been harassing anyone associated with BCFP for months. he needs to worry about coming clean concerning what he did to his son. he has to live with what he drove his son to do. that is why he is angry, he knows he is the reason his son is no longer with us.

  35. John Lohr, you’re an idiot. You brought me into whatever warped shit you got going on inside your head. And my renting a car is of no consequence to any sick fantasy you might be dreaming up.

  36. you are full of shit, i never disrespected your son, that is the excuse you are telling people. you lie so much old man, you do not have any key to a business. and if you want to know the truth about your son, look in the mirror, and you will see the reason he is no longer with us. tell the county the REAL reason he is no longer with us lohr

  37. Inman your best advice is to stay out of this! Rrrandee the Wat signed up when he disrespected my son. Believe what I messaged you that you Cowardly called PSP. Ask the Troopers what my reaction was?? l.o.l. Inman are you a Midget or a keyboard little Fat Human? I also have a key to the Sweeper Shop!! Wondering what my retired drug Hound would find in the car you rented???

  38. no lohr you were not there, and if you were, then you just proved how much of a coward you are, for you had your chance yet again to step up, and you declined. and who in the hell is this randy rhoades i do not even know him. so yet again you run your mouth about things you know nothing about. and where are all these people you claim want to kick my ass ???, i am in public all the time, and not one has attempted to give it a shot, and by the way. do you even know why you or anyone else want to kick my ass ???

  39. BTW Lohr,
    Randy is correct. The guy had the door locked, but that was because they were actually closed. See, I drove there from Cumberland, and had to wait until my son got out of school, so that put me a little late getting there. Do you feel better now you old goat?

  40. I was in the Shop part. l.o.l. Next to the open door. ?? What about your Butt Buddy Randy Rhoades,he out ran me or his day would have already come. Greg named you # 1 Rat–# 2 rat is Rhoades and # 3 is INMAN! Arent we having fun. Also never met anyone you mentioned except Faith and then only when I needed addresses for land for sale or something notarized. Believe your enemies are ahead of me in line to kick your Butt.

  41. because he had the door locked, and really i got nothing to say to him, if he wanted some of me he should have got up out of his chair and came outside and stepped up, just like you old man, anytime you feel froggy, i am not hard to find, but we both know, you are a gutless coward

  42. Why didn’t you accept the Sweeper mans invitation to come inside when Inman,as fudge packer, was renting the rental. Was standing in the shop part waiting for you out of Camera Range?? Sooner or later we will meet out of Camera!!! L.O.L.

  43. what is there to be scared of ?, you talk a good game online, yet, when you see me in public, you avoid me. talk is cheap old man

  44. Rrrandee Deloser and Randy Rhoades aka Criminally Insane by his own words are Cowards. Inman recently drove to Bedford to rent a car to drive to West Virginia?? The Gutless Cowards are these three! Afraid of a 72 yr.old MAN who fears no one! This will surely disappear! ” Wonder Why?”

  45. i find it amusing that rob snyder claims i am always hiding, i am never hard to find, i attend every event in bedford, if snyder is really the man he claims, he would come to any event and back up his words, the only thing that holds him back is fear. he like to verbally abuse women online, he is very well known for being a woman abuser.

  46. hatred run deep in this county when they decide to dislike someone. there has been a haters club since 2011 those names are sharon wilson, charlie karns, sheila bambling, blake brailler, rob snyder, and their boss faith zembower. many people have come and gone, but those people remain loyal in their quest to take down those they dislike. their newest member is john lohr. he does the dirty work for them, the public harassment, they feed him information and use him to post things on facebook these days. and he fell right into it. you know they are obsessed when they monitor everything BCFP does. they attempt to twist around anything they can in an attempt to discredit BCFP. and who do you think brought in that D.C. reporter? that was no mistake, no chance of fate that johnson just happened to hear about bedford county while he was a reporter for a washington newspaper

  47. When I stopped playing the Snyder and Wilson game, they turned their attention to bashing me. Sharon Wilson contacts me through private messenger and asked why I suddenly dropped out of their club (paraphrasing) then she began to accuse me of being beholding to Randy, because he must have something huge on me.

    Awhile back, Sharon Wilson (knowing I could read comments on a few certain closed groups) wanted me to search for and monitor comments made by the DA Bill Higgins. She declared she was going to do what she could to ruin him, and hoped that I could provide her with any and all comments he made in closed groups.

    As for Rob Snyder, what in the hell is up with his infatuation with the gay scene? If Rob Snyder sees two guys in the same picture, he immediately goes into gay mode. That says a lot about him.

  48. what i find humorous is that when a certain person stopped complaining about BCFP, sharon wilson contacted that person, and started belittling them, because wilson wanted them to keep complaining about BCFP. and it was discovered that wilson and rob snyder were the ones sending the person what they were supposed to post. once this person decided they did not want involved anymore, wilson and snyder turned on this person, and began attacking the individual. funny, how once wilson and snyder were done using this person, that person was no longer someone they wanted to talk to.

  49. this is working out pretty good, no report button, the haters have to suck it up and accept my opinion. with that said, i find it humorous that reporters from cnn & msnbc can voice their dislike for the president, yet when i voice my observation on a certain case which i am covering, the haters want to cry like a bunch of two year old children who had their candy taken away, and claim i should not be giving my observation because i am a reporter. sounds like double standard on the part of rob snyder and his his band of rejects

  50. to funny how mr. anonymous chris korpowski this time last year went on a campaign to have bcfp shut down he was supported by the likes of rob snyder, sharon wilson and the rest of the haters club. little did they know that he was having sex with underage girls while he was on this big campaign. well mr. hacker turned sex offender just got out of jail and now has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. amazing not a peep from the haters club concerning their hero being a sex offender and pleading guilty to raping an underage girl while she was asleep. a year ago they looked up to korpowski as the one who was finally going to rid the county of bcfp.

  51. i have to wonder if these haters contact the bedford gazette, altoona miror, johnstown tribune and tell them after a family member gets arrested, that reporting is not a real job. they sound so pathetic when they go down that road. i even had someone tell me, that posting mug shots is illegal.

  52. rob snyder has been whining and crying since 2011 about how i am violating the rights of law abiding citizens by posting police reports and mug shots when they go to jail, he also has been whining for the last 7 years claiming i do not have a real job. this guy is an internet stalker who harasses and verbally abuses women online. he is a criminal who has alluded police for many years. people need to be aware of this guy. and people who agree with his harassment of people online are such people as sharon wilson who owns two beer distributors in bedford county. is this the kind of business people want to do business with, a woman who laughs when people like rob snyder and john lohr harass people she does not like. it is time to call people out on their crap. more to come soon, much more

  53. let’s get something clear, i never made any threats to joe milburn, and the reason charges were never filed was because state police never attempted to interview me regarding any complaint against me. and the so called witnesses were friends who lied for milburn. there was not one person who did not know milburn that could verify his claim. there is so much more to this lie created by milburn. he claims i made death threats on memorial day which was the day that young man drowned at shawnee. there were several police officers around at the time he claimed i made the threat, yet he never brought it to their attention on the scene. the fact is, he made the claims weeks later, which was after he and his friends could get their stories straight.

  54. i think it is funny how people will believe anything they are told when it comes to BCFP. people like the woman abusing john lohr of sunnyside road will lie as soon as he opens his mouth, and the haters will believe him without even checking it out.

  55. pretty sad that a spouse of the Chaplin at the bedford county jail along with the woman abusing disgraced retired game warden john lohr spend their time harassing people on line and trying oh so desperately to silence BCFP. to bad they can not even touch this website. keep trying abusers. and john lohr, are you aware your neighbors can hear you abusing your wife ?

  56. Good Idea with the Discussion page on your Web page and I don”t understand why Facebook will let some people leave threatening comments but then others comments or posts then they suspend others just makes no sense how these idiots can do this, example the threatening and Defamation of character from the haters on shutdown have been reported many times and they get away with it

  57. what a bunch of gutless cowards there are on facebook, to report a police report, all police reports go on this website. this is the post that was reported

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