1. no assistant district attorneys were fired. you would have to talk with the AG office as to why no other offices were involved.

  2. Who are the Three assistant D. A.s that were fired? How could this not involve PSP,BORO,MAGISTRATES& THE SHERIFFS OFFICE???

  3. How can the Bedford Informer call themselves a news outlet. they do not do any work on their own. no local police reports that they receive. no court schedules. no deed transfers. no marriage licenses. no divorces filed. no videos that they themselves create of local events or meetings. their Facebook page is nothing but shared pages of other news outlets. and they do not allow comments. when they began their crusade last year to attempt to show BCFP how it is done. they complained that BCFP were banning people from the all news only page. and not allowing people to express their opinion. when you go to their page they have a message pinned to the top of the page telling people they are not allowed to comment at all. their website when it is up and running. they have a special section just for videos recorded by BCFP. so they basically are using BCFP videos that are on youtube to try and further their website. they only share things every couple of days. just when are they going to go out and do the work themselves ?

  4. Is Laurel Morgart that bored in the state of Florida that is has to spread wild rumors on the haters page that Judge Ling has been placed on Administrative leave about money issues with the County Commissioners from back when Kirt Morris was commissioner? and then attempt to start a discussion about the Bedford Springs not donating to the Bedford Fire Company. stating in her comment that she would let the Springs burn to the ground if there were ever a fire at that location. do these people have no shame other to wish harm on people ?

  5. Yep, just like day and night; mountains and valleys. Without BCFP they would have no reason to exist. They live to hate and run their mouths. Some of them are even obsessed with the life of another man. They probably have cameraman posters in their bedroom. I almost feel sorry for them, well at least a little bit. between work, family, and my dog I don’t have time to worry all day about what other people are doing. I get on here and check the news and comments for about an hour before bed, just to wake up and do it all over again. I can’t imagine a life so boring that i would have to obsess over what is being said here 24/7…sheesh

  6. Your haters can blame themselves, Cameraman. If you would “close up shop” your haters would be extremely bored. You keep them on their toes and their head spinning.

  7. it has been 10 days since higgins resigns and i am still here. for 7 years they claimed when higgins went down i would go down with him, well guess what, i am still here. like i said long ago, i did not need bill higgins to make bcfp succeed. he did nothing to help grow bcfp to be the best news outlet in bedford county. so all their little fits and all their calls mounted to nothing. higgins is gone and i am still here. who will they blame now for me still being here ???

  8. Great job BCFP on being the first to report that the new D.A. fired 3 employees from the D.A. office. i checked all other news outlets when i seen BCFP post the news. and BCFP were the only one who had it posted at that time. I also seen how the new D.A. will be keeping the Fugitive Of the Week feature with BCFP as well. These two reports make a liar out of Bobbin Robbin and the rest of the known haters. They claimed that the new D.A. would not work with BCFP and she would not provide them with any access to information. meanwhile on the haters page. Bobbin Robbin is acting like a two year old with his childish postings.

  9. Has anyone taken notice Bobbin Robbin isn’t trying hard to convince the public Bill Higgins is guilty of all charges and not taking any credit for helping with the investigation? His target all along has been Randy. Making all that stuff up about Bill Higgins and Randy has not paid off for the Bobbin head. When will the spoiled brat every learn?

  10. Bobbin Robbin was posting at 6am again this morning about BCFP. this guy is really obsessed to be spending so much time on the life of another man. It is laughable that he feels the Gazette, WJAC, WTAJ, Altoona Mirror all their reporters have real jobs. but when it comes to BCFP he feels that is not a real job. below is his two childish comments he made at 6am

    ” Is it wrong to laugh at the irony impaired window licker known as #waawaawandee the wat? ”
    ” Time to make the donuts! Disclaimer: this only applies to folks with real jobs “

  11. The Gazette has made more than 200 years. What does Bobbin Head mean by that? Last I checked the year 2018 was not made by the gazzette. He really needs to get it together. If he wants to say stupid shit, at least make sense dude. Take a break from bobbin knobs, robin and do some remedial sentence structure so that at least the people that want to listen to you can understand what you are trying to say. The rest of us that don’t would be happier if you said nothing at all

  12. Bobbin Robbin has failed to mention the fact that the gazette was in the way of the State Police and Everett fire department during the meth lab incident. instead the Bobbin one is creating lies about what is being said on this website. below is the latest lie posted by the Bobbin one. He is all over this website. funny how BCFP can make the Bobbin one dance like a puppet.

    ” That’s hilarious! Ole #waawaawandee admits he was a short bus riding window licker. “

  13. Are these not your words “now that higgins is out … il be resinging as hopewell township constable. what needed dun is dun”????? It sure sounds as if you’re trying to take credit for something. I sure hope not because you have done nothing nor will you ever do something in this case.
    Now, as far as discrediting people I merely ask questions and point out facts. You see mister constable unlike you I have arrested hundreds of people. Unlike you I have conducted hundreds of investigations. Unlike you I’ve filed hundreds of criminal complaints and affidavits of probable cause. So, when I read one certain things pop out and make sense OR do not make sense. And from that I ask questions.
    Also, do yourself a favor and pick up a book and read it and learn how to freaking spell and form logical sentences. For the love of all that’s holy your spelling seriously SUCKS.

  14. constable mcbee, it is also untrue that we are protecting higgins. we had the best overall coverage of his arrest. if we were protecting him, we would not even had posted his arrest. so give it a rest already. it is not our fault that the witnesses have no credibility due to having a motive to lie. and wow what is with your spelling. one would think to pass the test to be a constable one would need to spell a little better then you have in your bullshit comment.

  15. Rob Snyder does have a mental disorder, OCD )obsessive compulsive disorder(. But can he recognize what everyone else sees in most of his posts? Don’t tell him, because he’ll have a melt down since he thinks he’s always right.

  16. It has been said on her that i am takeing credit for higins …. this is not true mr lawler …. it has also been said that i am not now not ever was a PA constable … this is also un true …. then to have a moderator for this bcfp site lie and try to discredit anyone that mite be used in the case agenst higgins is just the bcfp yellow jernalisum and a stab at protecting there buddy higgins. im betting this will be removed .. but hay .. its worth a shot. i am not very well like at the court house for telling the truth. but what do you think would happen …. lot of ppl trying to cover there own ass now. this will only get bigger and deeper. and the bcfp will be there to spin it to there likeing.

  17. Bobbin Robbin was up at 6am this morning whining about BCFP. You got this guy on the edge of a mental break down. Oh wait he is already there. He knows he can not get you shut down. It was much easier to take down Bill Higgins then it is to take down BCFP. below is another childish rant by the Bobbin one at 6am. How immature to say that in the 9 years BCFP has been operating they have not even made in $200

    ” The Gazette has made more than 200 years. The child abuser’s gossip blog hasn’t even made $200. “

  18. Bobbin Robbin sure is worried about BCFP he altered another one of those cards from monopoly. attempting to make fun of BCFP. he also has been on BCFP sharing posts from their public page. the poor guy is sex crazed or something for he can not stop talking about Cameraman. still insisting about some master. sounds to me like the Bobbin one is a sex slave for a male dancer. the way he keeps using the word ” master “

  19. Bobbin Robbin is going by my post. He’s trying so hard to paint a picture of himself that he isn’t going to bad mouth the new District Attorney. When Bobbin Robbin gets a boulder up his rear his tune will change.

  20. she did not tell them anything i did not already know. unlike wjac i will not bother her with bull shit questions, everything she told them i knew days ago. i do not need to sit down and waste her time, asking questions that i already know the answer to. snyder is a pussy, still obsessed with everything i do. i am still waiting on his claim i will be getting arrested, where are they at, pussy snyder knows it is not going to happen.

  21. Bobbin Robbin is making a big deal that WJAC interviewed the new D.A off camera. below is his latest childish rant

    ” It would appear she only did an interview with a legitimate news station. She must be far too busy during this unusual transition to humor gossip bloggers or other criminals with toy cameras. “

  22. yes it is true the gazette reporter had to be told twice to stay out of the way, at one point, she was trying to take pictures of the faces of undercover officers, and then a member of the fire dept had to tell her to go across the street, she was trying to get to close to the scene. she was really acting like an idiot. she got pissy because the fire dept would not answer her questions. i had no problems while i was there. i stayed far enough back that i was not in anybody’s way.

  23. Bobbin Robbin who claims to be an adult is taking time to alter a get out of jail card from the monopoly game by placing ” Randy’s ” name on the card with word ” revoked ” and a date of 2018-04-08 and posting it on Facebook. Can the bobbin one being any more obsessed with another man ? His childish games is getting sad. he still is not stating why he feels BCFP will be getting arrested. great job BCFP on the live coverage of the meth lab incident in Everett. you kept readers glued to your news page with your live coverage. i had to chuckle how the other ” real ” news outlets showed up several hours after you had already covered it. and had the name of the person with his mug shot posted on your news page. is it true that crews had to tell the Bedford Gazette reporter to stay out of the way several times. because she was in the way trying to get pictures ?

  24. the pussy has no clue what crimes he believes i committed. he is all talk and no action. he is a much better child stalker then he is a liar. but he is the ultimate pussy. rob snyder the ultimate pussy

  25. Because the haters couldn’t get you shut down by using people as pawns …Bobbin Robbin is back to using intimidating words by not even hinting around how you are to be shut down …that’s not fair considering for months the haters were handing out hints (from an informant) of what was going to happen to Higgins.

  26. i heard the same story from pussy snyder in 2011, the bitch claimed i was going to jail for campaign crimes. and i am still here. snyder is a pussy and he knows it

  27. Bobbin Robbin is dancing to Cameraman’s every command. he is desperately trying to convince anyone who will believe him that BCFP is going down. below is his latest childish dream

    ” Keep telling yourself it’s over, boy. The look on your face will be priceless. ”

    ” He never has figured out what is really going on. I suspect he still won’t understand on the day he is sentenced. ”

  28. dragon force, interesting indeed, i guess we know who was feeding them information from within the courthouse. that was something i had been stating all along

  29. Doesn’t Bobbin Robbin understand his intimidating you to get you to shut down your own news media is never going to work? Old habits die hard.

  30. Cameraman …have you notice none of the haters are posting anything about what is going on in the courthouse since Faith has not been in the courthouse since January?

  31. he likes using that word ” boy ” is that what he calls the men he has bent over a table ? this is what happens when snyder licked windows when he rode the short bus to school. the pussy does not know when he has been defeated. their goal was to get rid of me. and guess what pussy snyder ? you failed. case closed, game over !

  32. When confronted by the truth and the real facts. this is the only thing Bobbin Robbin can come up with . below is his lasted comment.

    ” Keep talking yourself deeper into the corner, boy. “

  33. i hope so, she is a very nice women, it would be a shame if they attacked her for working with the media. i should not say that, i might be accused of being in collision with her. i have been in contact with her gave her my contact information. and i will see her in court during criminal cases i cover. she has her hands full dealing with the madness of the last week.

  34. Cameraman, is the new district attorney ready to be in the line of fire from the haters, because she is associated with you on the media level? The haters are a disgrace to the public. Using people to get you shut down and not caring at all who they hurt in their process to try and run all of Bedford County. The haters are living in a hallucinating world of their own mind.

  35. i recently made this statement on social media that i want to share here

    there is a pack of people who claim Higgins was behind me getting the police reports. even though since last Wednesday I am still reporting the news from 5 different state police agencies, I now get news releases from the AG office. the criminal complaints came from the magistrate that the complaint was filed at. everything I obtain, I obtained it legally. they also claimed I got the mug shots from Higgins, which I get directly from the Bedford county jail, because they recognize me as a member of the media. these people claim because of my reporting style that I am not a real reporter, because I do not follow their pathetic guidelines.

  36. Laurel messed it up for all haters. The real truth came out about why the haters don’t want any judge or district attorney in Bedford County.

  37. The only thing that made sense out of Laurel’s book is her knowing there is nothing wrong with Randy delozier being at school activities and inside schools.

  38. When did a school board become the police department? That Laurel woman is whacked. You can tell the booze has gotten to her head. If I was a betting person she couldn’t even walk a straight line. She can’t think straight.

  39. Here we go again. Why do the haters believe that anyone can stop BCFP from covering events. below is a book written by the Lunatic from Florida. why is she so concerned with what BCFP covers she lives in Florida. below is her childish drunken rants. she can not even keep the names straight.

    ” Laurel Allen Morgart: Makes me wonder why nobody listened to what we were saying nobody oh yeah only a few. And now they can look back at us and say we should have listened to them they were right. This is the tip of the iceberg Bedford watch wait it’s going to fall fall apart at Courthouse all those ones work there the new they all knew Commissioners new the set and the last set new the Bedford jail that’s a mess because Hagan’s was ahead of that. The judges assessment office Brandon delozier walked around said that nobody could ever touch him why because Higgins was there and if you want against them they would bully you harass you harass your family and your children. Randy delozier is a child abuser it is documented this page has shown that a lot and yet when he would go to school activities he was allowed in school when he gains went in and your superintendent of schools so nothing wrong with it. This does not mean just the courthouse this is your school board police departments. And just think when you’re Uptown enjoying all those things the town had those little parties all those business people allowed a freak like Randy delozier to take pictures and post them on his page of your children. And Higgins walked around and Lions Club he was Grand Puba. And all those that stuck by them they knew. Now that I do not live there anymore I’m still enjoying watching it all crumble. Cuz for so many years this page my old news page, In the News of Bedford County tried to tell you. Can’t wait till all see who Falls. And the more I hear of Higgins the sicker I get. And I told people do not vote him back in and what did the Bedford do voted him back in ugh “

  40. I am still waiting on the news that the owner of BCFP has been arrested in connection with alleged crimes committed involving BCFP and former District Attorney Bill Higgins. Bobbin Robbin has claimed that BCFP is next. he also claimed BCFP would be shut down after the arrest of Higgins. could it be the Bobbin one fabricated lies to convince the public that BCFP were involved in crimes he can not prove ? for the past 7 years the Bobbin one has stated time and time again. that when Higgins goes down. that will be the end of BCFP as we know it.

  41. I think I got my answer there…when asking him to have an intelligent conversation about why he is so concerned with discrediting bcfp, I receive no such reply. I guess intelligent conversation resides outside the pervue of Mr. Lohr’s MO…? I also noticed something disturbing, he says that camerman is not goodlooking unlike Bill Higgins. Sounds like we have another admirer of men. Could explain why he is abusive towards women. I know the main man in Huntingdon personally, and he of course couldn’t comment on the situation due to professional boundaries, even though he is my friend. He also told me that he has never once had to reprimand WCO coughenour for anything, and that he is an outstanding WCO. Things just aren’t adding up Mr. Lohr. I also know a PCO that has verified Mr. Lawler’s tenure. Another flaw in those statements. Shall I continue?

  42. how many times does this make it, that when caught in the a lie, the old man says he is done with this site. he is the biggest pussy i have ever seen

  43. “ATTENTION” The Old,Dumb Hillbilly is done with this Site. All I have Posted has become Fact and the rest will soon follow!! What you make of it is your decision. “AS ALWAYS ADIOS AND OINK-OINK”

  44. sounds to me like psp is leaking information to a citizen. that would be misconduct on their part. why are psp discussing investigations with a citizen, this is two cases now. the shawnne incident, and the higgins dui investigation. unless lohr is lying, so which is it ?

  45. John F. Lohr, you said, “Now the Police that told me about his Drunk Driving is coming forward.” You just admitted the Police are providing you, a citizen, information where this so called, drunk driving, can’t be found anywhere? Are you saying you the Police are providing you false information and which Police officer said that that to you?

  46. “PORKY” Is that same old drum all you have? You Posted several time that I was wrong about Higgins.Guess what? It has just begun on him. Now the Police that told me about his Drunk Driving is coming forward. You are guilty of making unconfirmed accusations about me! My wife is concerned about you big mouth.
    As far as the safety zone violation. Why do your suppose of the dozens of neighbors refused to go along with the BB? Even a Halfwit like you knows a wild Animal doesn’t allow one to have a Hound facebark it and then stay until I put my Hound in the house and retrieve a weapon to dispatch it. The neighbors were called by my attorney and to a person thanked me for disposing of the Fox. Game Warden Coughenour was reprimended both by The Field Office in Huntingdon and Harrisburg.This can all be proven by calling Huntingdon. Talk to the Officer who instructed me to take care of the second animal that showed up.
    You might also want to explain why my fine was dropped over a hundred dollars less when I went in to pay it in cash. Your nothing but a P.O.S. expig .
    Now it is quite obvious how you got into trouble cheating on your first wife. What had the HO done that you left her off with sex??? You unlike Higgins are quite ugly!
    When you answer this,please act like a “MAN” and admit that you were wrong.
    As far as B.C.F.P. I believe like me Randy enjoys this redderick.Damn shame you don’t??
    I googled it and Syphilis will cause brain cells to die. Obviously something like that is happening to you??

  47. Laurel Morgart the Florida lunatic is now joining the Bobbin Robbin band wagon that the owner of BCFP will be going to jail for knowing Higgins. and the reason i state it in that manner is because they have not provided any shred of evidence that BCFP were in collusion with the crimes Higgins is accused of. did i say collusion ? HAHAHAHA and poor Bobbin Robbin he is still working with his old material rambling on about someone being a master. with BCFP now getting press releases from the AG office and the new District Attorney will they now claim BCFP are in collusion with those offices ?

  48. Disgraced….remind us all again dear lunatic who was the one that was arrested by his former agency that he used to work for. Talk about a disgrace. Violating game laws you yourself used to enforce. A disgrace and a hypocrite. And not too mention the abuse of your wife both verbal and physical. What a big man you are John with the way you treat that poor woman.
    As far as my career goes feel free to call PSP McConnellsburg, Huntingdon, Selinsgrove, Highspire or Newville and inquire about me John. They will set you straight. Poor old fool.
    It just pains you to see BCFP still alive and kicking doesnt it John? And especially now that Randy has formed a working relationship with the new Bedford County DA.

  49. Mr. Lohr, I can tell you for a fact that Mr. Lawler worked out of the PSP Barracks in McConnellsburg. I don’t understand why you are trying to make everyone else out to be fools, liars, and otherwise discredited. If you read back on my posts, you will see that i gave you a little credit for predicting the Higgins debacle. I have to ask what is the reason for your hatred towards BCFP? Let us discuss that. Is it because you F’d up and got in trouble and it was reported on here? I was on here twice and for a lot worse charges than you got, and I do not blame the news for my mistakes. I wholeheartedly admit when i mess up. I do not believe in blaming everyone around me when i make a mistake. So…now i ask…what is your beef?

  50. no i never got arrested today or charged. and yes i connected with lesley and it went well. she was happy to add me to her media list. so the idiots look like fools again.

  51. Good job BCFP. i see you connected with our new District Attorney proving Bobbin Robbin and Drew Johnson wrong yet again. I have been waiting for Lohr’s Major announcement on the arrest of The Cameraman. did that happen today ? as he promised by the end of the day ? i see the Bobbin one even used your press release sent to you by the new D.A. to post on his hateful facebook page.

  52. I don’t comment often, but I will about the Shawnee drowning! My son and I were there with many other witnesses to the fact that Randy did NOT threaten Milburn. Actually it was Joe Milburn that came up to Randy and us and Harassed Randy.

  53. LAWLER: Your the kind of EX PSP that keeps the name “PIG” being used to describe law officers. Your a disgrace to the Law! Many -Many People don’t believe you were ever PSP. They said an ex PSP would never down grade themselves like you do. I assured them that you convinced me you were a Desk Jockey Cop that has either lost his mind or has Full- Blown Dementia.
    Whatever the Drugs are your on aren’t working and you need to get on your knees and Pray for yourself! Maybe you caught some incurable STD earlier in life and it is eating your brain cells?OINK-OINK-SQUEAL-SQUEAL-PIG-PIG. This you may understand.
    Think about it,you and the Rat are both passed the age into Senior Citizens! On the good side ,just look how much cheaper you can eat slop at the trough!!
    You need only to look in the mirror to see a full blown “FOOL” and “OLD HAS BEEN”

  54. Dear Lord old man get some meds. You seriously need some mh/mr help. Its pretty sad actually watching a bi polar person with the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia setting in.

  55. Bobbin Robbin made a comment on tv 10 facebook page that BCFP turned on Higgins for reporting his arrest. This is how the Bobbin one works. had BCFP not reported it. he would have accused BCFP of protecting Higgins. so now that BCFP proved he was not protecting Higgins by providing us the best coverage overall. the Bobbin one accuses him of turning on Higgins. looks to me like no matter what BCFP does. they will be accused of wrong doings.


  57. give it a rest, do you see how obsessed you are ? you must be creaming in your wife’s underwear. what i find amusing is you think i am being charged for threats i never made. yet you were not charged for all the stalking and threats you have made against people. which screen shots i have to back up

  58. Rrrandee: Now you are going to get the chance to go before a Judge or Plea Bargain with the ADA! All the Smart Ass remarks you have made about others doing the same have came the full circle!
    If you found innocent,so be it. If your found Guilty L.O.L. Yes The Gazette has been notified of the impending charges to be filed!
    Tell your readers how it feels to be on the offence?? Kharma is a Nasty Bitch!!

  59. what idiots, i have nothing to hide, they will be so disappointed when they find out i was not involved in anything higgins did illegally. the AG can investigate all they want. all they are doing is wasting tax payers money following up on bogus tips concerning bcfp. as far as drew johnson, that moron has contacted me on twitter and facebook since higgins got arrested. making wild accusations that with higgins gone i will not have no money or access. as i said before higgins does not fund bcfp he never did, that was something the idiots came up with. i am not going anywhere, learn to get over it already

  60. Bobbin Robbin really believes that the Attorney General is investigating BCFP for crimes that the Bobbin one as yet to state ? this guy does no live in reality. he wants BCFP gone so bad he has convinced himself that BCFP were involved in serious enough crimes with Bill Higgins that the AG is involved. and what is with this Drew Johnson. why is a disgraced reporter from Las Vegas who has been fired from every job he has ever had with real media outlets so concerned with Bedford County ? arresting Higgins is one thing he was the District Attorney and was held to a higher standard. If they are going to be arresting reporters then they might want to look into Drew Johnson himself. the guy is as shady as they come. maybe that is why Bobbin Robbin likes him so much. and Christoper Korpowski are you seriously attacking Higgins for being arrested. i will say one thing about that. at least the women he is accused of having sex with were not at the age that got you landed as a registered sex offender for the rest of your life.

  61. i never made any threats to joe milburn, his witnesses were his friends who lied, police were standing everywhere, why did they not report it right there on the spot, why did it take them a month to report it ?? i wto have witnesses, that seen milburn’s buddy threaten me. give it lohr

  62. “UPDATE” Mr. Ferguson told Rick Fetter he was a dead man in front of witnesses! Outcome? Large fine and warning to desist from any further contact or mention of Fetter on-line!
    Shawnee drowning: Randy Delozier told Joseph Milburn same thing in front of witnesses! Two PSP said Higgins refused to accept charges.
    Higgins is gone! Charges will now be filed! Fact: Delozier must be given same sentence! New D.A. agreed to file?? L.O.L. “KHARMA”

  63. Bobbin Robbin is at it again, he is just so obsessed that BCFP will be going down. below is his latest whine

    ” #waawaawandee may want to keep the following in mind as he looks over his shoulder in the coming days. #ticktock! “Turns out ‘delete’ doesn’t quite mean the same thing to Facebook as it does to you.” “

  64. The world according to Bobbin Robbin. At the press conference Cameraman asked if Higgins was involved in dealing drugs. Bobbin Robbin posted this response to Cameraman’s question.

    ” There was an unknown questioner toward the end of the press conference who asked if the defendant is also believed to have been dealing drugs himself. That seemed like an odd way to basically say “if you’re looking into that I sure hope you didn’t figure out that I (the unknown voice of course) have been his supplier for years”. Good job further tipping your hand unknown voice. “

  65. “PORKY” No one enjoys contact from you. Your the Poorest excuse of an EX PSP on the earth. You are for sure suffering from a Mental Defect. You wouldn’t know the facts if they bit you on your Fat Ass.
    As for Higgins,there is way more to come. Remember the Attorney General stated this is an open case. More people I know are coming forward with information on happening that “PORKY” claims never happened.
    As always I enjoy”NOT” conversing with you bunch of “IDIOTS”. Until you get guts enough to identify yourselves

  66. Nice coverage on the arrest of Bill Higgins. BCFP reported it first and overall all had the best coverage around. so much for the Bobbin one claiming they would never report anything on Higgins. Bobbin Robbin and the gang are having a field day on their haters facebook page. They are still claiming that BCFP will be next to be arrested. They are making all kinds of crazy wild allegations. they are so consumed believing BCFP were involved in criminal activity with Bill Higgins.

  67. Well the old fool is still an old fool. Are you obsessed with me John? You LOVE saying my name. Am I on your mind all day every day??? There’s not one comment where I defended Higgins. I have been keeping things factual John. You know facts, something you seem to be missing in all your comments on here.
    If Higgins did what they are claiming he NEEDS prosecuted. Period.

  68. Well…don’t let this go to your head Mr. Lohr…but you have been brewing about Higgins for quite some time. Whether it was inside insight, clairvoyance, or a lucky guess. I don’t see how you are attempting to tie cameraman into all of this just because he covered the prosecutions coming from the DA? He would have covered them just the same if you or I was DA. I knew of one of Mr. Higgins issues(i.e. female 3), but I had no idea that it was so much deeper than what i knew of it. I thought of it being just as simple as him cheating on his wife. Which is wrong, but in and of itself didn’t pertain to him corrupting his office in the way he did. I AM NOT TOO MUCH OF AN ARROGANT ASS to admit that i was wrong and so was my opinion of him. As far as the sweeper man(aka gregg, I don’t know him) but if he is happy with you or anyone stopping to discuss politics then I am happy. It makes no never mind to my daily routine. Kudos to cameraman for the good reporting on this latest news. It should thoroughly convince everyone that he is going to report the news objectively regardless of who broke the law

  69. i only approved your comment to show everyone just how pathetic and stupid you sound. what is higgins going to squeal on me about about ? look who is whining and bawling. i am still here which proved you wrong yet again. i was never involved in anything illegal with higgins and you know it. my god look how obsessed you are.

  70. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts. Its funny that you call others “snowflake” when all you do is whine and bawl. Higgins is going to be squealing on you and everyone else and you know it.

  71. well your connections were wrong when you said when higgins goes down i would be going with him. i am still here, and they are not coming to take me down. and do you really think i give two shits what sweeperman thinks ? get a life old man. higgins is gone, and i am not going anywhere

  72. If you scroll down far enough or go to last summer you will see I posted this 2018 Happening at the Courthouse? You can believe it or not I have connections!
    Lawler and Detwiler have been defending Higgins all day.
    MMSOUNDMAN: Since the daylight is longer my orange camo jacket will no longer be used but,be assured between 10: 20 and 11: 20 six days a week I will be at the Sweeper Shop most days. The Three of us discuss the latest news and some Religion. Feel free to stop anytime. Greg said its no ones business who spends time there. He meant you and Cameramans remarks!! Being the only one on this site with intestional fortitude enough to use my real name convinces everyone who the cowards are???

  73. lohr, i was not talking about your email address. and lawler is not in charge of the hate page as you call it. and who in the hell is detwiler, i have nobody with that name doing any moderating. higgins is not my problem, he never was. so why am i still here if i was involved with what he was doing. the attorney general had his chance to arrest me today, instead he gave me the 27 page complaint against higgins.

  74. Only have ONE E-Mail address and its at the bottom of every comment.”NO FAKE EVER FROM ME”
    Gotta give you credit when its due. Putting Lawler and Detwiler in charge of your Facebook Hate Page was a stroke of Genius!!
    With all the charges,Why is Lawler still defending Higgins when the PSP have the goods on him?
    My phone has been ringing all day.People wanting me back on Facebook to discuss this Arrest! Cant get back on?

  75. The charges Michael Patrick Crawley had talked about was withdrawn. But didn’t he go to jail for neglecting to appear in court?

  76. i am still here where are the charges at that connects me to the crimes higgins is accused of. and people trying to comment will not get approved when you try to use a fake email address. i never needed higgins help because the law is clear. i never committed any crimes. everyone was wrong when they said when higgins gets charged i will go down with him. that is never going to happen. which proves you idiots have no clue what is a crime and what is not. higgins is done but guess who is still here calling out the snowflakes of the county ? you morons also claimed i would never report on his arrest. i have the best coverage then any media that showed up

  77. Another fine job on the weather road report by BCFP. They were out in Downtown Bedford at 2:45 am Then again at 6:30 am this time they were reporting live. A good job covering the Easter Family Fun event as well. You will not find that kind of local coverage by the Bedford Gazette. keep up the good work !

  78. snyder comments on a facebook page that is designed to harass bcfp. i will not advertise that page here. but if you email me, i will email you back the link. no he does not have a professional page. he is an electrician by trade, he used to work for a union. IBEW union. this link is his person page i also see lohr sitting in the big window, he must live there from the time they open until they close.

  79. Sure seems like Bobbin is obsessed about the length of things being the only criteria for being professional. You did alude to the fact that he is homosexual and is completely obsessed with the life of another man? Where does he post his ludicrous comments? I would like to read them for my own amusement. Does he have a professional page? Is he a business/professional person? Other than a professional knob polisher. Has anyone seen John Lohr lately? I saw his orange jacket in the window when I drove by today, one of these days I’m gonna stop and see if he talks as much nonsense in person.
    ON A SERIOUS NOTE: regarding the digital scanners, Fulton county is now on the digital P25 band, if any of your readers from down that way are wandering why they may not be picking up their fire calls.

  80. the first responders are not there to like me, they are there to do a job. and i stay far enough back from the scene they should not even be aware i am around. if they are paying more attention to me being there, then they should not be first responders. as long as i am not in their way, they have no say as to me being there. and back to snyder’s comments. he does not get to decide how long a video is recorded to determine if that makes someone a real reporter. people must really laugh at him when he attempts to know everything about anything. he is so consumed with my life it is pitiful.

  81. The administrator to the haters Facebook page responded to Bobbin Robbin’s post. Correct me if i am wrong. this is the same administrator who claimed the owner of BCFP was arrested outside a local magistrates office for harassment but provided no citation or proof this incident ever took place. they could not even provide a victim to the alleged crime. They also claimed he was thrown out of the hope for hyndman school during the train derailment last summer. can we honestly take the word of a person that creates lies to make BCFP look bad ? below is their comment.

    ” The first responders can’t stand him. Maybe they should hose him down once in awhile (free bath ) “

  82. i have watched robin long enough to know, what he means is. soundman is myself. because he feels nobody would ever come here to support bcfp for he wants people to believe i am hated by everyone. he feels anyone who comments on here has to be me. just like he claims that the over 19,000 likes on the facebook public page are all my id’s that i created to like the page.

  83. Alter Ego…I don’t know how i feel about that, but it sure does give me pleasure to be a pain in the ass to a pain in the ass!! Reading comprehension isn’t one of his strong suites either. I was referring to a bigger news agency providing less coverage, not complaining about a longer video…sheesh, read, comprehend, and understand. I could provide a remedial course on reading comprehension if he would like. HERE IS A QUESTION TO THE BOBBIN HEAD…do you believe i am a real person, or just a made up person who comments regularly? I await your response…

  84. HAHAHAHAHAHA, what a crybaby little boy he is. i was standing across the street at the pizza hut recording. not bad for a toy camera he claims i have. all i see in his words is jealousy. it eats him alive to know no matter what he says or does. that little boy can not get rid of me. of course he reads this page. i own his life. i make him dance to my every command like the good little puppet he is.

  85. Thank you to Bobbin Robbin for proving one more time you can not stay off a website you profess to dislike. My goodness look how paranoid the Bobbin one is. the shemale sure knows how to twist comments around to suit her tender ego. she still has not addressed the drug overdose by Willis Clark the son of Lisa Irvin. she is avoiding that all the way. below is her latest childish rant.

    “”Bigger isn’t always better.” Even his alter ego mister tone deaf agrees his eleven minute video is a joke. Real reporters don’t waste eleven minutes on one story. Unlike a gossip blogger they have multiple real news stories to cover on any given day. Of course an “ambulance chasing” scanner bitch can get to a fire first when he is still up from the day before and slithers out in the clothes he still has on from yesterday. Truth be told eleven minutes close enough with that toy camera means he was in the way of real men who responded. He isn’t a reporter. He is a nuisance and a hazard to real men there to do an actual job. It’s pretty bad when one of the other voices in his head even acknowledges that his way isn’t better. “

  86. I agree…nicely done. Bigger isn’t always better, look how long it took the gazzette with a larger staff to appear. Look what coverage WTAJ had with their even larger staff. Kudos on that report BCFP. I noticed one thing, that caught my interest. They said it was an electical fire. Although i was not there to see it first hand but In the pictures the fire seemed to be much above any electrical wiring there, as well as the armored cable doesn’t appear to have been on fire or damaged. Unless there was wiring higher in that facade for other purposes. Notice as well the lights remained on, so it was certainly not that circuit that caught fire. Does anyone else have an opinion on this? Just curious what your opinion may have been

  87. somerset state police faxes will make it 7 different police agencies we are signed up with. i was doing huntingdon state police reports when the call about hoss’s came across the scanner. i was already dressed ready to roll for the day at 5:30. so i figured why not. i will go see what was going on at the steak house. i was the only reporter on the scene at the time. someone from the gazette showed up a few hours later. and i did hear tv 10 had one picture on their facebook page. i had an 11 minute video. and 10 updated pictures after crews were gone.

  88. Nice job BCFP on the coverage of the fire at hoss’s. I watched the video where you was on location at 6am. so much for you always sleeping in like some people claim you do. I was also impressed with the pictures you took a few hours later to update readers. I look forward to seeing police reports from State Police in Somerset.

  89. All is quiet in the land of oz. not a peep for a couple of days. Good job BCFP on taking pictures for DBI. It was extra special seeing Tonya giving you credit for all to see. I talked to a few people and they tell me. You do not have to volunteer your time helping DBI. However you choose to do so. i wonder what the people that complain about you do to help out their community. I personally like the different pages you have on Facbook. You have one for all the police reports. one for community events. one for discussions. one for local sports. one for miscellaneous stuff like the Court Schedules, Deeds, Marriage Licenses, Divorces, Weather, and anything else that should be posted. Then you have the public page which i see a lot of advertising on that one. very smart to have the one with the most members for advertising. I agree with soundman it is much better then cramming everything on one page. and of course you have this website which is very user friendly. i would have to say regardless of anything you might have done in your past. if people are complaining about you. you are doing something right. and they are jealous they did not think of it first. i will keep you updated when the land of oz finally comes out of hiding. Keep up the good work BCFP !

  90. Why am i not surprised on the bobbin’s comment. Too bad he can’t even come up with his own material. He stated about bcfp dancing at his command, well if you read down through the posts cameraman said the same thing about him months ago. The bedford informer…I heard of that, but couldn’t find anything much on the page. Feel honored that these men want to be just like you when they grow up. ; )

  91. of course snyder lied, he wants people to believe that everyone in town hates me. me and tonya always have a good laugh when we are told what snyder states about us. on a side note, what happen to the ” bedford informer ” operated by jesse leighty taking over the media business in bedford county ? it has been over 11 months since he made the earth shattering announcement across facebook that he was going to show bcfp how it was done. his facebook page is nothing but shared posts from other facebook pages. he promised his followers of a little over 300 people that he would be doing his own news and videos real soon. well after nearly a year. he is still idling at slow speed. he claimed he was going to join the chamber, that never happened either. let me guess. he is still stuck in everett with no vehicle, begging for a ride to his probation appointments.

  92. I must have missed something along the way. I was just on the BCFP public facebook page and noticed that Downtown Bedford inc thanked the owner of BCFP for helping them and providing pictures of the wine walk for them. Bobbin Robbin has been claiming that DBI wants nothing to do with BCFP. another lie the Bobbin one has been exposed for. What does Bobbin Robbin do to help community agencies? meanwhile on the haters page Bobbin Robbin is yet again calling women names and acting like a 3rd grade child with his insults. below is his latest rant. which sounds more and more like his father John Lohr everyday

    ” waa waa wandee the wat and his she beast sin dee woo hoo in five years still dancing on their puppet strings to my every command Jump higher bitches! “

  93. On a side note…regarding the “forgotten” gentleman’s club in breezewood. I believe I hear it was closed. I cannot recall, but am curious about the Bobbin’s response to that one. I guess we don’t need to worry about ever catching him down there. Since it seems he prefers to puff on pickles…and eat zipperhoagies.
    What business education or experience does he have to make such a statement about the layout of BCFP websites. Although, yes maybe it does limit exposure a little, the layout of various pages is very convenient for the user in that they are focusing on what they want to read, without having to go through pages of news and reports that they have no interest in. I personally prefer this over others that try to jam everything into one page. I can read the news only page and get what i want. I can go to the national news page when i want, as well as the others in a much quicker manner. I DO have business education as well as experience, that I would pit against the bobbin anyday. I feel that he is just using his opinion as a means to attack without even comprehending the reason things are the way they are. Also…since he likes to bring it up, what is the Bobbin one’s criminal history, since he thinks he knows everyone elses? What a tool he is…like a wind up toy soldier.

  94. I would have to say Bobbin Robbin is throwing a child’s tempter tantrum because he has been called out lately on his lies. when he accused BCFP of sleeping in. they posted at 4am proving him wrong. My thought has always been why does Bobbin Robbin care so much whether the facebook pages of BCFP are public or closed groups. why does he make a big deal about that ? i have concluded that in a closed group he only has access to them by someone sending him screen shots. he is very limited as to what he can see on their facebook groups. He can not share them as much as he use to. looks to me like BCFP has done a very good job at controlling what Bobbin Robbin can view when it comes to facebook. and let’s not forget BCFP has silenced John Lohr. BCFP played a major roll at exposing Faith Zembower and she lost her elected office she held for 20 plus years. a lot of the people that the Bobbin one has supported have been arrested themselves. Bobbin Robbin has a lot to whine about recently. and my final point is i think it is hilarious that the Bobbin one claims that the BCFP public page has limited readers when they have over 19,000 likes on their page. just how does that work oh Bobbin one ?

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