could child stalker rob snyder be running scared ???



  1. i would say he is upset because his boyfriend from centerville failed to get me kicked out of the embassy friday night. his centerville boyfriend found out i was hired to record an event there and tried crying to the people there that i was such a bad guy. and should not let me in to record. it pays to the know the owner, who overruled all of them and had no problem letting me record there. he will try to twist it around and claim i was not allowed in, however the video is posted on the paradigm page on this website. and cameraman video service facebook page.

  2. Bobbin Robbin is so narrow minded. his comments are becoming sadder as the days go by. he is so obsessed with BCFP. i have no idea who cindylouwho is. must be another one of those people he believes is commenting here. however i do not see any comments by that name. the Bobbin one really needs to put down the bottle he is looking like he is drunk with delusion. below is his latest drunken rants

    ” Apparently my choice of words above a third grade reading level caused #cindylouwho much grief and consternation. It appears she placed #waawaawandee’s testicles back in her purse and is doing his talking for him again. Perhaps she grew tired of wiping gallons of stutter spittle off the keyboard coward’s monitor. “

  3. I do find it astonishing that the fake name Jack Mcgee is whining because i got a 70s show name wrong. talk about being a petty little man. however thanks for clearing up that you violated Facebook policy by creating a fake name. i am not violating any BCFP policy by using a ” screen ” which is much different then you trying to con facebook that your name is really Jack Mcgee. and seeing that you have not posted on this page. only proves that you are a coward. for BCFP knows my real name. unlike you. i had no problem letting them know my real name. i guess when you run with a pack of liars. you turn into a coward.

  4. Poor Bobbin Robbin so desperately trying to convince people he is so educated. turning people’s words around to suit him might work with his group of haters & liars but it will not work in the real world. how immature he proves himself to be when he has to convince people how much money he makes by what he eats for breakfast & dinner. such a child he has turned into for a person who professes to be so educated and smart.

  5. of course they do not want to hear that the witnesses against higgins is out committing crimes. they make me sick with their bias. as long as they attack people they dislike. the trash of the county can do what they want in the eyes of the haters

  6. There is yet another fake account set up on Facebook who is whining about BCFP. Jack McGee, how original the reporter who stalked David Manning in the original show from the 70s known as the incredible hulk. He is claiming the only news that is being posted on the BCFP all news only page is about the witnesses in the Higgins case. i see news on there from Huntingdon, Somerset, Bedford, Blair Counties. funny how he wants only selected reports on there. and turns a blind eye to major witnesses for the Attorney General transporting drugs in another state and running from the law. once again. they make it that BCFP is trying to clear Higgins’s name. i personally want to know that the witnesses are not getting a free pass to commit crimes in return for testifying against higgins. yet again. they are blinded by hate when it comes to the real truth concerning people in this county. below is the comment from this so called Jack McGee

    ” Thanks for shedding some new light on the subject Mr. Doolittle. The only new info we get on bcfp news page is Randy constantly posting about the downfalls of the other witnesses to show their bad credibility. It is becoming more clear that he is doing whatever he can to clear the name of his buddy MR. Higgins. “

  7. Bobbin Robbin is believing his own lies these days. he must really have alcohol or drug abuse issues. below is his latest rant which includes belittling women he believes is making comments on this page. he keeps going on about what a real job is. he is really full of himself if he thinks he can dictate what a real job is.

    ” Then less than twelve hours later the sow swears she can’t find her very own words. IF #waawaawandee had a real job and made any money I would suggest he get the sow’s peepers checked ASAP. I do hope she isn’t driving on publics roadways if she can’t see anything beyond her snout. “

  8. nobody has ever contacted me to confirm anything. i would be happy to speak with her concerning what really goes on in bedford county.

  9. As stated before i would comment on the Centre County gossip website which wrote an article about BCFP. The website is operated by a Maureen Ferguson aka Harriet Lawless. This woman does not even do any fact checking at all. My sources tell me she was involved in a sexual relationship with a big wig in Centre County which ended bad. and she is attacking all people of government and those that might work around people of government. i noticed a lot of her information is completely wrong and way off the topic. She can’t stay focused. she starts a lot of rumors and calls them facts because she is the one that stated it. she is all over the place in her articles. her article about BCFP was based on information sent to her by people who dislike BCFP. the people who commented on her article were only those who were kicked off their all news only news page. i must ask BCFP has Ferguson or anyone associated with that gossip website ever contact you to confirm anything she accused you of ?

  10. another star witness amy bennett is doing up to 5 years in jail, and still has to get sentenced in maryland for more drug charges. another upstanding witness for the AG. and don’t forget the 3rd female, who is now claiming the AG told her to lie. the haters don’t want to hear about all that. it’s amazing what taking screen shots does to a witness. was she lying to the grand jury or was she lying when she sent private messages to reporters claiming the AG told her to lie.

  11. With all the screen shot comments that Oliver Doolittle thought was a big deal and shared them on the haters page. How interesting is it that they did not share that one of the Attorney’s General’s star witnesses against Bill Higgins was arrested a few weeks after Higgins resigned. she was arrested for transporting cocaine in the state of Texas. Kendyl Crawley was charged with 3rd degree felony in Montgomery County Texas on April 20,2018 which was after Higgins resigned. she failed to appear for her hearing and a warrant was issued for her arrest. Bedford County picked her up on a Fugitive from justice warrant. and then allowed her to post bail even though she was a Fugitive. it was on BCFP so i know Mr. Doolittle seen it. i also find it interesting that Bobbin Robbin in the past has claimed Cameraman was an informant and harassed him for what the Bobbin one claims he was. yet the Bobbin one has no issues with the informants that worked with the AG office against Higgins. so my question is. does the bobbin one agree with informants or not ? he seems to pick and choose if he liked them. based on who they are. and how about the star witness against Higgins transporting cocaine and is now a fugitive in the state of Texas. is she doing favors for the Attorney General ? things that make you go hmmmm

  12. i see the little boy known as robin is back to harassing women, i have to wonder if he heard his father call his mother names so he thinks that is normal. nobody have ever stated what he claims. and the little boy knows this. he is just upset because i proved him wrong when higgins resigned. he was so sure i would go away. i bet he sat in the corner with his dunce cap on crying like a little girl when he realized he was wrong. to funny that he was up at 3:24 am thinking about bcfp. one has to wonder was he dropping off the strange guy he picked up the night before and that is why he was up ?? everyone knows he likes men instead of women. real women scare the shit out of little boy robin.

  13. I believe Bobbin Robbin is drinking to much of his own urine. i have looked on here and Facebook for other comments made concerning ads on BCFP. at 3:34 am the Bobbin one was posting about BCFP. his comment proves how much he lies. and makes up stories. below is the comment he made concerning a statement i could not locate anywhere.

    ” I have to laugh. His own sow just admitted “all the ads on BCFP are not paid ads”. “

  14. It sure does seem Bobbin Robbin is upset that BCFP is still operating after the downfall of Bill Higgins. The Bobbin one is attacking anyone who is even remotely connected to BCFP. why is the Bobbin one complaining about what Cameraman’s brother does, who lives in Philadelphia. why is he attacking women connected to BCFP ?. i find it disgraceful that he is accusing Cameraman of doing something illegal to make his money. according to the Bobbin one. all the ads on BCFP are not paid ads. and to top it off. he stated it has been long rumored that BCFP does illegal things with underage students at Bedford School District. I have never heard those rumors until i seen the Bobbin one start them on his hate page. i will get to the Cambria County gossip website in a different comment.

  15. This works out great. BCFP will protect your identity. They know who i am. and they allow me to use a screen name so nobody can harass me for my comments.

  16. looks like my comment system works for people willing to provide their real names. someone has signed up to comment on another link within this website. so we will continue to use this system. it sucks for those with no balls who are not willing to provide their real name

  17. HAHAHAHAHAHA, i does appear the trash of the county has been here trying to comment. for they are sobbing all over themselves on facebook crying that they can no longer use fake names on this website. this is what happens when trash have no balls to use their real name.

  18. looks like i am smarter then the idiots who like to keep using a different ip address to comment. now you have to supply us with your real name, a real email email address. and for the record HATERS. we could careless if anyone signs up to comment. you now can not create fake names, and post at will. like i said. it was time to show you who the boss is.


  20. Is it strange I’ve never met someone who will defend you in person? Trash is someone who is what 50 years old and still a fan of fake wrestling? Trash is someone who thinks a FB group moderator is a full time job. Im half your age and have already accomplished 4 times the amount of success. I’m taking time out of my day to hopefully talk you into doing the world a favor. Do you even have anyone to address your goodbye note to?

  21. Awh he let that one post. So why not do it wandy? You can afford rope. I just know you don’t have the balls to do. It’s a damn shame. It’s a good step to make this country great again.

  22. wow look at the obsession some people have. trying to get someone to kill themselves. talk about trash of the county. pay attention people, this is how obsessed some people are

  23. You there pal? You will always be nothing. The county would literally be a better place if you’d do yourself in. No one would attend your funeral. That’s how little you actually matter. Just think about it man. I know you have all the time in the world to do so.

  24. look how obsessed the trash of the county are over BCFP. time to show you just who is the boss. you have nothing to add to this website. time to take out the trash

  25. I forgot that babysitting adults bickering over police reports is a full time job. What’s the education level required for such a prestige position?

    I take it kindergarten attendence was listed as previous work experience? Or are you not allowed 500 feet from a school?

  26. I suppose when you figure out that what BCFP does is not illegal. The next thing to do is go on an out of county website and moan & whine about the owner of BCFP. and hope people turn against them. It is really heart wrenching reading all the sad stories that people complain about when all they have to do is just read another news page. BCFP is really famous when people insist that something needs done about them. One even is complaining about their twitter page being locked. where you have to ask to join. what is the big deal about them having closed groups ?

  27. well look who it is, the old man with no balls. i am still waiting on your old punk ass to back up your words, oh that’s right, you are a worthless p.o. coward with no balls. i thought you said, i would be gone old man. i own you old man, you post when i say you can post. time to silence your stupid ass again, see you next month old man

  28. Hey you stuttering Rat! Are you still to much of a Coward to let me Post???????

  29. it’s nice to know that trash like you are still around. making fun of the way people talk, how original. i understand it might be hard for to accept what your county has become. if there was no crime i could do more community events. you seem like the kind of garbage that would not help their community. instead you make fun of those that do.

  30. Public information…almost as if anyone can obtain the information if wanted it. Hey with the money you make could you take a few speech classes? Someone actually used your question during AG Shapiro’s press meeting for a presentation during our speech therapy 101 class on preventable speech shortcomings. Very informative material. You should hire someone else to ask questions at recorded things like that if you could afford it that is.

    Keep up copying police reports to Facebook and don’t worry about posting about any of the good news that happens around the area..unless it’s you ringing a bell outside of giant eagle around Christmas. Great stuff. You make the community proud of what we are… apparently just a bunch of drug users, women beaters and child molesters is what it comes across after scrolling through your page. Thanks for doing your part in making this great county look appealing.

    Making America great again!

  31. those people are morons, i can pass any random drug or alcohol test any day of the week. can hershberger ?, why does he call me a pervert, because i will not give him the time of day. he is known for liking men. it has been at least about 15 years since i even traveled to Philadelphia. and why should ruby and myself be in jail ?, for telling it like it is ? i and it will be 4 weeks since higgins got arrested, i still have not been questioned, and i am still here

  32. I am so happy that i am retired. for i have all the time in the world to call the haters on their stupidity. Oliver Doolittle is taking screen shots of the comments here and posting them on the haters page. and making a big deal that people read that gossip page. the more people that read the haters page shows the more people are aware of how obsessed and twisted they are when it comes to BCFP. I agree with Cameraman when he asked. why even bother to post screen shots. when nothing is going to happen to BCFP anyway. they are only proving Cameraman’s point. that the haters can not stay off BCFP even when they claim to dislike BCFP so much.

  33. It is truly disturbing the lies created by the haters on their page. Kerry Hershbeger stated that the owner of BCFP is a dope smoking sexual pervert. a Steve Beegle stated that Ruby Sites and the owner of BCFP needs locked up as well. a Terry Claybaugh claims the owner of BCFP & his brother are transporting cocaine into Bedford County from the Philadelphia area. I would think a lot of these could be considered slander on their part to make BCFP look bad. the jealousy these people have is getting out of control. since the arrest of Higgins. a lot of people have come out of hiding and are now commenting on the haters page. i noticed a lot of people commenting have been in trouble with the law. like Curtis Diehl. his adult son pled guilty to having a sexual relationship with an underage girl. he is on there calling the owner of BCFP names. would that be because BCFP reported the facts about his son. you can not arrest people for reporting the facts.

  34. I was tagged to an article that was posted on a centre county gossip blog written by an unnamed Author. the topic of the article was Bedford County Free Press. the writer never checked any of the information they wrote about bcfp. they stated they received emails about bcfp and just posted a one sided version according to what the haters told them. they rambled on concerning how they think we should operate our business. they painted the criminal defendants that get arrested in bedford county as victims of bcfp. are child molesters victims ? are meth dealers victims ? are dui offenders victims ? are women beaters victims ? they stated bcfp is not a real news outlet. they do not like the idea that we comment on news reports. they also stated they we missed the big story concerning the arrest of the former district attorney of bedford county, really ? let’s give you some real facts to go on. bcfp was the first to report the arrest of the district attorney. we were the only media outlet to post the entire press conference from the attorney general’s office. we posted the entire 27 page police complaint on the former district attorney. this centre county gossip blog are urging people to send them information about bcfp. i ask for what ? there is nothing anyone can do about how we operate bcfp. the police will not save the day and make us change the way do operate. the attorney general will not save the day and tell us how to operate bcfp. there is nothing anyone can do about how bcfp is operated. i find it comical how many pages were created on facebook just to moan and carry on about how bcfp is being operated. all the whining and all the created pages will not change the way bcfp operates.



  35. i had someone send me screen shots of his posts the screen shots are recent. so he has someone in the group sending him screen shots, or he is in the group under a different page. either way, i could careless. the only thing they are doing is making themselves look like idiots when they obsess over me like they do. it will not change the vast number of readers who follow bcfp because they know where to get the real news from

  36. Checking in to let people know that Bobbin Robbin has been silent ever since a new member started posting on the haters page. an Oliver Doolittle who is about as obsessed with the owner of BCFP as Bobbin Robbin is. Doolittle has access to the BCFP All News Only Facebook Page and is posting multiple screen shots on the haters page taken from the BCFP News Page. and whining about comments made by the owner of BCFP. most of them are a short novel and would take up a lot of rambling reading on this page. so i decided not to post it here. because it is very childish and ridiculous comments made by Doolittle.

  37. Liberty, as I stated before all your comments that you have posted thus far are making people more dumb, not one thing in your moronic ramblings have you made one valid point. You are writing things you have no damn clue about. I suggest you go do your homework and go to bed.

  38. you know liberty you sound like you are full of yourself. who really gives a shit if you condone anything mr. law abiding citizen. your bullshit ramblings are done here. why are you not commenting on the other website since you think they are so special. you are the next idiot to be sent to the other side of the wall.

  39. Mr. Lawler if you are indeed a part of the PA State Police or any law enforcement agency- may I offer my sympathies to your comrades. You sir are rude-beligerent-obnoxious-and argumentative! Do you suffer from PTSD or other ailment that causes you to be an abusive cad?Is it an alcohol-drug abuse issue? There is HOPE-HELP for those suffering the horrible plight. Please do seek attention before your mind is totally destroyed and you start attacking innocent citizens in the streets.
    I stated that I was doing reseach-investigative reporting! NOT conducting an investigation! I intend to finish my project with or without assistance-when I posted the question last eve I asked if you would be willing to assist? Is that laughable to you? I can only imagine how you have broken and crippled your own children-family if they are treated with the same disrespect. My question was reasonable-cordial- and pertinent. Excuse me for thinking that you would want to assist. Your lack of composure indicates I have touched on a sensitive issue or stepped to closely to something you may indeed find peculiar yourself. Whatever your case may be I shall take the advice offered and contact the Municipal Court system that holds the Docket Sheets being a decent law abiding citizen I am sure I can be given access to public information with a Right-To-Know Request. Maybe I’ll pay the Good Samaritan and pay off the small amounts due to the courts as a public service. It does seem a tragedy that one who makes over 100 thousand a year can’t clear the monies owed to the Municipality. It is after all called the City Of Brotherly Love. We are all Gods children and I support charitable organizations whenever possible. I was intrigued by the assertions of the happy valley citizen as I found a very ugly Civil suit filed by the a fore mentioned attorney which contains many more players and the Judge that presided from another County. I cannot condone the style-manner it was presented in foul language in journalistic pieces is unnecessary-and suggests bias-anger-a lack of intellectual control-and detracts from the author’s original thought process. I do believe Bedford County is in for a long-haul of it. Upon inspection of the civil suit-I’m certain there is much more to come with other charges and defendants. May justice be served to all who deserve.

  40. one has to wonder does liberty try to figure out what makes the reporters at the gazette tick, or those at WTAJ, WJAC. what is their obsession with me ?. and no i do not keep track of what bill higgins does. again, i had a working relationship with the former district attorney, just like the gazette, WTAJ, WJAC, altoona mirror & johnstown tribune. higgins is history, there is a new district attorney and i will work with her as well. it was never about higgins. it was about doing my job to keep BCFP operating as the number one media outlet in bedford county. i wonder how the haters feel after all the talking they did, claiming i would fold up with higgins gone. and when he got arrested, i reported on his arrest and i am still here better then ever.

  41. I’ll say this for her, she’s trying…but unfortunately spinning her wheels in the process. Maybe she is onto a good start, but I cannot seem to follow where she is trying to go. My question is she “INVESTIGATING” billy boy or is she trying to figure out what makes the cameraman tick? I can state to the fact via a situation that i observed that there is some truth to some of the Higgins allegations…but I do not know if all of it is truth or not. As far as credibility on that other site? As was mentioned before, the fact that they refer to him as “Mark Higgins” and that they have not corrected that mistake makes them less than credible in my eyes. We are well aware of his brawling activities prior to coming to Bedford county. I would like to think that a few unpaid fines at a local Magisterial office seems a little petty compared to his current charges, however one would have to wander why an attorney such as him would not have tended to his legal obligations. JUST IN CASE Lizzy didnt get the memo yet. Cameraman is not Bill Higgins keeper, and I am sure he has no control over watching to make sure he pays his fines or not.

  42. You’re conducting an investigation??? Hahahahahahahaha…… hahhahaahahahaha…….Liza Liberty you aren’t doing crap and IF you are NO one will take you seriously. Investigation. Hahahahahhahahaha…. delusional much Dick Tracy??

  43. @Liza Liberty-Bedford Penn was designed to get the former DA-to resign. It is appropriate-to bring up the names of 2 people who-still despises-the former DA. How you are con-ducting your-own investigation-is appalling-to ask questions to a reporter-who isn’t the detective on the current case. If there is more going on-behind the scenes-call the AG office-to report it in. What your-investigation-didn’t come up with-is that Douglas Goldhaber-has not been reinstated. When investigating a crime(s)-the right thing to do is have an open mind. Being-one sided-could result in termination of a job. Faith Zembower-SS-and many others are prime examples of a one – sided mind.

  44. and you know the other source to be true how ?? it cracks me up that you believe a report that could be based on rumors. then again it might not. i checked out that website, in one of the reports they could not even get his name right, they had him listed as mark higgins. it is my opinion they were spoon fed details by the haters, which they published without verifying any of it

  45. @Dragon Force-why would we steer the topic from something tangible to a topic which has no bearing on the current charges? Furthermore how does a reference to Bedford Penn-all the additional names and initials pertain to the current criminal charges. -Who are these players-how do they apply? You must agree after reading the author’s post from an out of county source that the details in such would only further show a calculating-concise-hatred driven attempt to obstruct-twist-manipulate-and the blatant abuse of power by the former DA. Suggesting that the motivation for questions regarding this case is an attempt to -shut down BCFP- are ludicrous. Your comment to incite paranoia with the owner of this site over such, is unnecessary. I assert that true reporters-jounalists research and investigate claims and either prove or disprove assertions-allegations based on facts. Deterring-dissuading readers from the real questions at hand suggest bias-one sided thought process. Is there something to hide that would further support the allegations? Based solely on this readers observations it would appear that someone from within the office of the former DA potentially shared information. My quest is to verify the facts and locate any individual that may have further information as it pertains to the current criminal charges. The Probable Cause states that the latest events occurred in 2014-2015 the other report suggests the corruption starts prior to that dating back to 2004-2005. Ten years? How many more victims are there, eh?

  46. Let’s steer this conversation to something more worthwhile to talk about. All this hype about a past arrest is getting no where to get Cameraman shut down. Since it’s “open season” I would like to put my “2 cents” in it. Which 2 people started a Facebook page called, Bedford Penn? SW seems to want Bedford Penn to “make an appearance”. But since Faith Zembower wasn’t re-elected she doesn’t have time to post anything. Her partner, Charlie Karns, doesn’t have time to post as Bedford Penn as well. So far, SS is an excellent informant.

  47. Nothing strange about it-just comparing stories. I review documents of all types I look for inconsistencies truly it sort of looked odd to me in comparing the most recent docket sheet. It took me quite some time to find the Dockets themselves since there were so many individuals with the same name and also the fact that they were listed as an MC not a CR or CP. Not sure of the significance there either? I also did a Google search on the hacking of your site and found a thread from 2017 it stated you were having problems with an individual-Jesse. I’m sure you took appropriate action with the authorities.

  48. what i find strange is that you are asking me questions why someone has not paid their fines or money due, you should contact the courts in the county this occurred in and ask them, not me. and you are wrong about why i have so many pages. if you pay attention, each page is for a different category, all news, community events, discussion, sports, miscellaneous items such as deed transfers, marriage licenses, weather, other news of interest. and we have a public page for state news & advertisers. not everyone wants to see news or events. so now they can just go to the category they want to see. why they are closed is due to the comments. meaning the comments are not public and subjected to any age. i try to rely on other readers to let me know if there are any juveniles on the page reading the comments. nobody can whine if the pages are closed groups. people like using the excuse i should not allow comments because people of all ages can see them. well now they can not

  49. I have no trouble keeping up sir-multi tasking I’m sure you are aware that finals are upon us-multitasking- doing more than one thing-at one time. To answer your question I would think it reasonable that your haters cause you a bit of strife! In reviewing the past posts and pictures I would would also say it fair to suggest that are trying to keep your opposition at bay. By dis-allowing them access you have immense power over what they can or cannot view. Do I get a cookie? You also have different target audiences-guess that separates the men from the boys eh? Since you’re familiar with the Docket Sheets can you explain why there is no grading of charges? Were they Summary, Misdemeanor, or Felony charges? I searched other individuals that I know have had a scuff or two with the bad side everyone has a grading of charges listed. Also peculiar I found that there are small balances of unpaid monies still owed. It was most confusing -3889 days late at the point of research which was a week or so ago. With the handsome salary his position afforded how is that possible? I have had 2 traffic citations each stated if the monies were not paid within the required amount of time they would issue a warrant for my arrest? Do you find this peculiar?

  50. who gives two shits about what you did not see in that other article. you are having a hard time keeping up. i said, just because you asked does not mean i will answer. you seem to know all the answers, so do your homework to find out what years the judges were district attorneys.

  51. I did not see a Charles Karns listed in the reporter’s post-did I miss something eh? It appears that my post did not properly process to clarify what years did the sitting Judge also act as a DA?

  52. you obviously have no clue about the money goldhaber stole from clients that got his license revoked for 3 years. and if you are complaining about higgins messing around with women, goldhaber set the bar for that. it does not matter if he was married or not. he forced women who could not afford to pay him to just have sex with him. you might want to talk with the locals and do your research of goldhaber. higgins was in a fight at a football game before he became an attorney, it was while he was still in law school, that is what you see on the court docket. you are not here to find out what makes me tick, i get the news out there better then anyone does covering just this county. so take your stupid questions of the day crap and stick it. i will not be answering them just because you ask them. why do you think i have closed groups and so many facebook pages ?, let’s here your bullshit answer since you are the one who wants to know

  53. Just a question-you are saying that the attorney that is mentioned was a womanizer and that makes him a P.O.S.? Isn’t that the premise behind the charges against the former DA? And you’re saying he isn’t a P.O.S. e? Is that correct eh? The sitting Judge was once a DA- are they all bad in your county? What I have read suggests that the former DA is a married man with children-was the a fore mentioned attorney married as well? I am not goading you just asking a simplistic question. What years was the sitting Judge a I am not trying to shut you down-as some may suggest- simply offering a broader journalistic view and trying to understand what makes you tick. Your site seems to be well managed-it appears for all intensive purposes to be an accurate news-media site. I cannot agree with the name-calling-bashing of individuals based on opinion but your site-your call. Since you are the only Bedford County-PA news agency with open public discussion I thought it only fitting to pose the questions to you. The question about the closed page/pages was legitimate. This topic of corruption is a National-International issue. My question for today is specifically for your law enforcement official. One of the other sites following this story mentions that the former DA had previous charges it was a bit complicated but I did retrieve them from the Commonwealth Judicial Portal but I’m having difficulty interpreting them if he is willing to assist please acknowledge.

  54. Douglas Goldhaber was no saint. DUI and getting his rocks off with the women. Did Goldhaber get pointers from Charles Karns?

  55. i have never trusted howsare, ever since he was the district attorney, i seen him lie and make up stories to MDJ morgart during a hearing in the early 80s. by the way goldhaber was a total P.O.S. he was banging any woman that would take the bait. he is no angel at all. what gets me is, the haters accuse me of speculating, and spreading gossip. what do they think that website author is doing ?, does he/she have facts to back up their wild ramblings. or is all ok because they are bashing those the haters do not like ?

  56. i have been getting a lot of attempts to gain access to the administrative part of this website lately, in the nearly two years since i have been keeping count, 677 attempts with 216 different ip addresses. they try to guess the user name & password, but get it wrong every time

  57. there is a reason why i have different facebook pages and why they are closed groups instead of open to the public. let’s see if liberty is smart enough to know why i have it that way

  58. As it’s stated word for word on the Police Criminal Complaint: “Later that same day, Trooper McCULLOUGH and Detective NELSON attempted to make a controlled buy from Female 1.” McCullough and Nelson have put themselves, their family, and other law enforcement in danger by allowing their names, on a police criminal complaint, known as informants. Putting other people in danger..isn’t that what another person is being accused of? Did Bill Higgins, at that time, know of those 2 attempting to make a controlled buy? And if not, then why keep it a secret? Even though Bill Higgins was under investigation at that time all other investigations that included drug deals made by informants or police who were undercover, in Bedford County, should not have effected what Bill Higgins was allowed to know by law. And Nelson should have kept her informing mouth shut about Bill Higgins being investigated. Who’s to say Nelson would never run her informing mouth about who is an informant to another informant? The way this investigation went anything is possible.

  59. These people are so pathetic and moronic. From day one YEARS ago they said you wouldn’t last and they would shut you down. Ummmm…..still going strong and GROWING. Growing not only in membership and readers, but growing and expanding your area. PSP reports from Bedford, Huntingdon, McConnellsburg, Hollidaysburg, Somerset and not too mention all the local police. The VAST geographical area is astounding. They said you were arrested throughout the years for harassment and such yet no charges ever filed. They said you were getting arrested for the incident at the lake and it never happened to date. Then you were going down when Higgins went down yet here you are WEEKS later and the new DA said she is not aware of any charges going to be filed against you. So far EVERYRHING the haters have claimed and predicted were lies, proven wrong and have never came to be. The jealousy is comical. Knob bobbing Robin is a pathetic limp wristed transexual, the old man now convicted criminal John the mental midget Lohr sits in his shack on Sunnyside hill verbally and physically abusing his poor wife and then there is the lunatic lady in Florida who thinks shes in the know while in Florida. That woman is another one who needs some mh/mr help.

  60. I think some of these people would be happy if you posted every daily activity you did. Perhaps a bowel movement timeline.??? You are right cameraman, how can they be so obsessed over every little thing you do? So what if there are 4 pages or 100? You have a reason for doing it that way. They seemed so concerned and determined to try to figure out if there is some hidden page, or some kind of BCFP cult operating behind the scenes. This has me thinking, either they are extreme admirers and want to be just like you when they grow up, or else maybe obsessive crackpots that have escaped from their keepers?

  61. it has been 3 weeks, 21 days since higgins resigned and was charged. and guess what idiots ? I AM STILL HERE !!

  62. Liza Liberty give it a rest. Everyone that has read your comments are now dumber…not one thing you said made any kind of sense at all. Instead of trying to find things to bash BCFP on why don’t you take your own advice and take some journalism classes before you go running your mouth about things that you have no damn clue about.

  63. talk about being touchy, holy shit is liza liberty a bit obsessed with bcfp. as usual liberty fails to understand that i do what i want, and i do not have to answer to such idiots who ramble on talking about shit that is neither here or there. liberty is obviously is very concerned on what i do and why i do them, or they would not be making such stupid comments.

  64. There is other things going on in Bedford County that needs paid attention to. Accept it, Randy Delozier isn’t going to get shut down because some people don’t like hearing the truth. Bill Higgins resigned. There are many different addictions out there going on in Bedford County where people get themselves in trouble on purpose. The message to that is, people are crying out for help and they are getting ignored. Where is the justice at by ignoring those who need that help? All law enforcement have their hands full.

  65. Goodness sakes are we touchy in this group? The intention was not to start another name-calling-free-for-all! Moron and Idiot do seem to be personal favorites. Were you called that as a child eh? Poor laddie I’m sure that must have scarred you. Might try to find less hate filled adjectives uneducated-lacking comprehension -slow learner. You did study English and Grammar, did you not? Interesting that someone felt the need to hack you. What was their intent? Trying to tap your Pay Pal-obtain credit-banking information? That would indeed be a crime, punishable by law enforcement standards, why would you be hesitant to discuss this? I’m sure they must have served time and paid hefty fines, if I’m not mistaken that would be a serious security threat. Question for today is: The First Amendment of the Constitution protects Freedom Of Speech, as a reporter I’m sure that was one of the first things you learned. It is a broad topic and covers Radio-Television-Media Sources- Newspapers and all else which is in print so, why is it that you feel the need to remove comments-create hidden pages-and have multiple identities? Cameraman, Cutting Edge, BCFP, BCFP News Only – I found that to be a locked group. Are there more? Are they fee assessed pages? Is there something you are hiding? While you are within your Constitutional parameters -do you wish to squash the thought process and comments of others? If so, WHY? That seems to teeter on the edge of bias-filtered-and agenda driven motivation. Stifling the rights of your readers could potentially be causing your hater issue-don’t you see?

  66. they seemed to be pretty eager for me to mention the name of the woman who was charged with attempting to hack my facebook page a few years ago. sounded like a trick to me, that woman has not posted in years about me, i do not feel the need to drag her into this. when she has kept her word that she would not mention my name anymore. the haters are the most pathetic idiots out there. i must be doing something right when i piss off all the morons of the county.

  67. Hey Lizzy, do you really think the AG is really concerned over someone being called a moron? Maybe they should spend 20k$ of tax payer money to perform an investigation on whether one is indeed a moron or not? Give me a break. Hey Cameraman!,, where are these Moron’s coming from? Seems like they are hatching out like a crop of lady bugs in the spring! Don’t worry if all they can dig up on you is something that was done 20 years ago, they are indeed lame. SOUNDS like they need to find some new material. Unless they like kicking a horse that’s long dead and buried. As I stated several times before, I do not hold it against anyone that commented when I was at odds with the law. I was indeed called a moron under my mug shot at least once in my life, and you know what I deserved it. Keep digging Scumbags!!! I wander if there is also a shutdown bedford gazzette page, or a shutdown WTAJ page…these people are starting to become my evening entertainment

  68. how immature you sound. this coming from an idiot who does not have the balls to post their real name. your ip address and name is going on the block list, which means your comments go directly into the trash, without me ever seeing them, time to show you why i am the boss, and you are the bitch

  69. You proved my point that you are so deathly scared of a little woman that you don’t have the balls to say her name. Be a man not a chicken.

  70. give it a rest junior. everyone knows who she was, however, when you have the balls to say your real name, then we will talk

  71. You play games like a childish bully but you don’t have the balls to even name the woman who you say was arrested for hacking you. I think you are scared of her.

  72. look at the little children of the corn, how immature to call higgins my master. do you realize how pathetic you sound. life must suck when you are a moron like you are. it must get even worse, when you whine like a little bitch, look how obsessed you idiots are. what is wrong little fella, did your mommy not hold you enough as a kid ?

  73. I don’t see that he has any balls or that he keeps people informed as to what really happens. He doesn’t have the balls to name the people he tries to bash. He plays around with innuendo like a small child but he will never have the balls to name the friends of that Rob guy. As to informed about what really happens he still won’t say one cross word about his master Higgins.

  74. i find it amusing that liza liberty claims the attorney general is watching us for cyber bullying, yet he is ignoring people like rob snyder, john lohr and the rest of the morons who can not deal with reality. my father has been dead for 12 years, he was never the boss over me. i do not, have not, and never will answer to anyone when it comes to how i operated bcfp. anytime the AG wants to question me for crimes you idiots think i committed, all he has to do is show up. i got nothing to hide. unlike bitches like the haters. my guess would be the haters would go down a lot faster then me for cyber bullying so the AG can come get some. i am am not worried

  75. I agree with Mortis and Dragon Force. Camera man is doing a job that nobody has the real balls to do, he calls shit as he sees it and reports it, that’s what a good news reporter does, he reports news, and its too bad that a lot of you haters are just embarrassed or pissed off that he does this.He doesn’t have to do this, and we should all be grateful we have people with balls to keep us informed on what is REALLY going on in Bedford County. So to all u haters and cry babies…BCFP isn’t going anywhere so get used to it.

  76. My goodness! You sir have a flair for journalistic entertainment! All the name calling-bashing-threatening- belittling of these haters by you and your trusty sidekicks: Lawler (is that a play on words?) certainly not a member of PSP, or any state for that matter… and then the lovely RUBY…oh Ruby, don’t take your love to town (guess she didn’t listen to that advice eh?) what’s wrong with Cindy Lou Who? (forgot to take her hormones, eh? Guess that’s the down-side of getting involved with the older, disabled, check collecting woman. DHS? This would almost be amusing if most of the county wasn’t aware that most of what you are degrading other people for, women-child abusers-criminals-lowlifes-retards-morons-(that’s almost comical) but we all KNOW you are exactly everything you profess to hate in others. Ooops I forgot DRUG DEALER! Question for today is…who is going to protect you now that Daddy isn’t the boss? Do you look over your shoulder every day in fear, or is that Ruby’s job? Now that your on your own…dum…dum…dum… do you really think that AG Shapiro isn’t watching you Cyber-Bully people day in and day out? The question remains…whatcha gonna do…whatcha gonna doooo… when they come fer you? Will you tell Daddy’s secrets to save your own miserable soul?

  77. According to the haters anyone who likes BCFP is in a conspiracy with the Cameraman. I won’t be one bit surprised the haters will try and get the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Cupid, and every other fictional character involved in some type of conspiracy with the Cameraman. The haters are running out of people to accuse.

  78. Great job BCFP on being the first to report on two news reports. there is no doubt that the new Bedford County District Attorney is willing to work with BCFP. the Free Press was the first to report that Lesley Childers Potts released the names of the Three Employees she fired. and BCFP were the only one reporting on the school bus accident in Downtown Bedford. It is very impressive that BCFP are also reporting on news from the Office of the Attorney General. i have to wonder will the haters claim that the new D.A. and the Attorney General are now sponsoring BCFP or are in some kind of a conspiracy with the Free Press ?

  79. false statement to law enforcement comes to mind for anyone that would call psp just to make an unfounded allegation because they dislike someone.

  80. Anyone who contacts PSP to bother PSP because someone got a huge end of a broomstick up their rear about Cameraman deserves to be charged with harassment. How many more pawns are going to be used by those retarded haters?

  81. Higgins resigned and Rob Snyder is still trying to “get Higgins out of office”, smh. The boy wonder finally smoked himself stupid.

  82. Bobbin Robbin is trying to convince the followers of the haters page that he knows who is attempting to collect donations in the name of the Bedford Fire Department. trying to convince them to call the State Police and report their suspicions. One has to wonder would the Bobbin one call Police and report on one of his own. there are many suspects that are on the members list on the haters page that could be capable of doing such a thing. like the best friend of the life time sex offender. he stole from his own grandmother. anyone that would steal from their own grandmother would do something like this. another one comes to mind is a two time dui offender. how about a woman who was charged with attempting to hack into the facebook account of BCFP. there are so many of Bobbin Robbin’s friends who are career criminals. would Bobbin Robbin accuse another to cover up for one of his own ?

  83. that does not come as a surprise. snyder is trash always has been. he is a criminal who has never been caught. and it has been 18 days since higgins got arrested and i am still here.

  84. Bobbin Robbin professes to know the identity of the person attempting to secure funds in the name of the Bedford Volunteer Fire Department. Is The Bobbin one protecting one of his criminal friends ? after all he is supporting known sex offenders, women beaters, repeated dui offenders. known heroin abusers. He is known to help his friends commit crimes. The Bedford Police department might want to question Robin Snyder.

  85. Bobbin Robbin has decided not to use his name anymore. and has created a facebook page of his own titled. ” Bedford County in the Year Zero A.H. – After Higgy Ho” One can not mistaken his rants. like his latest one. Now that i called him out he will reappear under his real name with some claim he was on vacation on a deserted island where there was no phone service like he did several years ago. He is still obsessed with the life of another man. below is his latest childish rant. Now i thought the Bobbin one claimed Bill Higgins payed the bills at BCFP. now that he was proven out to be a liar. he is on the search for another one to harass.

    ” Who really pays the bills for the baboon who runs BCFP? There must be some wealthy donor hiding in the shadows. When you determine the who then it would be prudent to look into what they may have to hide badly enough to hand money regularly to a keyboard commando with a third grade education. “

  86. 15 days later, i am still here, and the trash of the county are whining like bitches. so when are they coming to get me ??

  87. First off i would like to say another great job by BCFP for doing a live video on the incident at Arby’s. After reading the comments on Facebook recently by the haters of BCFP. they have stooped to an all time low. 2 people called them out on their actions of bringing up the wife & children of Bill Higgins. I was not aware this county was filled with so many hateful and disrespectful people until i started monitoring the haters page. The trash talking they are doing about the wife of Higgins is disgusting. so to understand correctly what they are say is. when BCFP reports on a crime and attaches a jail picture of the person arrested. according to the haters that is harassing the good citizens of Bedford County. regardless of what they are being charged with. but when Bill Higgins is charged they state he needs to be shamed in public and their comments and ridiculous altered pictures that they post are justified. then to accuse other women of having sex with Higgins to get out of charges without any shred of evidence makes them no better then the people they complain about. and do i really need to remind Christopher Korpowski that you are a registered sex offender who admitted to having sex with underage girls. i think BCFP needs to blast your picture on this page as a reminder of the sexual predator of underage girls that you really are.

  88. 2 weeks since the arrest of bill higgins and i am still here, i still have never been contacted by any law enforcement agency to ask me any type of questions. so when are they coming for me ??????

  89. are you really that stupid that people would trust that worthless p.o.s. he runs around all day gathering local gossip from the locals. that is how he gets his information. people talk in this town, and it trickles down to morons like him, who spend their time sitting in local businesses listening in on people’s conversations. no you will not be coming back, your ip address is being blocked. which means your comment will go straight to the trash without me ever seeing it. people are so pathetic in this town

  90. Are you really stupid enough to not recognize Mr. Lohr has someone in the high up portion of the Law?
    There has to be much more and unlike you I intend to find out. No one without inside help and past Law Experience could possibly be making all these correct statements. Proving your lack of investigative skills will be my Pleasure!
    Will be checking back to make you look like a fool!

  91. oh i believe you know who lohr is. don’t come here acting stupid. lohr is a p.o.s. old man with nothing better to do then stalk and harass people. it was no secret higgins had problems. people have been saying it for years. the fact that lohr stated it 9 months ago means nothing. others said it 1-2-3-4 years ago. he is just now catching up

  92. Have one more question? Who is John F Lohr and how does he find his information? Two years ago he Posted on Facebook that Higgins had problems coming. 9months ago he Posted that 2018 was the Great Shake-up in Bedford County Courthouse.
    Looking into this I have found the following! No record before the Fox incident. Hearing to move his case to the Court of Common Pleas.Every charge against Mr. Lohr was answered by the Warden and his Attorney that they couldn’t prove their charges!
    Why wasn’t his case dismissed? Was the Magistrate involved in keeping him around the Courthouse? Too many unanswered questions?

  93. one more thing. to the sorry ass crybabies, 12 days since higgins got arrested and i am still here. all the talking you whiners did about when he went down. it would be the end of bcfp. i am still waiting

  94. there were not three secretaries. tell you what. you go and find out who really worked there. and when you find out. you can come back here and post it

  95. There is an absolute cry fest happening on the haters page. How sad that grown people whine and cry around about how BCFP operates their website & Facebook page. instead of going to another news outlet. they go to the haters page and cry like little babies. grow up children all the crying in the world is not going to get BCFP shut down.

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