could child stalker rob snyder be running scared ???



  1. The Haters always attempt to turn things around on someone else. now they are whining because they claim i did not help DBI with their event. claiming i just stood by and watched them do the work. were they there to know what i was doing. where they there to even know who i am ? and please provide proof that someone else donated the funds in the name of BCFP to DBI for being one of the sponsors. they always fall short and make themselves look like obsessed fools in the process.

  2. The name, Rob Snyder, is someone who is a “attention hog”… constantly wanting attention. Babbling incoherently in the abyss of boredom. Who cares what BCFP didn’t report on. Here’s something the great almighty attention hog failed to notice-on purpose-is that sometimes the police withhold reports from all news medias. And why won’t the almighty attention hog complain to the Bedford Gazette for not getting the right page number for a continuing of a story? Or don’t the almighty attention hog read the Bedford Gazette?

  3. hell, had i known it would have been that easy to make them start to cry i need to miss reports more often. i have missed plenty of dui’s arrests. i can’t catch everything i am only one person. are they that pathetic that they are now keeping track of which reports i post ? holy shit haters you really need a life. have they complained when the gazette misses a lot of arrests that i report on. are they friends, family or advertisers of the gazette ? did they report on the arrest of the infamous crawley girl, you know the one that was the star witness against higgins. did they mention that she was caught transporting cocaine across the state of texas and was a fugitive for failing to show up for court. the haters have no room to talk when they have not mentioned those cases. i can’t believe how obsessed they are. that really shows their obsession when they are keeping track of the reports i post. until they start reporting everything as well. they can go… well you know the rest

  4. I find it comical that the haters are complaining about BCFP missing a couple of reports from the Bedford Police Department which included a dui from one of their advertisers. their source Waylon Jennings claims they posted other reports from the same day that the police department posted but left out one is not correct. i checked. BCFP got all the ones that were posted in the morning. but did not catch the 3 that were posted 12 hours later in the evening. what is even more interesting is Bobbin Robbin is crying like a baby about it. when the Bobbin one has still never mentioned the drug arrest of the son of one of their own. did they forget about Willis Clark the son of Lisa Irvin doing drugs in front of a small child ? one would think that is much more of a crime then a dui. if BCFP were going to not report on certain crimes. one would also think they would have never reported on the arrest of Bill Higgins and Arron Diehl. there have been many crimes committed by the haters that the Bobbin one has totally ignored. so before the Bobbin one starting throwing stones for not catching a report. he needs to look at his own drug addict friends and ask why he has never mentioned their arrests. i see the Bobbin one is removing comments he made about the gas station burglary ” POOF ”

  5. miller emailed DBI sending her screen shots of what is posted here. she handles it by asking him, when would he like to volunteer to help the community. told him i take pictures for her and shoot videos. she understands all about the haters. i will not be resigning nor will i stop commenting on this page

  6. Another day of the haters complaining about BCFP. Bobbin Robbin was put in his place on their page by a Patricia Ann Fisher. she ripped the Bobbin one to shreds. he tried telling her BCFP were fake news. that they do not tell the truth. Fisher was not buying it. it was comical watching her rip him up. i did see Blake Brallier and James Mcfadden liking posts there today. the haters are coming out of the woodwork. and the Bobbin one acts like he knows who robbed the local gas station. if he knows who did it he should be reporting it to police. but we all know he is full of hot air. he fears women that was proved today when Fisher put him in his place. and Cameraman was is the story with Mark Miller ?

  7. Would the haters like it if there was no one running for the position of District Attorney? That would be the first in history in Bedford County. Not a bad idea at all considering a lot of the haters don’t like ANYBODY who helps put criminals-some of their relatives or themselves-in jail. Just think, sentences could be a “slap on the wrist” for murders, child molesters, bank robbers, drug dealers, etc.

  8. Not bad. i got Bobbin Robbin dancing like a puppet. he just can not get enough of this page. dance Robbin dance ! dance to my every word 😉

  9. he can deny it all he wants. he knows the truth. if is known around everett that snyder likes young men. why do you think he talks about men so much ?

  10. Poor Bobbin Robbin he is still in denial about BCFP being a sponsor for the hot dog eating contest. and did Robbin’s Father catch him stroking another man ? or maybe he stroked his own Father. for he is still obsessed with claiming he knows all about homosexuality acts. i truly believe Robbin’s father made him do things that made Robbin the queen he is today. after all he speaks about homosexuality a lot. and he talks about a master. is that what Robbin calls the male that he spends time with late at night ?

  11. it has been 10 weeks now and i am still here. there is nothing more for me to say. i have done nothing wrong, and i have nothing to hide. the haters can suck it up

  12. Why are the haters still rambling on about BCFP serving jail for unknown crimes that they have dreamed up. are they that delusional that they really have talked themselves into believing that BCFP has committed a crime never mind multiple crimes. i see BCFP is going better then ever. the haters need to take their loss and go home.

  13. I ” saw ” DBI shared another post from the public BCFP page acknowledging that BCFP is one of the 3 sponsors for the 3rd annual Bedford hot dog eating contest. it is my understanding that this event was brought to Downtown Bedford by BCFP. and before the haters start peeing their panties. the fact that DBI shared it without disputing that BCFP was part of the list that read ” presents ” makes it very clear BCFP is one of 3 sponsors for this event. meanwhile on the haters page. they are rambling about masters. snow in june. and complaining about a Santa letter that was not published 7 months ago. the poor meaningless people of the county must be bored to ramble about things that are meaningless.

  14. No names mentioned… wanting to discuss something that isn’t there… someone is REALLY bored… (RME)

  15. It’s all in Bobbin Robbin’s words of how he admits the truth that The Cameraman is BETTER than him. Bobbin Robbin’s jealously of how The Cameraman can turn his life around and yet the Bobbin One can’t seem to get it together of his own life. It’s a pity Bobbin Robbin is stuck in the SAME rut.

  16. Another day of Bobbin Robbin whining about BCFP. today he is worried about how much profit BCFP makes. today he is making allegations of drug use. today he is making comments concerning hygiene. today he is making fun of someone that might stutter. today he is worried about how someone dresses themselves. it is very clear that Bobbin Robbin is in love with another man. not one word about how DBI thanked BCFP for their pictures of the event Saturday. not one word of DBI proving the Bobbin one wrong when he claimed DBI wanted nothing to do with BCFP. Bobbin Robbin is not woman enough to admit the shemale was wrong. what is wrong Bobbin one does the truth hurt ?

  17. they want so much to get rid of me, it eats them alive that there is nothing anyone can do to shut me down. so many people tell me how pathetic they look, crying like a bunch of bitches that we know them to be.

  18. Nice job BCFP on having your pictures displayed on the facebook page of Downtown Bedford Inc. meanwhile on the haters page they used their time to nit pick over the word “saw” & “seen” and spreading gossip concerning BCFP. as well as making threats of violence while advising each other that they should call the police over comments being posted. such childish games being played. keep up the great work BCFP. you are proving them wrong. you seem to be getting more popular as the weeks go by. which is something the haters were not counting on. they see your success and it makes them so mad that they lash out with hate. everyone is laughing at them.

  19. Another day of Bobbin Robbin accusing others of whining when it is he who is the one who can not stop complaining about everything BCFP does. his childish rants are really getting boring. and getting him nowhere. BCFP is going stronger then ever. i was in town today for the event. and i seen Cameraman helping DBI by carrying buckets filled with cement to hold down the tents they were setting up. what i did not see was any known haters there helping DBI. Cameraman was doing his part to help out just like DBI posted earlier this week. i also seen him recording the bed races. and taking pictures. what did the haters do ? they whined all day acting like 3 year old babies.

  20. Just because Deputy Nelson WAS one of the few who WAS helping the AG on investigating Bill Higgins doesn’t mean Deputy Nelson can still use the AG to “power herself up”. The investigation is OVER. Time for Deputy Nelson to turn in her badge and focus on what she screwed up in HER marriage. If former District Attorney Bill Higgins can focus on his family and marriage so can Deputy Nelson. As for Bobbin Robbin, he needs to stop jumping around like a jack rabbit in heat.

  21. pussy rob snyder is the queen of flapping his gums from the safety of his keyboard. the man lacks the balls he claims to have been born with. not sure who he is talking about when he states the sheriff was protecting anyone. IF he is talking about me, he has that wrong. i do not, have have never needed protection from anything or anyone. nobody has the balls to shut me up to begin with. i don’t see any defaming of any sheriff deputy. it is hard to defame someone when they are speaking the truth. it is very comical to see snyder sucking the knob of the very people he has harassed through the years. snyder really does appear to be on his knees taking it all in these days. that little boy rob is such a pussy ass bitch.

  22. Bobbin Robbin is at it again. he has spent years attacking the Sheriff’s office. now all of a sudden he does a turn around and is defending that same Sheriff’s office he has attacked for years. just like he has made fun of Bedford County for years. only to defend the County when it suites him. could it be Bobbin Robbin is friends with one of multiple men that have been between the legs of the Deputy Sheriff he now defends? we know the Bobbin one likes little boys so it can’t be himself. below is his latest obsessed ramblings.

    ” Somebody only flaps his gums from the safety of his keyboard or when he is hiding behind a deputy sheriff. Such a person would probably be well advised to not defame the very people who protect him inside the courthouse where he plays jester. ”

  23. Am i correct in assuming(full well knowing what this word means) that there were no charges filed against Mrs. Nelson? Perhaps disorderly conduct or even a summary harassment charge? I have seen her eyeing inmates very carefully and giving them “the look”. That is the most I can personally attest to, however i have heard many things. Definitely abuse of power, apparently she thinks she can go wherever and whenever she wants, and do whatever she wants. Sure sounds like a power trip, maybe she uses those handcuffs for more than official business? seeing that she likes to be in control all the time

  24. Troy Nelson is quite at catch. What woman wouldn’t want him? Diane Nelson is a pretty woman. What man wouldn’t want her? Diane Nelson needs to cool it. Troy Nelson is allowed to stray since Diane Nelson is allowing herself to stray. Diane Nelson’s controlling is getting out of hand.

  25. Am i the only one that knows what happened at the Bedford County Jail this week ? Deputy sheriff Diane Nelson had to be escorted out of the jail after showing up to confront the newest female officer hired at the jail. Nelson accused the newest female officer of having some kind of a relationship with her husband warden Troy Nelson. Diane showed up while Troy was not there. the Bedford County sheriff had to go to the jail and get diane out of dodge. a memo was put out by the deputy warden that Diane Nelson was not allowed at the jail. the memo was then removed a few hours later. this has been confirmed by several employees that were present when the incident happened. this is clearly abuse of power on the part of deputy sheriff Nelson. had this been anyone else. they would have not made it past the lobby.

  26. Bobbin Robbin wanted the discussion changed. Even though the discussion is not to his liking it’s still a different discussion. Discussing news about his friends is a different discussion. Bobbin Robbin is in “DUH DUH” land.

  27. he is asking about a lazy piece of garbage with a toy camera being out so early ? i don’t recall irvin having a camera that morning. all her cronies did seem to be up pretty early. maybe they were involved with the fire as well. i did find out irvin got an insurance check.

  28. Just look at this mental case Bobbin Robbin. now he is trying to play fire marshal. what a sorry excuse for citizen he is. below is his latest obsessed ramblings concerning a fire that happened in 2016

    ” Why hasn’t anybody asked what a lazy piece of garbage with a toy camera was doing out and about skulking around an early morning fire moments after it started? If I were the investigator the first probable scenarios to cross my mind likely would be that such person was either an accomplice or had been tipped off to be awake and present for “the show”. Who might have tipped off such a lowlife? Might the tipster have immunity for that crime? Things that make you go hmmm.. “

  29. What a demented low life. I know what would happen if someone called me a chet to my face, I can imagine cameraman and Mr. Lawler would give them the same treatment. Although, I must admit it is easy to type away on the keyboard without repercussions. One can sit safely behind a keyboard and spew all the nonsense that he wants in the hopes that he might get someone else to believe him. I declare NO BALLS to those who type threats and accusations from the keyboard. Say it to someone’s face, bitches. I am now starting to believe these imbeciles are willing to try anything at all to discredit and stir up shit.

  30. just because someone else started the fire does not excuse the fact that irvin is a known junkie. her son is willard clark, he did serious time in maryland for shooting at a cop. then when he finally got out. he went right back into drugs. yes, he overdosed while there was a small child in the house, which the incident took place at lisa’s house. she can fool them, but that bitch is not fooling me.

  31. Cameraman, they want you to admit you were wrong. i do not recall you ever stating that it was Lisa Irvin that started the fire. the haters are defending a known druggie. how original is that ? they have defended druggies, child molesters, dui offenders, thieves, if you reported on it. they have defended the accused. i seem to remember you doing a recent report on her son his last name is clark. charged endangering the welfare of a child at her house. for overdosing in the presents of a child.

  32. it has been 9 weeks since the arrest of higgins and i am still here. nobody here to stop me. the haters plan fell through. it was easier to get rid of higgins then it was to get rid of me. that punk ass little bitch robin snyder lied to his misfits. he said when higgins went down so would i. well bitch boy what will your pathetic excuse be now ? you want some, come get some.

  33. lisa irvin is a two bit junkie has been for years. there was a drug war going on over there, and one got arrested for arson, which i reported on today. she is a old used junkie who is hooked on drugs. yes it is true, there has been multiple overdoses at her house, but what do you expect from an old junkie who is damaged goods.

  34. Another day of the haters whining. Lisa Irvin is whining about Arron Diehl getting arrested which by the way is on BCFP. however she is bitching that Cameraman has done nothing but put her down. she forget to tell her friends how there has been multiple drug overdoses at her house. and both her son & daughter have been arrested for drugs recently. she sure does paint a pretty picture for her friends. my how drugs has effected her mind.

  35. boy does this idiot has their facts all twisted up. nothing they stated was correct. sure is funny watching bitches like this post lies that they believe is truth. wonderboy needs to get their facts right, they look like retards posting.

  36. Talk about being obsessed. just take a look at this idiot Ondewall. look at how is trying to instigate anyone into attacking Cameraman. you are wrong mr. Wonderwall i am neither showalter or Cameraman’s girlfriend. keep guessing. below is his latest obsessive rant.

    ” Hhahahaha the balls to jump. Safe to say if I ever jump you’d know it Deloser! and your buddies lawless lawman ain’t able to jump off his chair let alone to back you up. Showalter is he Mortis? Or is that your woman? safe to say they neither one can keep you safe from all the folks you’ve picked on name called and stalked. Looks like you special intersts is youngin’s, you and your fame page with your fan club. HA While it’s ok to look i’d bet its safe to say you do more than look. You and your buddies think your like your old boss. gonna have a hard time keepin up with him tho he was bangin all the youngin’s he could. Me I think you and your buddy’s are jealous. You got an OLD old lady prolly not much action there you gutless punk. she know you like little young girls? does lawless lawman have a wife does she know? what about scrawny showalter? ain;t nothin touchin that sh*tbag but hisself. Ya’ll laugh at me all you want. Leat I have a good job I take of me and mine not like you. I was glad to hear your wife finally kicked your bum azz out on to the street where you belong. Dirty lazy no working bum? what kinda man mooches off there sick wife and cheats on her with another mans wife. Your the lowest of the low. you got no room to judge. God sees what you do and there will be a tonement for your sins. You can bet your fugly azz on that! “

  37. It is amusing seeing them state how obsessed we are with them. when they are commenting on a page titled ” Shut Down Bedford County Free Press ” they are so consumed with BCFP they create fake names, then change those fake names. they comment on everything think BCFP does. they screen shot posts from the News page and posts it on their page. they create rumors in a sad attempt to make BCFP look bad. meanwhile they have no comment concerning the borough council and DBI recognizing the 10 year anniversary of BCFP being in business. mean while the Bobbin one is posting comments like the one below

    ” It’s really a shame not everybody can afford steak and shrimp. I’ve even heard some beggars, bums, and other assorted lazy trash exist on a frozen fish stick and mac-n-cheese budget while looking down their noses at others. “

  38. i was there around that time talking to mr. jury. however i was not harassing him. so maybe it was snyder that was there trying to rob the man. they are all talk. they don’t have the guts to jump

  39. So i was right. Fred Hinkle hid in his vehicle while he was parked at weis. Cameraman, he first posted at 11:51 am. and Bobbin Robbin is all over this page. they accuse us of being obsessed. yet they are the ones who keep proving how obsessed they are. Oliver Doolittle changed their name to Waylon Jennings. and this Francis Levi Ondewall sounds like a real winner. trying to get anyone to attack the Cameraman. they all sound like a bunch of pussies making threats to assault someone. do any of them have the balls to jump ?

  40. Fred Hinkle posted on the haters page that he seen someone harassing the panhandler at walmart . my question is why was Bobbin Robbin not at work. why was he at Walmart harassing someone. and why would Hinkle not pull over and get out of his vehicle to go over and make sure the panhandler was fine ? why did he run home and post it on facebook ? is Hinkle a coward ? was he scared of the Bobbin one ? and why after all this time of defending the panhandler was Bobbin Robbin even there. was he taking the money away from the panhandler. is the panhandler the father or uncle of the Bobbin one ?

  41. Bobbin Robbin has the nerve to defend panhandlers when he accuses others who has a job of not working. he also has some nerve to quote bible verses about judging others when the hypocrite known as Bobbin Robbin judge’s people that own a business as not having a real job. this guy is so blinded by hate he does not see how people are laughing at his childish rants.

  42. I was right on the money, Bobbin Robbin changed the conversation to his egotistical self. The old chap never fails to admit the truth in his own “sophisticated’ words.

  43. i have been asked multiple times how a person that does not own a business make a contribution to bcfp. i give people the option to donate. what the hell is the big deal. yet they say nothing about a guy who holds a sign at walmart claiming to be down on his luck begging for money. i had someone tell me they offered the guy $100 to mow their grass which would have taken him several hours. the sign holder turned down the offer, stating he makes more money holding a sign and it is less work. i also find it funny that kerry hershberger’s own father thinks his son is nothing but trash. i have talked to him many times in town. since i know that giving people the option to donate upsets snyder. i will have to make sure i post that information more often.

  44. Bobbin & his boyfriend kerry are still obsessed over BCFP. the love birds are posting very childish rants. my question is why are the haters obsessed with BCFP accepting donations. i know a few people who run business ads because they want to contribute to BCFP because of the public service they provide the County. and there a a few people that would like to contribute that do not own a business. they have inquired about how to contribute to BCFP for all the service they provide. how do the haters consider it begging for money when all they are doing is giving those that don’t own a business a way to contribute. i have never seen a group of people so obsessed with every move another makes. i noticed they are ignoring Downtown Bedford Inc thanking BCFP for their great work. the haters are so jealous it is killing them. i love it !!

  45. It is truly sad sitting back watching the haters group speculate and worry about why BCFP does the things they do. It is like the old picture they had years ago. of a pack of dogs sitting around a table smoking cigars and playing cards. You know it is not real but a funny scene never the less. imagine if you would. a group of adults creating fake facebook accounts in order to post on a page that was created to police a news page only to violate the same rules they are complaining about in the first place. BCFP must be doing something right when the group of haters have to make multiple accounts to hide their identity so people do not know the real person behind all the obsessive behavior coming from so called adults. if they would not whine like children. BCFP would not need people like me to point out just how many whiners this county really has.

  46. I recall months ago bobbin robbin stating that DBI wanted nothing to do with BCFP and they threw BCFP out of their office. looks like DBI proved the Bobbin ONE out to be the liar we all know him to be. Congratulation BCFP on your 10 year anniversary. below is what DBI posted on their facebook page.

    ” Congratulations to Randy Delozier for 10 years in business as Bedford County Free Press. Randy serves on 3 DBI committees and is always ready to lend a helping hand setting up/tearing down for our events, taking pictures or video, and helping to promote our great town of Bedford. Randy…..Thank you for being a friend of DBI and we look forward to many more years of a great partnership. Congratulations on 10 years! “

  47. Everyone knows Oliver Doolittle is a fake name. Before Oliver Doodoo does a number in his pants, I’m not saying I’m not going under a different name, that is visible. The quantity of Oliver’s information is about down to a zero.

  48. Cameraman, Rob will twist it and say that is not what he meant and call someone stupid, because it was not what he meant. Not anyone’s fault Rob got it right about himself..His own words are clear and not blurry.

  49. so rob snyder finally admits that he has been spreading gossip and lies about bcfp. he is on the right road to recovery. but with most addicts. it will not last long. and i predict snyder will have a relapse and will fall off the wagon real soon.

  50. Rob Snyder, as quoted: “If you have done something wrong and feel guilty about it, you will be uncomfortable and want to confess even if no one accuses you of wrongdoing.”I

    Alas I do believe we are watching this very concept play out in recent days. A guilty conscience is unwittingly exposing itself despite the fact I have accused no one. I am but a simple teller of tales, spinner of yarns, practicing my craft for the enjoyment of all. Lessons here are free yet may ultimately come at quite a high price. You’re welcome.

    I praise you, old boy. Your guilty conscience got the best of you. Admitting you tell tales for your enjoyment takes a lot of guts and no one forced you, Rob Snyder, to admit the truth..telling the truth didn’t kill you at all like you thought it would.

  51. snyder is a complete moron, i never stated i did anything illegal, yet again he likes to twist things that are posted around to suit him. anytime the AG wants to speak with me my number is 814-977-8305 i am not hard to find. i will be the one reporting the facts in bedford county.

  52. Let me say on another note, first of all, that I love reading your BCFP all news only facebook page and the comments. But for the love of god, I wish some of the readers would read the other comments on the post before they post their own. I have seen the same questions asked and answered several dozen times or more. It is no wonder cameraman and Mr. Lawler are getting worn out from all the postings.

    Alrighty I am done with My Rant, and I know its a thankless job, but thank you for the great coverage on the Higgins Case. I learned alot more about it from the beginning by reading your pages than I did from the others, including the gagzette and even the TV stations from Johnstown and Altoona.

  53. Poor Bobbin Robbin he posted a link to this very page on the facebook page of the Attorney General claiming Cameraman admitted to crimes linked to Bill Higgins. the Bobbin one and several Bedford County residents are crying like little spoiled brats including Sharon Wilson, Dan Harnish, Jay Ebersole, just to name a few. they are demanding justice. and attempting to drag BCFP into the Bill Higgins case. it is very amusing watching them throwing a temper tantrum like children. they need a sign that reads ” caution children whining “

  54. I stand educated on the subject, it sure does shed some light on the actions of Kerry and Robin. It sure lends itself to understanding their homosexual tendencies…scary.

  55. Of all the things going on, Oliver DooDoo, is complaining his post disappeared..Retirement must be boring.

  56. of course he wants to change the subject, he was wrong, as always, the AG rolled the dice and came up a little short. just like the beast wilson, she nearly got arrested yesterday at the courthouse, flapping her gums. she has turned into the sow that snyder like to call people.

  57. The unknown one, Bobbin Robbin, has yet to relax his fingers. The keyboard commando is way out of his league. Bobbin Robbin wants the subject to change, because he can’t stand seeing the words of truth about some things he didn’t want to happen. Bobbin Robbin can’t have it all his way..his way never worked for him.

  58. AG Josh Shapiro’s video sounds more like he’s video campaigning. Leaving out what the AG wanted isn’t a good call on his part if he wants re-elected. The voters want someone who will explain it all and not leave out certain parts, even if it looks bad to the public. Withholding information to the public isn’t what the voters want.

  59. soundman, kerry hershberger is a male which really explains his deep love for snyder who’s real name is robin snyder, interesting two males with female names who stroke each other’s fragile ego.

  60. For someone who is a BCFP hater Oliver Doolittle has 7 BCFP pages listed on his shortcuts. The real world of technology and Facebook, got to love it.

  61. What happened to all the jail time everyone claimed Bill Higgins would be sentenced to ? the haters group keep harping on the fact that Higgins took a plea deal because he knew he would lose. When was the last time any one of you ever seen the Attorney General accept a plea deal at an arraignment ? after a 4 year investigation the office of the Attorney General approves a plea deal involving 31 counts that includes no jail time and agrees that they also can not file any new charges against Higgins. and the haters really believe the Attorney General had a solid case ? and these people think the Attorney General will go after BCFP ? when they screwed up their own case against Higgins. they want to stay far away from Bedford County. we have seen the last of the Attorney General here in Bedford County.

  62. Oliver Doolittle: ” BCFP is spinning it trying to make it sound like the AG was desperate to accept a plea deal because the AG’s case was falling apart. If the case was falling apart then why accept the plea deal?” Turning on selective sight must be a way for Doolittle to spin it to his liking. The proper way, Doolittle, to find out why the AG accepted the plea deal is to ask 1 simple question that is not “spinning it”..Why didn’t the AG say no to the plea deal?

  63. She must not be stroking too much, if he has all this time to worry about what you are eating. I almost had my beverage coming out of my nose. Who concerns themself about another man’s meal? I am not really concerned with what my neighbors, family, or facebook friends are eating on a daily basis. SMH! for real! I have concluded that he is either an obsessive stalker, that watches your every move and probably has pictures of cameraman in his bedroom, or else a really weird admirer that dreams of the life of another man.

  64. all the work ?? they got arrested and i reported on it. the witnesses were the down fall of the AG case. why do you think they agreed to a plea deal so fast. they did not want to take this case to trial. they found out first hand the witnesses were not victims as he painted them. the haters got what they wanted, they wanted higgins out of office, and he is. however, he did not get the jail time they were hoping for.

  65. Oliver Doolittle is “working” overtime. Oliver Doolittle is quoted: “All that work Randy and Ruby did to discredit the witnesses was all in vain.” Randy and Ruby discredit? Oliver Doolittle has a lot of time on his hands to talk about a staff member and the staff member’s speeding ticket, but has very little time to pay attention..some of the witnesses discredited themselves, not Randy or Ruby.

  66. so higgins pled guilty to all charges, in exchange he will not spend one day in jail. and that beast sharon wilson was there doing a report for shutdown, and attempted to start a fight with me. but the i did not fall for the shemale’s tactics. she was pissed. all the talk about higgins going to jail was shot down in flames. you can thank the state’s witnesses. they did this, by getting into trouble

  67. So much drama over a speeding ticket. It’s not like the staff member got convicted of murder. Dolittle(fitting name for someone who doesn’t do much in life), is trying to take over Bobbin Robbin’s title of a Drama Queen.

  68. Oliver Doolittle would have people believe that people posting here are obsessed with Bobbin Robbin and that we were posting about him all weekend. funny Doolittle fails to tell everyone that I personally was responding to the Bobbin one’s obsessive behavior. for if the Bobbin one would never comment about BCFP. I would never have to point out his stupidity. furthermore. Doolittle has the nerve to accuse others of being obsessed. when he has to post that a BCFP staff member got pulled over for speeding and received a warning. sounds to me like Doolittle is obsessed himself. below are his comments.

    ” Wow! Talk about being obsessed and pathetic. Mortis, Cameraman, and Soundman were all busy through the entire holiday weekend obsessing over Rob Synder. At least ole Oliver has better things to do on a long weekend. Who are the pathetic ones? ”

    ” So John Lawler post a “public service announcement” that the PSP would be out enforcing speed limits and looking for aggressive drivers and tailgaters. He said to watch your speed on all state highways. Apparently one of BCFP’s own staff members did not get the memo. The staff member got stopped on I-99 in the 55 mph zone and claimed they did not realize I-99 was not 70 mph all the way. Huh? GIGANTIC 55 mph signs with orange triangles on them. Just how does one miss those? It has ALWAYS been 55 mph through there. Apparently the know-it-all staff member got off with a warning. No citation issued. Some people will never learn. ”

    ” This was the 55 mph zone thru Altoona. It takes a really big mouth to stick that lead foot into. “

  69. Bobbin Robbin, the unknown one, has no room to talk. As much as he eats I’m not surprised he describes food like it’s going out of style. Speaking of style, Bobbin Robbin is in a class all by himself, a class-ic asshole.

  70. from what i am being told hershberger strokes a lot more then snyder’s ego. and how pathetic is snyder to worry about where i go and what i am eating. i see he only picked one of the the many food side dishes that we prepared over the weekend. he really makes himself look so lame with his crybaby comments. he does dance to my ever command. which makes me laugh. dance rob dance !

  71. Bobbin Robbin lives to see what is posted on BCFP next. the poor little guy just can not admit when he is wrong. he is so obsessed with the life of another man. you can see the jealousy oozing from his sad little comments. below is his latest attempt to make fun of someone he claims does not have the resources to do anything in life. good job BCFP at making the Bobbin one dance like a puppet. and kerry hershberger stroking the Bobbin one’s ever so fragile ego.

    Bobbin Robbin said : ” Ahh the annual pilgrimage of the rich and famous who trek the thirty odd miles down 220 to world renowned Cumberland for a long weekend pic-a-nic sans basket of crashing on the couch of a begrudging acquaintance between opportunities to belly up to the food trough and dine on the finest hot dogs and deep fried turkey gizzards in all the land. Such sumptuous cuisine can only be found in the wildest dreams of mere commoners unfit to travel in the circles of the businessman. Mere mortals dare not fantasize of three whole days in far flung lands. It is surely a lifestyle which the peasants shall forever aspire to but never quite attain in the workaday lives. ”

    Kerry Hershberger said: ” Lmmfao!! Omg man this is funny. Lol ”

    Bobbin Robbin’s reply : ” Thank you. Thank you very much. I’ll be at the airport lounge Thursday nights all summer preaching the gospel and spinnin’ yarns ’bout the rich and famous of the fabled land of Bedrock. “

  72. snyder is a bitch. if i am so broke i must have imagined spending several relaxing days in cumberland this weekend. had a great time, ate at jin’s Asian cuisine, stopped in at coney island for their famous hotdogs, deep fried a turkey with all the Delicious side dishes, like Tortellini salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, fried turkey liver and gizzards with honey mustard dipping sauce, smoked garlic bread knots,apple harvest cake. went to a cruise in. spent three nice evening in a nice location within cumberland with great friends. even traveled back to bedford county in that time to pick up my police faxes to keep the county informed. life is good when you own your business. so snyder you little bitch. you can bite me 🙂

  73. How completely immature & obsessed Bobbin Robbin is with BCFP.. i called him a weasel and he goes on a child’s tantrum. posting a picture of a weasel and whining about BCFP even on a holiday. well Bobbin Robbin i will call you out of your childish behavior even on a holiday. i did notice you ignored my questions as to how BCFP is operating all these years if you claim they make no money from ads and video services. below is Bobbin’s latest childish rant

    ” Another of God’s little critters that is far cuter than a DeLOSER. Truth be told all of God’s animals look better than that crime family. This little fella is smarter and works harder too so he earns the spotlight today as “Intellectually, Ethically, and Hygienically Superior to an Unwashed DeLOSER”. #weasel #nobegginghere #yourewelcome If you feel some oft overlooked cute little critter is also deserving of this award feel free to nominate them for future presentations. #waawaawandee #DeLOSER #cesspooldweller #trash #convictedchildabuser #convicteddrugdealer #convictedstalker #wifebeater #deadbeat #malcontent #smirkingvagina #courthousejester #Bedford #puppet #cindylouwho #flatbroke #nogasmoney #foodpantrythief #begsformoneywhilebashingwalmartguyforsame #coward #gutlessyellowturd #keyboardcommando “

  74. I am not aware that Bobbin Robbin The Drama Queen of Bedford County did anything for anyone to be taking credit for whatever he believes he has done. this sorry excuse of a weasel is so full of himself it is sicking. below is his latest childish ramblings.

    ” You’re welcome good people of Bedford County. Hope you enjoyed their fireworks. “

  75. as for livengood i believe he has already excused himself from the higgins case, for the hearing on 05/30/2018 is in front of judge ling in courtroom 2. and you are right rob snyder does not have the balls to walk up to me and introduce himself. he claims to have been at events i attended and hid in the crowd. i did enjoy myself in Cumberland today. recorded a cruise in and enjoyed dinner at jin’s Asian cuisine with friends. that was a lot better time then to spent time in centerville where the trash gathered.

  76. Wow…I have nothing wrong with Religion, Bibles, etc. I will leave my own beliefs out of it. But regardless, I do wish people would “BE ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE ABOUT”. Don’t pretend to be a religious christian on one post, and exactly the opposite on the other. I have seen it many times, in this case perhaps a touch of BiPolar or multiple personalities. I know SOME of the truths about Higgins, but perhaps a change of venue would be in order, if it were to go to trial I feel there would be those that have already made up their minds that he is guilty and a few that will say he is innocent regardless of the testimony that is heard in court. I really want him to be punished for those things that he did, however I do not want to see him penalized for things he did not do. As far as livingood, he could always claim a “Conflict of Interest” or whatever the legal term is for that. ONE LAST THING…I was thinking about the comment I replied to yesterday…That indeed sounded as a threat towards cameraman, if he were to show up in Centerville. Now, just suppose something, even a small thing was to happen to cameraman in Centerville. He just posted evidence against himself making The number one suspect Bobbin. To Quote the most famous man in the world, “I don’t always do stupid things, but when I do, I post them on social media so that I can be charged for it” I fully believe him to be a keyboard commando, who wouldn’t even have the balls to even look cameraman in the eye(or camera lens)

  77. they don’t welcome trash ? really ? is that why they have truck driving women abusers who stalk women, working for them ? or how about people who think their money can buy their family out of dui’s. or their drunken daughter’s is a well known cocaine user. or how about one of their own daughter’s exchanging sexual favors for drugs, and getting paid to perform oral sex on a few men in the valley. yes such an upstanding community centerville is. oh the secrets of the valley are not as secret as they would like people to believe.

  78. Bobbin Robbin is at it again this morning with his childish ramblings of a little boy with no life. below are his comments concerning why he can not tell BCFP what events to cover. i have the rest of my life Bobbin one to show the County the obsessed little boy you are. below are his 3 comments

    ” As we all knew #waawaawandee is a gutless coward scared to set foot in Centerville. He is scared of his own shadow. He can make all the excuses he wants but it comes down to him being a gutless yellow turd. FACT. ”

    ” It will be okay little fella. I won’t be in Centerville so no need to hide behind your sow’s tent of a dress and cry. Even now as you know that you’re still too much of a gutless coward to be anywhere near Centerville. You know very well trash like you isn’t welcome. ”

    ” Is him [sic] skeered of a little girl? “

  79. You hit the nail on the head Soundman. this was posted by Bobbin Robbin along with posting bible verses in an effort to belittle others. he sure does like accusing people of being on welfare and not working. which leads me to question his upbringing. was his own father a welfare bum ? and he is lashing out those who work and make a living. he will say what BCFP does is not work. yet it appears they sell advertisements and offer a video service in which i personally know people who have purchased dvd’s of certain events from BCFP. did you know that single people with no young children to support can not get cash assistance ? which leads me to my next question. just how does the oh holy Bobbin one think BCFP who are starting their 10th year is able to keep his business running all this time. it takes money to keep a website running like paying for the domain name each year. paying for the hosting fees each month. gas in your vehicle to attend all these events that he covers. those are just a few questions that makes the comments the Bobbin one posts look very shameful. i will continue to expose the obsessed behavior and the stupidity of the hater group. below is two comments from Bobbin Robbin

    this comment is the Bobbin one’s response to someone asking if livengood will preside over the higgins case

    ” One does have to wonder what they’re thinking allowing this to occur in the county let alone be presided over by any of the local judges.

    I have heard many folks around town who are troubled that he could be “judged” by what many of them view as his complicit co-conspirators. They are not convinced that any one man could have done the things he has been accused of without many other people, absolutely including judges and magistrates, either willfully turning a blind eye or worse being personally involved. Granted that is all speculation but as old farmers say round these here parts “if it looks like cow shit and smells like cow shit there’s a pretty good chance it’s cow shit”.

    I believe this may be an occasion for folks to call that hotline number provided by the AG and urge them to strongly consider a change of venue. 724-332-7252″

    this comment the Bobbin one posted along with a screen shot of a bible verse

    ” Excellent advice for the lazy bum and thing he shacked up with. The able bodied welfare trash among his band of idiots would do well to read it too. It wouldn’t hurt “mister Bible and a cup of coffee each morning” to peruse it either. “

  80. I don’t know or care if Bobbin thinks i am funny. I know most of his crew are keyboard warriors, but out of curiosity I wander if he, or they, have been badgering the state police and or the attorney general in a vain attempt to try to stir the pot? Those poor PCO’s that take the calls at the barracks. Probably thinking…again? You better watch your back, …I mean Butt… cameraman It sounds like they wouldn’t be the ones to confront you face to face in Centerville…however, they might be ones to try to sneak up on you from behind. (If you get my drift)

  81. Man those haters are truly lunatics. Hey MO-RONS its 10 years and BCFP is STILL here. Its been 7 weeks and Randy is still here. No contact by the DA or the AG. What is the reason for the delay geniuses????? If Randy admitted to such crimes why hasn’t he been interviewed? Arrested? Wheres all the evidence?? The ONLY thing Robin is good at is bobbin……

  82. i will say it in a way snyder will understand. i would not give any free coverage to such trash. and i do not follow orders from trash like the millers or snyder.

  83. Bobbin Robbin is at it again on this Friday evening. trying to get Cameraman into going to Centerville. how pathetic is this sad little man with no life to be so childish. below he is latest ramblings.

    ” Ten bucks the coward with the toy camera doesn’t record those fireworks because he is too scared to be seen down in Centerville. He will have any number of excuses but everybody will know the real reason. He is a gutless little boy. ”

    ” It should be a nice evening with your family now that you know the obnoxious trash won’t be there. ”

    ” Of course we all know the coward will try to find somebody else to shoot it for him. No dice. Unequivocal proof he was too cowardly to go down there himself unless his footage includes his fugly mug and a copy of a Gazette dated May 26, 2018 alongside that empty noggin. Are you man enough or are you the gutless yellow turd everybody knows you to be? “

  84. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, oh my god snyder has finally went over to the dark side. what a moron. if the attorney general wanted to speak with me, he had the golden opportunity at the press conference to do so. i was never involved in any illegal acts with higgins. if mr. attorney general wants to speak with me. i am not hard to find. oh wait, let me guess. he did not know that was me at the press conference. even though i had my bcfp shirt and ballcap on just for him. snyder can tell his sad pathetic story walking. what a little obsessed bitch he is.

  85. Great job BCFP on the bank robbery Coverage. and I love what you have done with the website for Memorial Day. yet again the delusional Bobbin Robbin is creating lies to sooth his ever so fragile ego. only a moron like himself would take Cameraman’s comment as admitting to committing illegal acts. yet again he is calling me cindylouwho. the poor little man has not had a woman in so long he thinks everyone is a woman. thanks for the laugh concerning the Attorney General. of course you are not going to address it anymore. you look like a complete jackass with your comments. and good grief Charlie Brown what is up with Jack McGee he is watching to many day time television. below are both of their sad comments.

    Bobbin Robbin says : Apparently #cindylouwho and #waawaawandee aren’t yet satisfied that everybody understands he did make an unexpected admission. It’s right there in black and white with nice little red underlines added to assist the intellectually challenged. No amount of whining about cropping will be humored as all relevant facts are intact and crystal clear for the honest adults among us. This shall be the final time I explain this for the slow ones. Unless the man who admitted his illegal activity is ready to put his full confession in writing to be provided to the AG any further whing by he or his girlfriend will be just that and nothing more, whining. If he is ready to finally be a man and make a full admission of his crimes I am quite certain the AG would be willing to take that meeting.

    Jack McGee says : Will Dwayne and Randy make up? Will Dwight Diehl find Randy’s tears in his beer? Will it be revealed that the man at the Walmart intersection is really Mortis trying to make friends? Will the bcfp ask for even more donations? Will it again be stated that the haters make him stronger? Will the Soundman succeed in comic relief? Will there be another “go ahead and sue bcfp” challenge? Tune in next week to “As The bcfp World Turns” for all of these answers and more drama

  86. It is nice to know that Bobbin Robbin dances to my every command. he was forced to post Cameraman’s entire comment. however the Bobbin one is still drunk drinking his own urine. with each day that goes by he continues to make a complete ass out of himself. he still believes that Cameraman admitted to crimes in his comment. he still believes the Attorney General is going after Cameraman. this guy is really living in a different reality. he wants BCFP gone so bad he is believing his own lies that he creates to make himself feel better. he still believes i am this woman he calls cindylouwho. I have never seen one man jealous of another the way the Bobbin one is of Cameraman. good job BCFP of being the first one to report on the woman from New Paris having sex with a student. it seems BCFP were at least 9 hours ahead of WJAC. i wonder how BCFP are still getting those reports without Higgins ? there is a project for you oh Bobbin one. tell us how he is getting those reports before the other media outlet’s do. you used to blame that on Higgins. who are you going to blame now ?. The Bobbin one is like a broken record he keeps saying the same thing he has been saying for the last 7 years. the poor little girly man is so obsessed with another man.

  87. Just when you think Bobbin Robbin can not get any lower. how sad of a person he is to crop out only the part he wants his group of haters to see of Cameraman’s statement from this morning. he cropped it to where it looks like Cameraman admitted to committing illegal acts with Bill Higgins. and the sadder part is. his followers believe every word the Bobbin one states. the haters have spent the day complaining about BCFP. how sad of a life they must have to complain about BCFP all day long and crop screen shots so it goes with their agenda. just to remind everyone. below is the unedited version of the comment made by Cameraman. not the cropped version.

    ” it has been 7 weeks since higgins got arrested and resigned. and i still have not heard one word from any law enforcement agencies regarding my involvement in illegal activity connected to higgins. no interviews, no phone calls, no certified letters to appear in front of a grand jury. nothing from the attorney general, FBI,CIA, Canadian Mounties. could it be the haters ran their mouth concerning something they knew nothing about. i will continue to remind people as the weeks turn into months, and the months turn into years. ”

    below is the cropped version posted by Bobbin Robbin via a screen shot. yes he cropped it right after the word no.
    ” it has been 7 weeks since higgins got arrested and resigned. and i still have not heard one word from any law enforcement agencies regarding my involvement in illegal activity connected to higgins. no interviews, no”

  88. maybe she is feeling guilty because her own friends are pointing the finger at her these days involving a fatal drug overdose.

  89. I would like to add that Cindy McGill posted that her daughter thought about taking her own life. and Bobbin Robbin replied that Cameraman would be the type that would goad her into trying. yet it is Bobbin Robbin who has wished death upon Cameraman multiple times. and never said anything about someone posting on this very page trying to goad Cameraman to commit suicide. if her daughter was thinking about that. maybe it is because she is feeling guilty about something these days.

  90. I find it laughable that Oliver Doolittle is attempting to turn things around on everyone else for his obsessive behavior towards BCFP. for he is the one that feels the need to post screen shots of what is being posted from the pages of BCFP. but enough about Doolittle. Bobbin Robbin i sure how you have proof of your claims that someone is defrauding welfare and disability. I am sure you have reported this person and you can post their charges that was filed based on you reporting them right ? it is very touching you giving Cindy McGill advise it nearly made me cry. however you have one thing right. you do not know her daughter. so you might want to research that one. you might be surprised. you stated she has a bright future ahead of her. well Bobbin Robbin that is an understatement. it seems a lot of people already know what she is about and what she would do for what she wants.

  91. it has been 7 weeks since higgins got arrested and resigned. and i still have not heard one word from any law enforcement agencies regarding my involvement in illegal activity connected to higgins. no interviews, no phone calls, no certified letters to appear in front of a grand jury. nothing from the attorney general, FBI,CIA, Canadian Mounties. could it be the haters ran their mouth concerning something they knew nothing about. i will continue to remind people as the weeks turn into months, and the months turn into years.

  92. I was not aware that only BCFP can challenge someone to sue them. twisting things around might work for the flakes on your hater’s page. but they will not work here. will they now say that ” Soundman ” is also Myself or Cameraman ? i find it comical that they come here like a bunch of addicts to see who is posting what. the Poor haters are working overtime in trying to figure out just who is who on this page. meanwhile Bobbin Robbin is still dreaming about a cinylouwho. perhaps sitting in front of your TV set naked watching videos of the grinch cartoons while fondling yourself might help your obsession. It is really humorous reading the Bobbin one accusing others of whining about McGill when it was her that first posted anything. none of us would know who she is if she had not begin to cry about BCFP. try not to be confused little boys & girls of the hater’s club. i am Mortis. Cameraman is Camerman and Soundman is Soundman.

  93. I just have to weigh in on this one, if only for comic value. I guess the Hulk sightings are down if Jack McGee is now on the hunt for BCFP. Perhaps he does share some of the REAL Jack McGee’s behaviors, such as being overly obsessive about one man in this case. But at the end of the day he might get a glimpse of his prey, but never actually get the chance to use his camera or get an interview. Lawsuit, HA, i cannot think of any news outlet ever being successfully sued at any time. Perhaps it is time to turn the dogs loose, because i am calling bullshit on their willingness or ability to even attempt to file such a suit. Maybe the dogs can help you find a clue!

  94. cindy mcgill is a flake job, she contacted me whining about things i never said. and when she did not get what she wanted out of me she went on the attack. did i mention she is from centerville, that would explain everything. anytime she wants to take me to court over things i never posted. i welcome the challenge.

  95. Cindy Mcgill is on the haters page rambling on about Cameraman slandering someone. I have been following the All News Only Page and i have not seen Cameraman slander anyone with that last name. there was a Mcgill who commented involving a drug overdose and she was using foul language to another female and got kicked off the page. Bobbin Robbin finally showed his cards. he believes i am the girl friend of Cameraman. that is the funniest thing i have seen him write for a while. Sorry to burst your bubble however you got me confused with someone else. I have seen him accuse just about everyone that posts here of being either Cameraman or his girlfriend. Jack McGee you are just plain boring. you are lost in the 70s. I would think it would be worth suing someone even if they did not have anything just to win a judgment against him. i say Bobbin Robbin is full of shit when he tells McGill she could win a law suit against BCFP. i say put up or shut up. i say if Bobbin Robbin can post lies about BCFP. then BCFP could post the cold hard reality of the people that live in this county. There is only one way to prove me wrong oh Bobbin one. take BCFP to court !

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