could child stalker rob snyder be running scared ???



  1. John Lohr is again whining today about nobody wanting to discuss anything on this link. he stated he tried to bring up topics on this link. and now claims BCFP is a lie. the reason nobody responded to Lohr is because nobody wants to chat with an unstable old man. there is a lot of discussion going on when it comes to the local news posted on the all news only page. Lohr can not take the fact that nobody wants to talk to him here. and compares this link to the all news only page. and again Lohr brings up someone who no longer works in this county as a District Attorney. Lohr is still living in the past.

  2. All is quiet… not a peep from a ‘mouse’… The ‘drama team’ has taken a long break… dance puppet… dance…

  3. the voting is right now at 716-77 for keeping things the way they are. and nobody has been removed for voting either way. rob snyder is just jealous that the poll proves yet again that people like my reporting style.

  4. Bobbin Robbin is busy this evening whining about BCFP and their numbers and the voting that is going on, on the all news only page. so i have a question for Cameraman. how is the voting going and has anyone been removed from the page for voting to just be your average news outlet. like Bobbin Robbin is claiming ?

  5. there is no SGT from hollidaysburg investigating me, there is nothing to investigate. the old man is going to get himself hurt and in trouble if he comes looking for trouble. i have been told i can defend myself from such attacks. and trust me, the old man will be sorry he came looking

  6. I love how the old man is making a totally jerk of himself… Me, knowing full well, law enforcement officers have excellent eyesight… The old battle ax thinks he has Cameraman wrapped around his pinkie…

  7. i got it. the old man sure does not know the law very good. nor does he know anything about fines. the fine he is quoting is a game violation crime. that is not what his fine will be when he faces criminal charges. for a premeditated attack. i don’t need video proof. i have the hundreds of screen shots from his hundreds of threats he has made over the past year. he seems to forget just how much he commented about attacking me. he sealed his own fate when he did that. he will learn the hard way. and law enforcement already told me. i can defend myself from his attacks by any means. so he better thing before he does something that will get him into major trouble in more ways then one

  8. John Lohr is yet again making threats to attack Cameraman. i sent you the screen shot Cameraman to keep in your collection.

  9. The gull of some people who keep proving they are two-faced… I will have to tell it like it is to stupid in great detail… When you post on your own Facebook page to tell people vulgarity is not tolerated you’re not setting a good example when you post on another Facebook page that is full of vulgarity…, people talking about oral sex…, people obsessed with butts and such…, and using your page name to post there… doesn’t make you trustworthy… Before you claim someone is small minded… take an intelligent look at your own life… because you have no room to talk.

    Vulgarity from small minded people will not be tolerated here.

  10. When numbers multiply many times over of how many people like Bedford County Free Press… on Facebook… the numbers don’t lie… No matter how stupid puts it… it’s all about how many people who LOVE Cameraman’s up-to-date news… Get over the fact The Bedford Gazette is living the slow Bedrock ages of news reporting… Websites are faster… And trees get cut down for paper news that is like snail mail… Even I know all the haters don’t want to see repeats of the news from The Bedford Gazette after reading what Cameraman posted from the faxes from the Police… Me, knowing full well, Bedford County Free Press is the haters #1 news source… The haters keep proving it every chance they get… Which falls into the “dance puppet dance…”

    When the numbers don’t add up you know he is lying to you again.

  11. that is like saying, 25% of the people that live in bedford county come out and vote every election day. the other 75% of the residents are not real people, because they do not vote.

  12. The new hater page is retarded… Including the person who is the “speaker”… Never heard of fake numbers… As I recall all teachers in school teach kids how to count with real numbers… And the retarded “speaker” can’t comprehend that some people don’t vote… Which means numbers are real… not fake… Considering the people who work for Facebook knows what they are doing when it comes to keeping track of real numbers… You stupid dumb ass… get your facts straight… stupid moron.

    You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that most of his claimed 19,105 readers are faked numbers when only 606 of them vote of his poll.

  13. Those haters are getting bored with the other page. So many pages and they can’t stick with 1. They are all like jackrabbits in heat.

  14. Comical how John Lohr is taking credit for getting rid of a link that is still here. then he claims BCFP admitted to creating fake sites. does the poor guy even know what he means when he makes comments. now he is back on his quest of getting BCFP off facebook. rumor around town is law enforcement are just waiting for Lohr to do something stupid. and they will bring the hammer down on him. i am being told Cameraman will not be charged if Lohr decides to attack him. seeing Lohr has been posting threats of violence towards BCFP for some time now. Cameraman has the right to defend himself from such attacks. looking forward to seeing Lohr in orange or maybe one of the suicide dresses the jail places on inmates that are unstable.

  15. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, i got lohr dancing like a puppet, did you really think you got rid me ??, all your threats you made on this page is on here. that is evidence the new district attorney needs. remember , the ip address on all your threats will come back to you. i seen someone you know at shawnee. he told me don’t listen to anything you say, that you are so full of shit. can you guess who that would have been ?

  16. Hahahahaha…..yes yes look at my comments they just ooze with being upset and angry………

  17. John Lohr has picked up where he left off yesterday. today he is claiming that Cameraman & Lawler are upset. and posting cartoons of a dancing rat and a dancing pig. the man is so childish & obsessed. may i advise going to the senior place in Bedford and place checkers with the rest of the people his own age.

  18. Hahaha hahaha……you are exactly right. Lohr looks just like one of those retards in the hills have eyes……hahahaha….I pity his poor wife.

  19. lohr reminds me of the disfigured retard from the movie the hills have eyes. did he really say bill higgins is dragon force. wrong again genius. you do understand i have more friends then you have brains right ? after reading soundman’s comment i realized. lohr is talking about family dollar not the dollar general. since that is the case. i have not been to the family dollar in several months. and one of the women that works there, also told me, that she just goes along with what lohr says because he will not shut the hell up. he goes in there crying like the old senile bitch he is. he does spend a lot of time with the vacuum man i was told. interesting he spend time with a guy who is known for sucking up things.

  20. The delusional John Lohr is really working it hard. i do believe he has been on Facebook way to long today or rather yesterday based on the date. this is his latest ramblings. he posted a picture of the top of this page with the following comment

    ” Dragon Force on this page is The Pervert Bill Higgins. With the exception of Lawler,the rest are all Waandee The Wat?Maybe Ruby Sites? “

  21. It SOUNDS like Mr. Lohr is actually succeeding at one other thing…becoming a nuisance. I am sure if he has even half as many interactions with law enforcement that he claims, I am sure the PCO’s are probably rolling their eyes and thinking, “Not this guy again” The troopers probably fly out the door into their patrol cars just so they dont have to talk to him. The poor sergeant sitting at the desk has no choice to talk to him. As for the Dollar Store ladies, I know one personally. Upon asking her, she claims that sometimes they just agree with him in the hopes that he will leave quicker. If they were to engage him in conversation, he would loiter there just as much as he has been known to at two other establishments. As far as game wardens go, there are two types. Those that become one to better the game situation and their love of the outdoors. Then there are those who become a deputy game warden because they are unfit or unqualified for any other law enforcement. Which one are you Deputy Lohr?

  22. Actually John even though I struggle with my weight I left my yearly physical just last week from my doctors with an excellent bill of health, with exception my weight. The doctor has my blood results run twice because he couldn’t believe the results. BP is 116/70, resting heart beat is 49, my cholesterol is 175, my good cholesterol is great my bad cholesterol is great the ratio between them is great. So John much to your dismay a heart attack believe it or not is nowhere on the horozon for me. Im a big fat healthy mofo John. Trust me, you’ll be clutching your chest before me.

  23. John Lohr has his head in the clouds… The old fart really is off his rocker, 2 sheets short, and a one heck of a windbag.

  24. the senile old man is a prime candidate for aids or crabs. with all the men he takes care of

  25. Does John Lohr have nothing to do. he has been at it all day. below is his latest comment.

    “PORKY” is a Prime Candidate for a Heart Attack. “

  26. As much as John Lohr preaches he sure don’t practice what he preaches… Life IS too long for Lohr to be getting away with the same shit… The old fart CAN retire from all of his babbling.

  27. anytime the senile old man wants to give it a shot at totally getting rid of me. he can give it his best shot. he does not have the balls to take me out and get rid of me.

  28. John Lohr posted a message for Cameraman & John Lawler. his message is below


  29. The only thing you accomplished John is showing what a racist homosexual man stalking wife abusing son despising knuckle dragging mom and dad and sibling hating animal abusing loser in a falling down shack living old senile coot you are John.

  30. Was it something I said for Lohr to make threats… It’s not my fault the babbling baboon can’t keep himself out of trouble.

  31. the only thing lohr has accomplished is that everyone sees what kind of a big mouth, senile old man he really is

  32. John Lohr is now making threats. this is his most recent threat

    ” Notice how the Wat avoids telling Delawler the truth. Afraid no semen from him either. Over the 4th. of July there are two people coming to town to meet you. With all the LOUD Fireworks try to listen. Done with you Coward. Everyone reading both sites know what COWARDS and DEGENERATES you and PSP EXPIG are!!”MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”

  33. John Lohr must be sexually deprived… Lohr should eat more bananas instead of talking about other ways of getting protein.

  34. John Lohr is now becoming very confused. he is accusing Cameraman of copying & pasting comments he ( Lohr ) makes. that would be me Mortis. i am NOT Cameraman. Lohr is now digging deep into his bag of insults and has begun talking about homosexual acts he claims is going on between men. i did hear Lohr is very fond of his next door neighbor. the little white guy with the glasses from Baltimore. is that where you disappear to Lohr. do you and him play find the willy. to each his own. that would explain your obsession with other men. does your wife know you are a few colors short of a rainbow ?

  35. Harrisburg received many complaints??? Hahahaha….Harrisburg doesnt take complaints about retired Troopers commenting on a webpage you delusional nitwit. Oh, he posted a pic of me having lunch with guys who were helping the wood ministry cut firewood for poor people for free. You know John you dimwit I actually deliver firewood to people Bedford County to help people. What do you John or have ever done to help people? Abusing your wife, your son, your mom and dad don’t count John.

  36. the only freak i know is the senile old man who claims to be in contact with PSP concerning a retired police officer which they have no control over. pathetic old man he is.

  37. John Lohr is still at it this morning. he posted a picture of Lawler sitting on a curb eating lunch with looks like 10 other men. not sure what his purpose was to post that picture. he also posted the following comments

    ” To show how Dumb the “PORKSTER “is,Deputy Game Protector was mosty a volunteer job. Was an Outlaw and decided to give back! Also Hold a General Motors Technician Award, Finish Carpenter and Heavy Equipment Operator!! ”

    ” PSP Harrisburg has received many complaints. “PORKY” Your still spouting accusations you have NO proof for! Wonder why your called an EXPIG? Try telling the “TRUTH”.Honest,it wont hurt! You two “FREAKS”have a nice day! L.O.L. “

  38. wow when you add up everything he is doing. there is a clear pattern of abuse being done by the senile old man

  39. Haha hahaha…..Lohr you retard. No one in PSP is concerned about a guy who has been retired for 8 years commenting on this site or facebook. My goodness the more you talk the dumber you look. You do understand John I’m retired and PSP has NO authority over me or can do ANYTHING to me because of comments I make you tool. A SGT called you….hahahahahaha….and why would they call YOU John? You have a Facebook page with 3 followers, you have been arrested for games law violations, you were questioned for abusing your wife, you’ve been sent letters by property owners to warn you not to trespass, you stalk me, you creep people’s Facebook pages and copy and paste their own photos( clear indication of mental insanity). So John who would know of any relationship with myself and BCFP that the SGT couldn’t see for himself from this website or BCFP facebook pages??? You are John that’s how easy it is to make you look stupid. Actually, you do it yourself, but you’re too dumb to realize it. Now John, go back to verbally berating your wife, its the ONLY thing you’re good at in life.

  40. good lord is that all he does is create lies. i go into the dollar store maybe twice a month to get household supplies. and they have stated more then once how much of an idiot they think lohr is. and are we to believe that a SGT from PSP has that much time on his hands to call an obsessed, senile old man to question about things that happen on BCFP. why would they even concern themselves about a retired officer that does not even work for them any longer. people are laughing at lohr if he only know how stupid he looks making such comments.

  41. John Lohr is at it again bright and early obsessing over BCFP & John Lawler. i find it comical that Lohr is accusing Lawler of degrading people when that is all Lohr does all day long. below is his latest rant. the beginning of his comment has to do with a picture he posted of Lawler & his wife.

    ” Betting they Don’t?? Why doesn’t he tell everyone what a failure he was as a Father and Husband?? Cheats and gives out advice he cant prove. What a sorry excuse for a man? His sorry Ass couldn’t think of anything but degrading others! Yes,I was called by a SGT. at Holidaysburg about the strange relationship between him and Wandee. PSP is disgusted. The girls at Dollar General are laughing about the Wat using his access card to purchase junk food while running his mouth! L.M.A.O. Talk about a pair of LOSERS? Prove your actuations or shut up “PORKY” Your both being called out again! “

  42. I have NOTHING to hide, this my PUBLIC facebook and thus posting here under my real name. Yup, I’m a fat ass. Yup I eat too much and have struggled with my weight all of my life. Yet I served in the military and 25 years as a State Trooper. You see John Lohr is a jealous pathetic senile old man. Unlike him I got to retire early because I was smart enough and good enough to be a real police officer, unlike John who ONLY rose to DEPUTY squirrel cop. The man never did anything to improve his community or protect his community. His community was trees as they had the same mentality and IQ as John. Furthermore, John has been disowned by his family. The black sheep of his family. This all made John the angry man he is, this his verbal abuse if his wife and terrible treatment of his son. A son who grew to resent and he ashamed of his own father. So, post away John..Post those fat pics if me. Maybe they will inspire others that even in spite of their weight problems they can achieve good and great things. Sorry Lohr posting those things just doesn’t get you the response you want. Besides, you have what 3 people who actually follow you???? Get back to beating and berating you wife John, it is your favorite hobby.

  43. John Lohr is all over this page. now he thinks he is in better shape then Cameraman and will outlive Cameraman. he must be stalking Higgins’s page for he is complaining why does higgins still have so many people on his friends list. like what does it matter to Lohr. obviously people are still friends with him even after what he pled guilty . why does Lohr interact with a known lifetime sex offender like Korpowski ? why does Lohr interact with a known child stalker & woman abuser like Snyder ?. they have been obsessing over Cameraman & Lawler all day. it is a comical how we can make Lohr dance like a puppet.

  44. lohr is a sad case indeed. he stalks people and their pages. what is funny. he better enjoy it while he can. because old age is coming up on him real fast. next thing you know he will be gone.

  45. John Lohr refuses to confirm he seen Cameraman using an access card. instead he is clicking the refresh button on this page to see what is being said next. he claims he has Cameraman squirming. and that Lohr is the new puppet master.

  46. I have to agree… Silence is golden… and there is a but… It’s how Silence Is Golden is used. And so far Lohr has NOT used it correctly of the several ways it can be used.

  47. i did not buy anything at the red barn, he was not there when the woman i was with checked out. she was there shopping. i went out to the parking lot to see if lohr wanted some of me. i waited outside while she finished up and checked out. so yet again, the senile old man is lying. furthermore the senile old goat sure is obsessed with me, when he has to create lies just for something to say. by the way i spoke with the bedford chief of police today. he advised me to keep a record of all threats lohr makes. and to try to not have an altercation with him, but understands i have to defend myself. the chief told me, they know what kind of a person lohr is.

  48. Hey Cameraman, John Lohr is claiming you used an access card at the little red barn. didn’t you say he ran out of there ?

  49. at least i am not a skinny crackhead looking pole. i only weigh 220 lbs. have they checked out their haters friends. sharon wilson is about 300 lbs she took up a lot of space at the higgins hearing. nobody would even sit next to her, she is a real heavyweight. and what about their good buddy blake he weighs a hell of a lot more then i do. i will take 220 pounds any day of the week. they have a lot of room to talk when they have beastly friends who far out weigh me.

  50. John Lawler, the reason he might have blocked you is because he was taking pictures from your personal page and and posting them poking fun at your weight. this is one reason why i do not post here under my real name. the haters do not have a chance to block me. i can see everything they post. Robin Snyder NBC class of 1985 is still commenting about Cameraman and food stamps. my question is, even if Cameraman is entitled to them. how is that any business of Robin Snyder’s. i would like to know just how many of the haters are receiving assistance from the government. i guess the new thing is to make fun of people’s weight. Lohr is making fun of Lawler’s weight. Robin Snyder is making fun of Cameraman’s weight. do these two really have nothing better to do then poke fun at people. and they have the nerve to complain about the actions of BCFP. when the haters are doing the same thing they are accusing other’s of doing.

  51. You know for all Lohrs running his suck hole the coward went ahead and blocked me on facebook. Hey Lohr you mental midget pickle puffer, its kind of hard to insult someone with your cute lil memes when the person youre insulting is blocked….hahahahaha‚Ķ.typical. John you stick to what you know best, verbally abusing your wife, committing game law violations, stalking men and being an embarrassment to your estranged family.

  52. Robin Snyder NBC class of 1985 was commenting in one of his multiple fake names he created at 2:35 am. whining, something about food stamps and BCFP. meanwhile John Lohr is telling his Registered Sex offender buddy Korpowski that he has called out Cameraman and Lawler several times. it sure does seem like Lohr really wants someone to assault him. why is that ?. does it surprise anyone that Lohr & Korpowski are now buddies

  53. I do feel sorry for the old coot. Have you had a chance to go over and look at his facebook page? The senile tool will post some stupid meme then he will actually like it or laugh at it and then proceed to be the only one to comment on his own post. It is sad, but I must admit it is funny as hell watching the lunatic converse with himself and entertain himself. Must be lonely. No wonder he verbally bashes his wife and the rest of his family has essentially disowned him.

  54. Robin Snyder NBC Class of 1985 deleted his comment and reposted it using the address that was listed on the no trespassing letter that John Lohr received in a failed attempt to divert the truth about his obsession of young boys. that will not work. and Registered Lifetime sex offender Christopher Korpowski claims he knows things about Cameraman. the only thing they can bring up are charges from over 20 years ago. however we know all about Korpowski he had sex with underage girls. and now has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. and he wants to also divert the subject away from him liking little girls. so we have Robin Snyder who likes little boys and Christopher Korpowski who likes little girls. and John Lohr who likes to stalk people. those are the haters of Bedford County sex offenders and stalkers.

  55. i have suspected snyder of that for years. i talk to people where he grew up. and the fact he was demanding to know the whereabouts of a 16 year old male who was commenting on BCFP a few years back. does not surprise me one bit that rob snyder likes little boys. he is just like lohr. two twisted predators

  56. Bobbin Robbin has admitted that he roams the parks looking for little boys. we all know the Bobbin one is the subject know as the person with a thousand fake names. after all he has created multiple names in the past few weeks. so now we have John Lohr and Bobbin Robbin creeping the park stalking people. below is the latest comment made by Bobbin Robbin who’s real name is Robin Snyder Northern Bedford Class of 1985

    ” The coward of a thousand fake names described how pickle aficianados hide in the bushes and peep at the objects of their perverse obsession. Many people around town used to say the coward would hide in the bushes near the fort with his camera and peep at children with a fondness for young boys. If it looks like a pedophile hiding in the bushes and quacks like a pedophile hiding in the bushes it is probably a pickle aficionado. “

  57. Oh John, 2 more things you senile old knuckle dragging neantherdal, first this that we are commenting on now is NOT facebook you twit so Facebook has no say or authority over this page. Second, I was a Corporal John not Seargant. The proper abbreviation would be Cpl. not Sgt. I’m trying to help you not look so stupid to the 3 people who follow your facebook.

  58. HAHAHAHAHAHA, i never that of that. lohr is a pickle puffer. his neighbor did say he was a little weird, i just never connected weird in that way. however. when he was trespassing he did say about gay acts. i thought he was being funny. maybe him hiding in the bushes and peeping through his binoculars. is a habit he does from way back

  59. You senile old fool. I know the Troop Commander, I know all three Lieutenants at Hollidaysburg, I know the crime unit supervisor at Hollidaysburg and I know the Bedford Station Commander and a couple Cpls from Bedford. Huh, you pathetic nimrod I haven’t heard a word. They must be keeping hush hush to come arrest huh John???? Haha hahaha…..All they say down in Harrisburg they are talking about me John? Really?? Wow I must be highly important. Hey John, here’s a lil secret theres nothing anyone can do about me saying your poor son is and would be so disappointed in the human being you are and have become. Obsessed with Randy to the point of stalking his home. Hey John, you sure you might not be a lil gay?? I mean it explains your abusive behavior towards your wife and your obsession with Randy. I mean I’m not judging or anything if you puff pickles that’s your business I suppose………

  60. lohr is a joke, is he really that confused about what is facebook and what is not facebook.

  61. Someone should tell John Lohr that facebook getting rid of screen names has nothing to do with this website. he is posting a Screen shot of the top of this page. and stating Facebook is getting rid of fake names. does the senile old man understand that BCFP owns this website not Facebook. and any decisions made by facebbok has no bearing on this website. for Facebook does not own this website. if you are going to lie old man. at least know how to lie.

  62. Do the haters really believe that creating multiple Facebook pages will get them any closer to getting BCFP shut down ? most people i talk to seem to be just fine with the style of reporting done by BCFP. they tell me. it is very refreshing to see BCFP call people out on their stupidity. and to see BCFP tell it like it is. the gazette has always been controlled by one group or another. and they do not cover even half of what BCFP covers. and they have more field reporters then BCFP. so what does that tell you ? i think the haters should stop their whining and stop reading BCFP if it gets them so worked up.

  63. just as i suspected. i gave everyone a heads up that i was going to town, and still nothing. snyder is a big mouth. he never showed up. you had your chance, and you was to busy running your pie hole on facebook.

  64. no i do not believe psp called senile lohr at all. my question is snyder keeps talking about people having my address. well so does he. why try to get someone else to come get hurt by showing up where i live. if snyder is so tough, why don’t he show up and take care of me. we all know. nobody else will. and we know snyder fears me, he does not have the balls to snow up. he is a coward, everyone knows it.

  65. Another day of the haters obsessing over BCFP. Lohr & the Bobbin one are all over this page. clicking refresh at record pace. the Bobbin one sounds like a mental health resident with his comment. and does anyone really believe PSP contacted Lohr ?

    John Lohr says : PORKY LOWER is back. PSP are ashamed to be associated with him. Have been contacted by Holidaysburg PSP concerning his actions on the Internet. Was told he is a “DISGRACE” to his former job . Have had two visits from PSP Officers concerning Lower.Now They want the photos of his remarks concerning my son. Thanks “PORKY” with providing me more! Facebook messaged all False Name Sites are being Checked and Deleted. Wat you will only be able to use your real name. As usual the Disgraceful former “PORKY THE PIG” talks big without guts enough to back it up with proof?

    John Lohr says : Seems many-many people are complaining about The know it all Lower acting like a Fool? Even Harrisburg has been brought in on Lowers Problem. Porky, your a disgrace all the Good PSP Officers that protect and serve!

    Bobbin Robbin says : The coward removed the letter from his slumlord which included the wat’s home address. A day late and a dollar short after it was seen by 19,700 readers. He wants you to believe he walked all over town this morning. Like a coward he announced that after he was safely back inside his wat nest. He declares himself unafraid to walk about town with his presence known but evidence suggests otherwise. Professing such would be more believable if the wat named a time and place each day without fear any of the 19,700 may show up. The tough guy he wants to be would not care who showed up. Your wat is too cowardly.

  66. i just walked to town and back. i stuck around town, and walked all the main paths back to my apartment. i was enjoying the sights of downtown bedford. stopped to talk to a few people who were sitting outside.

  67. Hey wife abusing Lohr Lawler has gone nowhere. If you wish I can go back to slapping your dumbass around again. Its not much if a challenge interacting with the slow minded smile. Seriously, do you care Lohr how your son would feel about you now?? The shame that poor kid would have to see his father abuse his mom, break laws and be arrested, walk around Bedford looking like and acting like some homeless person stalking people at their homes. You pityful old fool.

  68. he is a moron a lot of people know where i live. you don’t thing people like lohr and snyder have not told every single hater they know where i live ? i am not worried. i will deal with any intruders accordingly on the spot. then they will go to jail for trespassing. it is amazing these law abiding citizens are running their mouth how people they claim i harassed will come to where i live to take action against me. and they seem to have no problem with it. yet call themselves law abiding citizens. be careful where you trespass, it will be your one and only time. and speaking of taking the bait. lohr took the bait by confirming he was on this page and seen the letter that was sent to him. thanks for confirming that moron lohr, now you can not claim you never received it. i have no need to keep the letter posted. i proved my point. now let’s see if anyone else took the bait ?

  69. John Lohr is at it again. why is he so concerned with what BCFP does with their pages. is he trying to bait other people into doing his dirty work for him. why is he saying Cameraman was not walking around town. was Lohr out trying to stalk him ? below his is latest comments

    “Why does the Wat Deloser keep his site members only and Shut-down is open to the public. Could is be the Cowards is afraid of proving himself to be the “FOOL” everyone knows he is.He is The King of made up aliases.
    Betting the Wat wasn’t on foot today wondering about town.
    Wonder how many times he had to ask directions to his Rat Nest.He sure made it known to everyone by posting the letter I received. Thing will get interesting now and not from me.
    I will be setting back watching other people dispose of this Vermin # 1 of Bedford County.
    Wonder what became of his back-up,Lawler?? Bedford County Free Press The cutting edge discussion page is his present page where he mouths off and answers himself! L.M.A.O.

  70. funny i am not the one posting that i would be going to his location with the intent to take pictures and harass him. lohr is a bitch, always will be, i have been in town several times today and at the courthouse. the old hasbeen does not scare me. he knows what is coming to him. he keeps his bullshit up, he will be sitting behind bars. i spoke with someone that knows him. the person told me his entire family are twisted inbreds. i believe it.

  71. Lohr is now attempting to spin Cameraman’s comment as his own. as well as making more threats. below is his latest lame comment and threat

    ” Use the right Bait and catch a Wat! Wandee is way out of this League. He should learn that “SILENCE IS GOLDEN” The more he posts,the closer he comes to extinction?? L.O.L. ”

    ” The Wat has built himself a cage to hide in. Wwwandee you gotta come out sometime? “

  72. The haters are freaking out on their page. they have created two new pages for no purpose other then to attack Cameraman. and now they want to start bashing the deceased father of Nelson Gothie because he does not want a lunatic like John Lohr trespassing for the purpose of harassing one of his tenants. and also attacking the deceased parents of Cameraman. talk about a bunch of crybabies. they are commenting about what the legal right of way is from the center line. here is an idea. why not just stop stalking and harassing the local media person and you would not receive letters telling you to not go on private property and you would not have to be concerned what the legal right of way is. Lohr has stated he will stand in the middle of the road and take pictures of the apt of Cameraman. Lohr has stated he will go out of his way to make sure he walks by the residence of Cameraman. that is stalking and harassing when you repeatedly go out of your way of travel for the purpose of harassing another. your comments are all being documented. and will be emailed to BCFP. it will show a pattern of harassment. and when the shit hit the fan. it will be John Lohr that will be arrested.

  73. i have posted the letter in case lohr loses his. as you can see. it was also sent to the bedford police department. he talks a lot shit. i don’t believe for a minute he talked to anyone from state police. he is a nothing happening hasbeen. who has been put in his place. i thought he siad he knew the owners. they have been the owners for many years. talk is cheap old man. i just trumped you

  74. Everything Lohr is posting will be saved in a screen shot and sent to Cameraman. he is getting in over his head. the police will have a clear case of self defense if something should happen. Lohr has admitted he will continue to stalk Cameraman every chance he gets. below is his latest threat

    ” Wanddee the Wat: At least 16.5 feet from the middle of Juliana Street is Public Property. Be sure you measure it before crying . Everyone who reads this are now Positive your a “COWARD”. All mouth and no guts. You can bet you ass everytime I go to the Courthouse I WILL be walking past your Wat Motel. I possess a camera with a 30 power lens. Don’t need on that property to take Photos. Talked to another Policeman. He said you are now without Higgins Protection,so be very careful One more thing! Was informed you did the same thing for Higgins you did to Boys in Everett for Drugs?? Another Policeman says you had to have an Escort to get home when you lived on plank road? Hillegass boys don’t like you either! “ADIOS,YOU PUERTO RICAN WAT” ?

  75. oh that letter is valid, lohr just can not trespass on private property. in fact. the bedford police are the ones that advised to get a letter drawn up by the owners and send it to lohr. they requested a copy to place in the file they already have on lohr. and i have a copy. snyder is trash as always. of course he will justify lohr trespassing. lohr is done. and thanks for confirming you received the letter lohr. i can and will enforce the no trespassing letter. if he dares come back on the property. and the police said. seeing he was notified. he will be charged if he trespasses. not even sure what snyder is smoking when he claims the state of maryland can charge me for something that never happened in the first place in another state. snyder is a pussy coward. always has been.

  76. hahahahahahaha

    John Lohr received a letter from the owner of where Cameraman lives. telling him to stay off of private property. and Bobbin Robbin is claiming the letter is not enforceable. i find it comical they now justify Lohr trespassing as long as he is going after someone they dislike. Bobbin Robbin is very confused. he now thinks the state of Maryland can arrest Cameraman for crimes he claims happened in Pennsylvania. what kind of drugs are those two on. thanks for the laugh girls.

  77. how about that. the AG complained about a light sentence that very woman got in a bedford county courtroom when she got 15 months-5 years for a lot less then what she was charged with in maryland. which by the way. she was charged in maryland while she was working with the AG. and let’s not forget she was never charged for the death of a male on 05/06/2017 in which a witness placed her delivering drugs that killed a man in a motel. this also happened while she was working with the AG. and she is out of jail walking the streets. she did not even have to do the 15 months minimum. it is unheard of for someone with her criminal record to get a suspended 20 year sentence. who is doing favors for whom here ?

  78. It is getting very boring reading how obsessed Lohr & Bobbin Robbin are concerning BCFP. it is very obvious that new facebook page is Bobbin Robbin. one lies while the other confirms the lie. very childish indeed. when are we going to see the arrest of BCFP ? i see no word on their page about Amy Bennett’s 20 years suspended sentence for drug charges in Maryland. not bad of a deal when you do favors for the Attorney General.

  79. Bobbin Robbin is trying to get John Lohr to go back to the residence of Cameraman and attack him. if the roles were reversed. the Bobbin one would be screaming for Cameraman to be arrested. i did some checking of my own as a concerned citizen. the Bedford Police officer is not a friend of Lohr’s. and if Lohr assaults anyone in light of the documented threats Lohr has posted on social media. he would be arrested. Lohr is not above the law. and he will find out the hard way.

  80. so according to lohr my landlord is a friend of his. and has given him access all the way up to my door. does lohr want to put his money where his mouth is ? i say lohr does not even know who own the property. and is full of shit when he claims he has access to the private parking lot.

  81. This is truly unbelievably absurd, i almost laughed out loud…I guess I should be honored to have a facebook page created about me…even though it is 100% wrong. I think SPECIAL agent Lohr and his band of wannabees has found a case he couldn’t crack. Who is Soundman, sneaking around with a microphone on a boom…or maybe a drone…Who is Mortis?…Whos is Cameraman. Keep trying Lohr, but they certainly aren’t the same person. I am surprised that he hasn’t been pestering the CIA, FBI, or homeland about BCFP as well.

  82. Oh my how the haters are obsessed. checkout this new facebook page

    the comment below sure does sound like that shemale Bobbin Robbin. like i said, they are justifying someone attempting to go to the residence of Cameraman looking for trouble. how many times have we seen the Bobbin one tell people to call the police on BCFP. just a few weeks ago he was pleading for people to call the Attorney General and report BCFP for crimes he made up in his head. yet now he is whining about someone calling the police on his father John Lohr for crimes he is committing. below is his latest rambling comment

    ” The coward of a thousand fake names is making a lot of excuses for calling the police because a man walked down a public street. It will be okay if he would admit he is scared of his own shadow. Really it will. “

  83. This sure is a smart thing to do…tell the cop that you want to provoke a fight with someone so said person can be accused of striking an old man. “”I don’t always do illegal activities, but when i do…I usually tell the police beforehand”” Just a little bit of advice to Mr. Lohr, i have learned a little restraint, and I think I could refrain from returning your punch. I never claimed I could win a fight with everyone, I have won some and lost some. But without being derrogatory I am sure your reflexes aren’t what they once was. It is quite egotistical to assume you can whoop everyone’s ass. Mr. Lohr there is always someone better, and I am in no way saying whether or not if it would be me. You are not John Wayne. I would however be cautious of whom you threaten. There are those who wouldn’t hesitate to take you up on your offer. On a lighter note….this is a question for you or anyone else on here. Is all this hatred due to your mistake of breaking the law being reported on BCFP? or did the newspaper delivery man hit your dog when you was a wee lad?

  84. the old man is retarded, they have had a facebook page for several years. they told myself and the gazette that we need to get the reports from their facebook. they were getting rid of the old way of calling their office for their reports. they expect us to get the reports from their page to report on our website and the gazette’s newspaper. how does he explain how i get reports from the everett police dept. there is no doubt he is a window licker. had an interesting talk with the police officer today that talked to lohr. he lied to the haters just as i suspected. the officer told me to avoid a physical altercation with the old man, and he will be arrested if he strikes me and i do not strike him back. i can take his punch, he is a hasbeen, but he will go to jail if he strikes. sounds like a plan. the officer told me, lohr wants me to hit him, so he can say, i struck an elderly man. his trick will not work.

  85. Is John Lohr for real ? does the senile old man really believe that the Bedford Police Department having their own facebook page is going to get rid of BCFP. this guy really is living in a different reality. last time i checked the Bedford Police Department were a law enforcement agency not a member of the news media.

  86. Well my goodness John Lohr is making all kinds of threats. he wants to beat up everyone. he sure does believe he is above the law. he is going to make a huge mistake one day and he will cross the line and end up in jail. you do understand it is against the law to assault people right ? i don’t understand why he does not enjoy his last few years left on this earth enjoying fishing, hunting, going to all the nice attractions this county has. instead he is on this a crusade he will not win. below his his latest threat.

    ” Now Soundman thinks he can knock this old man down a couple of notches. Anytime Anywhere Coward. No Cameras ,just you and I? That includes you Mortis,another Coward!! “

  87. John Lohr, an acquaintance of the police? as well as a customer of theirs’. Probably has been riding around in the back of a police car with handcuff’s on…just for fun…eh? He is also an acquaintance of the PA Game commission also, and was so eager to experience every facit that life has to offer. He becomes a deputy, and he also has been arrested by a deputy. Definate proof that Mr. Lohr feels he can do whatever whenever and wherever he wants. I have got to give kudos to cameraman, I think it takes a bigger man to do what he had done. Lohr was only trying to provoke an altercation to give him and his LAMES something to foam at the mouth about. He was merely trying to inspire “Negative Press” Cameraman acted with his head in this situation, which was the correct thing to do. I would hope i would be able to do the same, I would have been so tempted to take the ol’ man down a couple of notches, although there is no props to be had by roughing up an old senile hasbeen like Lohr.

  88. So is John Lohr now claiming that he gets special treatment from being charged because he is an acquaintance of the Police ? had the Cameraman been anywhere near the residence of Lohr and an altercation happened. the haters would be screaming for Cameraman to be locked up for going out of his way to cause trouble. however because they dislike BCFP it seems to be acceptable to go to the residence of Cameraman with the intend to cause trouble. sure sounds like double standard to me. if i were Cameraman i would avoid any physical contact with this nutcase. for it will be Cameraman that get’s charged. i would call the police every time there is the slightest incident so it gets reported. why is Waylon Jennings so obsessed with which reports are being posted on BCFP. why is he complaining about who reads the haters page ? why is he trying to tell BCFP what to do ? why is he questioning fees or how much money people donate to BCFP. he accuses people here of trolling their page. how does he know who is commenting here if he himself is not trolling this page ? i do not do police reports nor do i work for BCFP. i post what is being stated there. because i think it is very humorous how some people are so consumed with BCFP. i got nothing else to do but expose people on that page for being the childish adults they are.

  89. wow his story is way off base. he was trespassing on private property. he was not just walking past. i found him in the driveway looking at my apt. when i came out he walked away. and headed to the top of the hill to the stop sign. i stayed on my property, and he turned around and came back. walked onto the private driveway, pulled out a rope of some kind and wrapped it around his hands. and made threats that today was my lucky day. i ordered him off the property and he left. he feels he can trespass on private property. i don’t believe for a minute he told that to the officer. he is lying as he always does

  90. John Lohr posted this comment on the page of the haters. Cameraman was he at your place causing trouble ?

    ” Had another confrontation this morning with the coward “Deloser” seem no one is allowed to walk by his Ratcave. Stopped to rest on Public Street. Here comes the Wat. He yelled something when I was waiting to cross Pitt Street. Naturally I responded.Couldnt hear his squeaking.Walked back down and confronted him.Naturally he backed up. Offered him to come out on the street! l.o.l. Wouldn’t ? Why is he such a Keyboard Clown? Later a Boro Officer that is an acquaintance of mine stopped and asked me about it as the Cowardly Wat had called complaining. Told the officer that given the chance out of camera range the Wat was going down. Decision was made that the Wat was a Mental case and will get what he deserves! L.M.A.O. “

  91. lohr is trash, he has attempted to join this page twice. he is obsessed with this page. everyone knows what he does to his wife. it is no secret. ask him about running into me at the market. he ran like the coward he is. the old man is trash. he knows better to cross me. there is no bait to take. he is all mouth.

  92. John Lohr acts like he is someone special. accusing people of taking the bait. and claims we are obsessed with the haters page. the fact is how did Lohr even know the name of Mortis. senile Lohr must have been on this page reading comments. i can’t believe how stupid the old man is. i was told he beats his wife. his neighbors can hear him beating his wife.

  93. John Lohr is a Hypocrite. he stated that anyone that uses a ” fake ” name is a coward. yet he responds to a comment by a Waylon Jennings with approval of their comment. does Lohr really believe that country music legend Waylon Jennings is on the haters page commenting about events in Bedford County ? i knew Lohr was senile but come on Lohr even you can not be that stupid. or are you ?

  94. Another day of whining & complaining about BCFP on the page of the haters. and yes Cameraman, John Lohr has a new facebook page. he is asking why BCFP did not report any of the crimes that Higgins was doing at the time he was doing them. he claims you spent a lot of time with Higgins. he also claims to know about Higgins doing cocaine on the night he was elected. seems to me Lohr should be the one investigated for he seems to know every move Higgins ever made. Higgins knew thousands of people. does that mean each of every one of them should have known what he was doing 24 hours a day ?

    Oliver Doolittle now known as Waylon Jennings made the stupidest comment i have seen in a long time. i will just copy & paste it so everyone can laugh at his childish comments. my only two comments are. if he does not care about Cameraman being at an event then why even bother posting the comment below. and he obviously needs glasses. there was nothing fuzzy about the Cameraman’s pictures. they were very clear.

    Waylon Jennings says : I had a great time at the block party Thursday night. The cameraman walked past me several times and even gave me a head nod once. I wonder if he knew he acknowledged Waylon? Was I the one sitting in the grass? Was I one of the people dancing in the street? Was I one of the people lounging in a chair or was I on a bench? Was I in the food line or was I munching down some fine eating while washing it down with beer? Was I one of the vendors there? Was I behind the mirror shades or in plain view? Was I alone or standing with friends that he calls “the haters”? It really doesn’t matter since I was there for some good music and it had nothing to do with the cameraman nor did I care that he was there. I was there to have a good time with my friends. I wish his camera took better photos. I think he may have caught me in a photo or two, but they are so fuzzy I can’t tell if it was me or not.

  95. what makes me laugh is old man john lohr is back on facebook running his mouth about me. someone should ask him if he was after me so bad, why did he run out of the little red barn grocery store a few weeks ago when he saw me in there. he walked right past me and did not do any of the things he claimed he would do when he seen me. i saw him running out of the store. i even went out to the parking lot to see if he wanted to confront me out there. and he was gone. he had to have jumped in his vehicle and raced out in record time. john lohr is all talk

  96. Another day of whining & complaining about BCFP on the page of the haters. just how are people that get arrested subjects of abuse on the BCFP All News Only Page. it is a closed group. the group is not open to the public. nobody is forcing them to join that closed group. nobody is forcing them to stay in that closed group. why are the haters so concerned about businesses that advertise on BCFP. why are the haters so sure that the owner of BCFP is going to jail. for what reason. on what charges. they are reporting the news. how is that a crime. do they understand that there are other news outlets that allow comments on their pages. do they know that people post negative comments on all news outlets. are there a different set of rules for BCFP because people do not like their style ?

  97. Do try to keep up oh Bobbin one. there is nobody flustered on this page. your boyfriend jack accused myself Mortis of standing by and watching Cameraman do all the work at a DBI event. i understand the booze is getting to you but please try to act like you know what you are saying. the Bobbin one is very confused these days. he does not even know which restroom to use in public.

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