1. Look how the puppet dances for us. Look at the serious derangement in his comments. Hahaha hahaha…..this boy is looney!! He needs to be evaluated AGAIN. Remember John the last time you HAD to go get elevated??? Was ugly wasn’t it??? For your own good John get some help, get on some meds buddy.
    By the way all, no in FACT PSP did not contact Lohr. No, in FACT PSP did not go visit John about BCFP, me or anyone associated with this site. And finally no, in FACT there is no PSP Sgt. conducting any investigation into BCFP, me or again anyone associated with BCFP. EXPOSED once again as the liar you are Lohr. What a sad pathetic life you live.

  2. More ramblings from the pussy known as Lohr. I do not believe for a second the Police go to pussy boy Lohr to find anything out. below are his latest comment.

    ” Waandee didn’t have any trouble contacting Mike before . Ask any Neighbor about The Police coming to my House. When something happens they come here first to ask what I know. Come-on BIG-BOY use you CLOUT?? “

  3. Does anyone really believe that PSP were at Lohr’s house. and that they told him BCFP were out of control ? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. and Lohr is now stalking people at Giant Eagle trying to figure out who i am. i am retired pussy boy. i do not work there. below is the latest comments from a pussy name Lohr

    ” MORTIS: You don’t has guts enough to reveal your real name. Next to The Wat your the # 1 Coward in Bedford! ”

    ” MY-MY maybe you are a BITCH? One of the Check-outs has a sorry disposition & is quite Homely! ”

    ” Giant Eagle Today. Mortis The Bitch wasn’t there! Know who you are now!! ”

    ” WAANDEE: Prove I posted anything To the Chamber Pot? ” PORKY ” If you were in a Electric Chair my Wife would pull the switch. She is angrier at you Bedford County Freaks AND PERVERTS than I am. The two PSP that were here about WAANDEE talked to her. Since “PORKY” has such Clout have him call Bedford Barracks and prove me wrong. They agreed you PERVERTS were out of Control. That’s why Hollidaysburg called me called me.Use your Clout BIG-BOY? “

  4. i spoke with the chamber today. lohr has been contacting them harassing them about me. lohr is going to cross the wrong business. and that pussy will be charged with harassment

  5. So creeper Lohr makes another Facebook profile then creeps on my page and downloads my pics to use on shutdown. Lohr you delusional old fool. This no great feat even for a nitiwt like you. My profile page is open to the public. Any and all are welcome to browse my page. I have nothing to hide. Use all my pics John. I found tjebone of my wife and I to be a pretty good pic. Isn’t it a shame your life is so dismal that you can’t use your own pics of your family on your page?? I’m guessing you might not have any of your wife without bruises or without her looking scared and abused. Keep creeping my page John maybe you’ll learn something.

  6. John Lohr has lied yet again. he stated he was not going to post anymore about BCFP. yet that is all he has been doing since he made his big announcement. not only is Lohr a liar. but we now know he can not count. he is claiming BCFP has only 4 advertisers. yet i found 8. and why is Lohr worried so much about how many people advertise with BCFP. and he is making threats to call the IRS. the old senile pussy boy clearly has no life. he lied about Lawler working in Bedford. he has lied multiple times about Cameraman. the man is clearly a pussy. that might explain why he got the shit kicked out of him by one of his neighbors. see you around town old man. maybe next time i walk past you i will say hello. then again maybe not

  7. he is an idiot. i have already sold several, and the customer got them in 3 days. from the time it was ordered. so yet again, snyder has no clue what he is talking about. i don’t have to possess them. they never even touch my hands. they go from the company to the customer. snyder is just a crybaby. he hates the fact that i make a living, which proves him wrong. i knew about this a week ago, and just got around to placing them online. i told a few people in person last week. and they wanted one asap

  8. Bobbin Robbin is whining about BCFP selling stun guns. for the record it is not illegal to sell stun guns. and Bobbin has no clue how much BCFP are selling them for to be advising anyone where they can get them cheaper. and whining that customers have to pay for them up front when they can buy them at amazon. got news for you oh Bobbin one. you have to pay for them up front on amazon as well. the Bobbin one also claims it will take weeks for you to get your order from BCFP if at all. sounds like oh Bobbin is envy of BCFP.

  9. John Lohr has yet again claimed he is done responding to us. he states he is wasting his time. and states we know where to find him. News Flash Lohr. nobody is looking for a fat over weight pussy old man who beats his wife. nobody here has ever claimed to be looking for you. are you retarded ? it is you that has claimed you are going to kick everybody’s ass. below is the lasted ramblings of a fat over weight pussy old man

    ” Calling you Bedford County Freaks and Perverts out is wasting my time. When one or any of your quit being “PUSSYS” you can always find me! Your all a Bunch of Semen Sucking Cowards! “ADIOS” “

  10. while covering the fire at old bedford village. an employee was telling me how lohr was at old bedford village claiming he was going to take over the job as blacksmith at the village. claiming he was a professional blacksmith. arguing with them, that their blacksmith was not doing his job right. the person said, lohr is a total nut case

  11. I want him to get back to telling me what I did or didn’t do while working at Bedford considering I’ve never worked there….haha hahaha….notice how he’s dropped that since he now knows I never worked there. Please John please tell us more stories about what I did while at Bedford. I’ll get the popcorn…..

  12. Keep dancing Lohr. you just have to keep coming back to see what is being said here. keep drinking that milk fat boy. you look like a pussy standing there waiting to cross the street to your truck. why don’t you park in the parking lot like normal people. is parking on the street an easier way to get the hell out of there. hahahahaha. you are such a fat pussy boy. below is his latest comment. now don’t forget to dance pussy boy.

    ” Gutless Mortis: I go to G.E. to get what I need and leave. Funny I didn’t smell you? “IF” you weren’t gutless you would have made yourself known. Then again “FREAKS” are all “COWARDS” Waandee,you to “UGLY AND IGNORANT” to make a case out of anything! “

  13. Lohr is digging himself in deeper. the fact that he has published that something will happen to Lawler and Cameraman will make him an accessory to any crime that might happen to them. below is his latest threat which i took a screen shot of


  14. John Lohr is at it again this morning. now he is calling me Cameraman. Lohr you were in giant eagle. did Cameraman walk past you ? did he do that without you taking notice ? are you that senile that Cameraman could walk right past you and you would not notice him ? why would i approach you ? you look like a senile old man. i have no reason to approach. it was much more fun walking past you several times. see you around Lohr

  15. Lohr is making an ass out of himself. he is all over this page. i walked right past him today in giant eagle. i chuckled when i seen how fat he was. must be from that milk he bought today. amazing he did not even notice me as i walked past him. he is really looking like an obsessed maniac. you should have seen him trying to stare everyone down at giant eagle. really sad

  16. What Lohr apparently doesn’t know is I go to Hoke-E-Gee’s at least 3 or 4 times a month. Guess Lohr isn’t as informed as he thinks he is. Doesn’t know just how often I go there nor did he know I never worked at Bedford, but yet supposedly he knows all these Troopers. The more he talks the dumber everyone sees he is.

  17. And then this Lohr posts on the Telling It Like it Is site: John E. LAWLER: Remembered when he was in the Bedford Barracks. Having operated Wreckers and Rollbacks for Resslers I went on a call. Very icy morning. Paper deliverer had slid into a parked car at West End near the Somerset County line. Arrogant Cop was at the scene. He told me if the car could be driven he wouldn’t have to file a report. Couldn’t steer but,could go straight.Drove it straight 15yds. He was pleased,no report. “SLACKER” then and still is?
    The lunatic now remembering things that never occurred as I never worked at the Bedford barracks…..hahahaha…..

  18. Interesting that Bobbin Robbin is keeping track of how many comments are being made here. yet says nothing about how much his daddy Lohr is commenting. and speaking of his daddy. Lohr is yet again making threats. when will he ever learn. i have saved the screen shot of his threat.

    ” The “WAT & THE PORKY are to easy to stay a couple of steps ahead of. Getting “BORING” When you two and your alter-egos get something worth discussing, do let me know. “PORKY& PUERTORICAN WAT,you both “MAY” get night visitors that you wont like! Time for someone else to make “FOOLS” of you. Be assured you will be visited. “PORKY”,Why don’t you come to Hokey-Geez anymore. People want to watch you and the Missus waddle through the store! “

  19. Dear Lord have you seen his own comments to his own post on shut down? Now he’s mumbling incoherently making no sense. For real Lohrs got some real mental health problems. John, my goodness get to MH/MR and get evaluated. Youre coo coo for cocoa puffs.

  20. Lohr is at it again. what bait does he think he throws out ? his comments get more ridiculous as he continues to comment. below is his latest. i see more then a couple of ads on BCFP. he is showing his envy the more he comments

    ” Rrrrandee takes the Bait everytime . Wonder if he files income tax on all the money he makes from selling ads? Just Kidding! Him only has a couple! “

  21. Well here is crazy ass Lohrs newest rant on shut down: John E. Lawless: Was a slacker in Bedford and remains the same.Having Operated Wreckers and Rollbacks for Resslers Towing I came into contact with Many-Many PSP officers. He was ARROGANT SLACKER and still is! Made friends with many of the PSP. That’s why I know so much information.

    Hey you dimwit I never worked in Bedford. Hahahahahahaha…….ohhhhhhhh hahahahahahahaha…..now all can see Lohr knows nothing about me other than what I have ever told him and I have in the past told him I never worked in Bedford. His feeble senile mind apparently forgot this tidbit. Now you’ve exposed yourself as the liar you are Johnny boy.

  22. Yet again Lohr is dancing like a puppet. this page sure does make him dance. below is his ramblings.

    ” Just as I predicted. The “FOOLS” are dancing at my command! L.MA.O. LORD have Mercy,Waandee got a job?? Most likely in the “FREAK” show next week at the fair?? “

  23. lohr is retarded. i have several jobs that i do. i do not need help from the taxpayers. i just got another job recently. but lohr will never know where. life is tough. it is even tougher when you are a senile old hasbeen who has to lie to make himself feel important. by the way. i went to collected payment for an ad recently. and the person asked me if lohr was gay. because all he talks about is other men. we at a good laugh at the expense of lohr.

  24. Lohr is at it already this morning. i suppose BCFP could say the same thing about Lohr. all someone has to do is point out Lohr’s obsession and he starts dancing to their every command. here is an idea old senile Lohr. maybe if you stop being so obsessed the lives of BCFP and who are having sex in this county. nobody here would have to call you out on how obsessed you are. below is the latest ramblings of a sex crazed senile old man.

    ” The “CHILDREN OF THE CORN” are dancing at my command. All I have to do is Post anything and their Lack of Brains kicks the typing fingers into gear.Really enjoying showing all the readers what “FOOLS WAANDEE AND PORKY “really are.We have here: A stuttering brainless FOOL & a BRAINDEAD EXPIG who cant control his own life so he tries to control others? “WAANDEE” lives by MOOCHING off our Tax Money & :PORKY” does the same. “PORKY” has been living off we taxpayers all his life.When he has control of himself he may try giving advice?? LIED TO GOD? First marriage VOWS broken-Remarried a Crack Whore,they are living in SIN.Threw a SON to the Wolves because he couldn’t control him? Why would anyone pay attention to either one of these “LOSERS?” Have at it you two “RETARDS” No Real Person reacts to their Whining? Just Two FOOLS and their Alter egos? L.O.L. “

  25. He dances like a good little puppet. He takes the bait EVERYTIME. Dance John dance you imbecile.

  26. hahahaha, dance lohr dance you are my puppet and i am your master. now dance for me lohr !

  27. Lohr is still at it making threats. below are his latest comments.

    “”WAAANDEE” Never said how soon you were leaving? Sometime–Somewhere? You may not hear it coming but,it will? “RIP”Rat and “PORKY ”

    ” My Facebook Page is loaded with info about you TWO ASSHOLES? L.M.A.O.”

  28. He thinks he’s making asses out of us?? Hahahaha….delusional much Lohr?? All he does is repeat wat and porky. Its all he has. He has no rational thought. He has no cognitive thinking skills. Revenge?? Just how is he getting revenge on me??? No one reads his posts, no one comments on his posts and no one even likes his posts. Yup you sure are taking us down loony Lohr.

  29. let me be very clear on this. i could give two shits about bill higgins. he is history. the big story is lohr claimed he would get rid of me and said i would be gone when higgins left. well old man. your worse nightmare is still here. there is nothing the AG or anyone else can do about getting rid of me. i am still waiting for you to back up your words. i think it’s funny. while you were whining about me. i spent the weekend in baltimore with friends and had a good time.

  30. Does Lohr have mental issues ? how does he figure he is getting even ? below is his latest rambling. the people i speak to are laughing at Lohr saying he needs to be placed in a mental hospital.

    “PORKY” Don’t you remember some years ago I was on the Hate Page? You and the Wat put me off for trying to tell you about HIGGINS? Never forgot and now getting even. Many-Many people are watching me make ASSES out of you both!! “REVENGE IS SWEET ASSHOLES” “ADIOS PUERTORICAN WAT AND OINK–OINK TO “PORKY!

  31. He does dance to every comment doesn’t he?? Sad part is he takes it out on his wife. I feel bad for the woman. At least she has a guy she can talk now.

  32. he is pathetic. all he does is obsess over us all day. we sure do make him dance like the puppet he is. he has himself convinced we are upset. i could give two shits about him. i know he is nothing but a old bitch with no balls. all his tough talk and i am still here. i am his master as he knows it. he knows where i live. he claims he has the police in his back pocket. well prove it. kick my ass

  33. Dumbass Lohr thinks I can’t see his his pathetic posts and comments on shutdown….hahahaha…..not only can I see your sad comments on shutdown cuckboy Lohr, but I also see NO ONE else likes or comments on them….hahahahaha….even the haters don’t like you……lol

  34. Of course Lohr knows who the swingers are and where they meet. He’s their lil cleanup cuck…….they lead him around on his collar and chain.

  35. John Lohr stated stomping rats & fat pigs is easy. yet he has not backed up any of his threats of doing so. hmmmmmmm. coward much ?. you claim you have the go ahead to kick Cameraman’s ass. and you know how to find him. yet you are to much of a pussy to do it. one would think. police will not charge of their own for getting rid of a person they want you to get rid of. so Lohr stopping being a pussy about it. and get it done.

  36. John Lohr must be pretty hard up to want to know who is having sex in Bedford County. the guy lives a lonely life when he has to find out who are swingers. he claims to be a better reporter then Cameraman because he claims to know who the swingers are. i was not aware swingers was a news story to investigate. and of course he provides no names to back up his claims. only speculation. is he wanting a threesome ? and nobody believes the senile old man when he states PSP Police are contacting him about BCFP. why would they ???

  37. And I called the cowards bluff and he folds. And he calls police officers his “informants”…haha hahaha….Lohr you retard. Yes yes John everyone believes State Troopers contact you to keep you informed John….hahahahahaha…..you delusional old fool. You need to change your tinfoil in your hat. You folded your cowardly liar. This guy really thinks he’s important. And I’ve been reported to the AG…..HAHAHAHAHA…..that is hilarious……I WELCOME the inept AG to come see me.

  38. Haha hahaha…..you know what’s pathetic Lohr??? You make posts on the pathetic shut down page and no one likes your posts and no one EXCEPT you comment on your own posts, even the haters don’t respond to your moronic rantings. Hahahahaha…….not only do you Lohr actually talk to yourself you chat with yourself on facebook posts….hahahaha…senile much????

  39. I’m still waiting Lohr for the Sgts name. Don’t you think its silly to ask everyone who is talking to you? Its on YOU to put up or shut up. I told you I have a crisp $100 bill for you when I verify your claim. So provide the name and I will call and verify. You won’t John because like with everything in your life John you lie.

  40. John Lohr is totally losing his mind. he is now claiming Cameraman is posting under Lawler’s name. and can you imagine he is complaining about someone making up lies when that is all he does is lie. below are his several comments.

    ” WAANDEE THE WAT: Now you have added another False name to you childish ranting.Why are you posting for Lawler? All one has to do is read your replies. Does Lawler know a WAT is posting for him? Sort of doubt he is stupid enough to Phrase Posts and misspell word like that! Wrandall,you might try getting someone with knowledge of the English Language and the proper use of periods and commas to type for you. Until you prove your not doing this. You will be regarded as a Common NUTCASE!”

    ” UPDATE: Porky and the Wat are really in a stir this morning. PORKY says he knows everyone at the Holidaysburg Barracks yet he lacks the intestional fortitude to call any SGT.to confirm their calling me. Wandee is now stooping to making up lies to sound important.This is nothing new for someone who was dropped on his head bounced up hit the celing fan and hit the floor head first again.Most Peoples opinion of the pair is they both are Mentally unstable and should be put in The Funny Farm.Why cant PORKY read my remarks??”

  41. rob snyder has no clue when i started BCFP for him to even comment. unlike the children he stalks. he is not in control of BCFP. the boy is a punk and he he knows it. i started BCFP long before my website was created and he knows it. i was posting fugitives of the week and videos of the commissioners on myspace in 2008. so the joke is on the women abusing, child stalking, bitch boy named rob snyder. and that’s the bottom line because his master said so. so dance boy dance. dance for your master like a good little puppet.

  42. My goodness look at the envy oozing out of Bobbin Robbin. he and lohr are really upset over the Chamber recognizing BCFP in business 10 years. they really showing how sad they are. below is the Bobbin comment

    ” I hope the folks over at the Bedford County Chamber of Commerce (PA) don’t feel too foolish smooching his keister a full year early. A tenth anniversary is celebrated at the end of the tenth year, not the beginning. Anything for free food when the gossipmonger has to wait a few weeks for his Access card to be reloaded next month. ”

  43. lohr posted my picture from the chamber 10 year celebration on the haters page, and he is crying like the old bitch he is.

  44. Lawler has already called his bluff. Provide the Sgts name loony Lohr and I will surely call. Tick tock tick tock Lohr……I’m waiting……

  45. lohr has mental issues, he want lawler to call his bluff about PSP, what the hell ever that means. lohr’s wife does have a new boy friend. he is a black guy. i think it is funny. lohr is a racist and his wife is doing ” favors ” for a brother of the hood. lohr is a joke. and yes, he was to scared to get up that day. remember i have it on video.

  46. Mrs. Lohr getting some strange?? I don’t blame her. You can only take abuse for so long until you find a new “friend”.
    And of course Love is a coward. Remember when Randy ran into him right outside the courthouse??? He was a pussy. He just sat there on the bench looking stupid and embarrassed and scared. He stayed seated in the presence of the CAMERAMAN!!!!

  47. Lohr thinks we are upset at him. no Lohr we are laughing at your stupidity. and Bobbin Robbin is posting a comment from a year ago when Logan Rock was whining that Cameraman gave him finger face to face. looks to me. Mr. Rock was the coward. for Cameraman confronted him to his face and Rock did not step up and do anything. instead he got on his phone and played keyboard tough guy. thanks Robbin for reminding us how Rock was a coward. and Lohr we already know you are a coward. so Lohr how is your wife these days ? rumor has it she has a boyfriend is that true ?

  48. Hahahaha……Lohr is one of the most unstable persons around. He’s always talking about the many many calls and many many messages he gets on everything. No one but bobbin robin talks to the old fool. Just look at his facebook page. Literally no one likes his posts no one comments. He likes his own posts and comments on his own posts. He’s delusional. That man needs meds. Yeah Lohr you rerard Randy doesnt have a business that’s why he was just recognized for 10 years. Dance you loon dance……

  49. lohr has been busy. i got a call from the chamber. senile lohr posted a review on their page. claiming i do not have a business. does anyone really believe 1 person called lohr never mind many. lohr is a coward always will be.

  50. the latest threat from Lohr. besides worrying if Cameraman will cover his rumor that Higgins & his wife have an open relationship. why would Lohr think that is news worthy. unless of course Lohr swings both way. and hopes he has a chance with the wife of Higgns. anyway below is latest threat

    ” Remembering: Last year at The Bedford County Fair Delozier had a tough time taking his hat off during the National Anthem. Have many-many phone calls and PMs stating that Delozier “MAY” have an accident at this years Fair?? Just Saying? “

  51. Put up or shut up John. Provided the Sgts name John and I will call and verify. Or even better Randy can call PSP Hollidaysburg to verify. And before you coward out like we know you are going to, there should be no problem providing the name because you’ve already told us BCFP is being monitored there’s nothing to hide or be secret about right John??? You see you moron you’re too stupid to realize you say too much which allows us to call you out. Now moron, provide the name and we will verify. I’ve got $100 that says you’re a liar John. Here’s your chance, God knows you need the money. So put up or shut up John.
    You see John you idiot, I know the Capt., all three Lieutenants, the Sgts and the corporals at Hollidaysburg. PSP would not entertain talking to an old senile fool like you John and they especially wouldn’t discuss current or former Troopers with you.
    Such an embarrassment you are John to your family. The sheer pain you caused your son was more than he could bear. And the abuse of your wife….John how cowardly.

  52. Lohr is still whining like a little girl. and Bobbin Robbin is still trying to argue the point of when a 10 Anniversary should be celebrated. who a bunch of whiny little children Lohr and Bobbin are. below is Lohr’s senile comment.

    ” “TRUTH” Have been in contact with a SGT. at Holidaysburg. They do know about Lawler and are Following “ALL BCFP PAGES. Porky is so full of it that it runs out his Mouth. The Lohr your talking about was Adopted! Have “PORKY” suck on a Bar of Soap!Again “PORKY LIES”or is to Dumb to prove me wrong!! All BCFP is? A Rag on the internet similar to The National Inquirer. Full of Lies and Dreams of WANDEE And porky! “

  53. I can guarantee you three things, one Lohr hasnt spoken to or knows any PSP in Hollidaysburg. Two, there are no Troopers
    at PSP Holidaysburg monitoring any BCFP pages or facebook pages or Randys pages. Three, no Troopers speak to Lohr about ANYTHING except when they had to check on him abusing his wife.
    Dance Lohr you old senile old wife abusing family abusing turd.

  54. that moron lohr does not even know how to read a court document. i was never busted for meth. the old hasbeen sure is obsessed with me. the only one he intimidates is his wife. word on the street is people are getting tired of him coming to their place of business and harassing them about bcfp.

  55. Lohr is still claiming Cameraman got arrested for meth. he claims the court docket proves that. i looked at the 20 year old docket and it does not say anything about Cameraman being charged with manufacturing meth. he also is claiming that PSP in hollidaysburg is monitoring BCFP. does Lohr even know what year this is ? the senile old man clearly does not know what he is saying. and now i see he is harassing his own family.

  56. people really need to get a grip on reality. it is 100% false that i was arrested for manufacturing meth. it is also 100% false that i was involved in dealing drugs with former d.a. bill higgins. you pathetic morons really need to find a hobby other then spreading false rumors concerning people you dislike. go save a cat from a tree. go volunteer in your community. do something other then looking like obsessed idiots.

  57. John Lohr is totally off his rocker. he posted a picture of someone he claims is Cameraman and stated Cameraman was arrested for manufacturing meth. i believe it is time for Lohr to go see a shrink.

  58. Bobbin Robbin does not get to decide when an anniversary celebration should be held. unlike the little boys he controls when he has stalks them. i did take notice that he always mentions 3rd graders when trying to insult someone. is that the age of the boys you like to control Bobbin Robbin ?. but thanks for confirming that you are not only a child stalker but you also still read BCFP.

  59. hahahahahahaha, i welcome that challenge. there is not an illegal immigrant at the fair that wants some of me.

  60. So now John Lohr is going to pay people who work at the fair to do something to Cameraman ? i say the old man does not have enough money for that. you keep dancing Lohr. below is his latest comment

    ” The Wat is much stupider than I thought? He is below Whale shit. That’s at the bottom of the Ocean! L.M.A.O. Dance Wat Dance! The Carny people will do almost anything for money. Believe I will spred some around at the Fair? “

  61. Keep dancing Lohr to every comment posted here. now he is claiming demo derby’s are not real races. seems to me. if Cameraman is down at the pit covering the demo derby’s up close. then he is closer to the racers then he would be if he were up in the grandstand covering the regular races. and Lohr is again making racial comments concerning Cameraman being from Puerto Rico. Which i believe he is not.

  62. lohr is a joke. i just picked up my press pass this morning from the owner of the fairgrounds. which includes getting into the pit area to cover the demo derby’s. i have never had issues with the racers. they can not wait to get their pics on bcfp. this year the pictures will be on our local sports page which lohr is not a member of. and why should i confront lawler. maybe if the father of lohr would have done something to control him. he would not have turned out to be the bitch he is today.

  63. John Lohr is hard at work creating lies to satisfy his hunger for attention. why should Cameraman confront Lawler concerning how he deals with his son ? i was not aware he abandoned his son. sounds to me like he did what other parents should do when they have an out of control child. put them in a place where they learn to respect others. now he is claiming Cameraman does not cover the racing at the fair. that is weird i see fantastic close up pictures from the pit area of the demolition derby’s every year. and now Lohr claims that the AG will make Lawler disappear like Cricar. does Lohr know something about his disappearance ?

  64. poking the bear ?? the AG is hardly a bear. nobody said he was scared of BCFP. however, i am saying he has nothing against BCFP even with all the crybabies making their whining phone calls he knows he has nothing. here is an idea. maybe the so called ” victims ” he had as witnesses can pay it forward with their favors. and they can convince the AG to investigate BCFP.

  65. Bobbin Robbin for someone who does not like BCFP you sure do visit this page a lot to see what is being posted. keep dancing boy while we make a fool out of you. you are like an addict who just can not stay off a page you profess to dislike. no mention of the Chamber of Commerce recognizing the 10 year anniversary of BCFP being in business. what is wrong oh Bobbin one does that make mad that the local chapter of the Chamber is making you out to be a liar ? below is the latest comment.

    ” A disgraced former cop can not think the Attorney General is scared of a felon with a silly little website. If you boys keep poking the bear you may not like the outcome”

  66. That AG ain’t shit. He had a pathetic case against Higgins. He was made a fool of by his own witnesses behavior AND questionable behavior of 2 officers involved. He ended up offering a sweet deal because his case was falling apart. This AG doesnt want anymore of Bedrooms County and he sure doesn’t want any of BCFP.

  67. Randy should confront me?? Exactly what for Lohr you retarded old fool? Hey Lohr do you and Korpowski meet often? Is it alone behind your house in the woods???????

  68. Scamming? … Rob Snyder has no room to talk … Snyder is the one with the guilty conscience … What is he hiding behind failed scams or failed plans to try and get this legit news page shut down? … What is Rob Snyder scared of? …

  69. snyder is a moron, only someone that has nothing to hide would keep calling out the one man that snyder has claimed would be coming for me. the AG knows he has nothing on me. or he would accept my challenge to prove i did something wrong. we all know mr. AG has nothing !!

  70. Why does John Lohr feel that Cameraman should confront John Lawler. confront him about what ? and Bobbin Robbin is whining because someone called out the Attorney General. now he is advising people to contact the AG if they feel someone has scammed them. the Bobbin one is claiming only a person that has a guilty consonance would keep calling out the AG.

  71. John Lohr is ignoring comments that he is friends with a registered sex offender. and that his neighbors have confirmed he abuses his wife. instead he is making fun of someone’s weight. we will not let readers forget how he is friends with known sex offender Christopher Korpowski. did he teach sex offender Korpowski how to stalk underage girls. is he giving Korpowski advise of how to avoid being caught again ?

  72. it has been 14 weeks since higgins resigned. when is law enforcement coming for me ?, hey mr. AG what is wrong, you can not find a witness to testify against me ?? what happened to all the haters that claimed the AG was coming after me next ??, well i am here mr. AG you want some come get some.

  73. John Lohr is simply a miserable old man. He has abused everyone in his family. He continues to verbally abuse his wife. His own son was ashamed of the senile old man. His whole family has disowned him. He walks around town looking like an old homeless bum. He now associates himself with known admitted and convicted child molestors like that Chris Korpowski. A LIFETIME megans law register. But that doesn’t surprise me both are abusers so why wouldnt they be friends.
    Honestly, I feel sadness and pity for John Lohr. He has a sad sad pathetic life. No one to really care for or about him. He walks around looking for friends. Its sad. Despised by family.

  74. It did not take long for the senile old man John Lohr to begin posting about BCFP again. he is back at it this morning. with pictures only a senile old man would post. which of course is of a sexual nature. Lohr is not only senile but he is also a liar.

  75. Should we be surprised that John Lohr has reached out to known sex offender Christopher Korpowski ? just more reason to not trust Lohr. he is willing to be friends with a registered sex offender. there is something wrong with that picture. Korpowski likes underage girls. he admitted to having sex with two of them. which landed him a life time status. i do believe Lohr has finally shown what type of person he really is.

  76. If my memory serves me correctly… Telling the truth isn’t a mental case problem… Telling a lie isn’t called the truth and telling the truth isn’t called a lie… The anger in Lohr’s words become quite disturbing… The old fart really is senile.

  77. John Lohr spent the day commenting to himself. he then deleted all of his comments and posted the following threat.

    ” Due to Shit for Brains on BCFP Discussion Page I here-by announce that I am not wasting anymore time with a couple of “MENTAL CASES” Unlike “PORKY” I do have better things to do! See you soon, “DICKWEED DELOSER. When or where will depend on fate “

  78. John Lohr starving for attention?… Can’t be… I guess posting on different pages does constitute wanting all the attention… Anyone keeping up with the competition of who wants more attention?… Is it Rob Snyder or John Lohr in the #1 position?… Or could it be a tie?… Those 2 clashing against each other isn’t going to be a good outcome for both of them… since they are on the same “team”… If the old fart would pay more attention to his own messed up life… then he wouldn’t be jealous of someone else’s… Yes, I’m Dragon Force… and if you have a problem with that, John Lohr,… do feel free to contact my attorney about it… Other than that, keep me out of your unhappiness…

  79. Bobbin Robbin is yet again crying like a two year old baby who does not get his way. this is how he describes BCFP for creating legit news pages for different categories.

    ” Cowardice is how I would describe his proliferation of separate personalities masquerading as dissociative identity disorder aka multiple personality disorder. “

  80. John Lohr wants Cameraman to prove there are no imaginary posters on this page. the burden is on Lohr. for he is the one who is claiming everyone on this page is one person. put up or shut up Lohr. it sure is easy making you look that a fool.

  81. The senile old man is still dancing to my every command. he is still looking to get his rear end thrashed. challenging Cameraman to duel at high noon lol. sure does like talking to himself on the haters page. and the poor senile one still thinks that only one person is on this page commenting. he believes Myself, Soundman, Cameraman, Dragon force are all the same person. the poor old senile one is starving for attention.

  82. that docket does not state the outcome because they cropped out the outcome which was the charges were dropped. because i proved in court my ex wife lied about the abuse. there was no abuse. she did not even show up for court because she knew she would be lying under oath. it was re-opened because the idiot florida cop thought he would be able to get her to lie in court. so he had the case re-opened. and it never got anywhere. because she refused to lie in court. lohr can kiss my ass. he is nothing but trash. pretty sad he can only find something from 27 years ago. how pathetic is that ??

  83. John Lohr is at it again this morning. posting a court docket from Florida involving Cameraman and his ex wife from 27 years ago. can you come up with something recent ? always living in the past. and that docket does not state the outcome. so i am sure Cameraman will set the record straight.

  84. I think Mr. Lohr is hoping he gets in a little tussle in the hopes that he can cry fowl. In my opinion cameraman did right by not giving him an ass whooping. There is no props in beating up the elderly (as mortis states). I personally will not go looking for him or trouble, but if backed into a corner he can expect more than he bargained for. Especially if he claims that he is going to use his “weapon”. As far as Bobbin, I will definitely watch my back, as he has been known to pop men in the rear. I suggest you all do the same. Bobble Head must be so narrow minded, or else narcissistic. He seems to believe that unless you are a union member you don’t have a job. What about creativity in producing a good or service for the public. Or is creativity lost on him also. I guess if you aren’t in a union or not a factory worker, or else flipping burgers somewhere, you must not have a job. Like I said before common sense definately isn’t in the cards for those crybabies. That being said, I know they cannot think outside the box. So, why is he an electrician who supposedly is an IBEW member and is homeless…and then worried about whether someone else has a job or not?

  85. My goodness now i am making Lohr dance like a puppet. is Lohr that hard up to get slapped around like he does to his wife ? how long has Lohr been making these threats to kick Cameraman’s ass ? way to long. get it done already old man. before you drop dead.

  86. Bobbin Robbin is attempting to connect the different pages that BCFP created for different categories that they report on to his pages of nothing but whining like a little baby. snyder is still dancing to my every command. and for god sake John Lohr. nobody is scared of your wrinkled body. you do know it is illegal to abuse old people like you right ? do not confuse yourself with not wanting to assault an old timer like you to being scared of a guy who can abuse his wife. you talk the talk but we all know you are all talk. you prove it every time you open your mouth.

  87. it truly is pathetic to see snyder create multiple pages over the past few weeks to cry about me. what is even sadder is that he still is trying to convince people that i do not have a job. i wonder what he thinks the advertisers pay me with ? like i stated before the BOY is in denial. and where are these charges he claimed i would be receiving. i still have yet to be interviewed or even contacted by any law enforcement agency. i got news for the child stalking snyder. they are not coming. he was wrong, and he knows it. snyder is the biggest joke besides the old hasbeen on the hill.

  88. Apparently Rob Snyder has thing with ignoring his own mistakes when he has to edit some of his posts due to misspells… since the idiot can do that… then the idiot can ignore other people’s mistakes… The Bobbin One ain’t no saint…

  89. Normal, sane, and rational people are all willing to admit and accept the fact that a mistake is made. Only an idiot is unwilling to admit or even accept a mistake. Mistakes are life. I have made a few and admit it. I have seen cameraman comment regarding his record of 20 some years ago. What about Bobbin, Lohr, and the crybaby Cronies? The fact that he is unwilling to retract his statements of BCFP and Higgins collusion being a mistake, makes him the Idiot. Granted that Idiot is one of the nicer words to describe him. I am really believing the crybaby cronies have a requirement for admittance into their club. You must be not normal, insane, irrational, or at the very least an idiot.
    BOTTOM LINE: If you are going to rip on BCFP at least get some new material. How many times can they attempt to rehash the same shit? I like BCFP but if i was a member of the crybaby cronies I would look hard and try to dig up something new…something different. It is just unreal that month after month they keep thinking the AG is going to bring some charges, or that LOHR is an unchallenged undefeated MMA fighter…SHEESH THESE PEOPLE ARE truly INSANE!!

  90. Bobbin Robbin really does think he is better then anyone else. what kind of obsessed person whines about how words are used. then attempts to correct everyone by posting what the word meaning. let me break it down for the Bobbin one. there is no guarantee the event will be rescheduled. and i believe DBI has done just fine without your non invested interest to make sure they use words that pass your very low IQ. you should not worry about how people use words. you should worry about you being investigated for the multiple crimes you have got committed. try learning how to accept things you can not control like the fact that BCFP are still in operation regardless of your claims that they would go out of business once Higgins was no longer District Attorney. that really get’s to you. that you were wrong. i really love making you dance like a puppet. now dance boy dance. dance to my every word !

  91. The following was posted on the Facebook page of Greenawalt’s Goodies. they also used the term ” canceled ” . Bobbin Robbin really inserted his foot into that big mouth of his.

    Greenawalt’s Goodies
    21 hrs ยท
    So bad news folks……so the festivities at Fort Bedford have been canceled because of the storms….so….I have so many baked goods now that I need to sell. Like seriously. Like hundreds of cookies, brownies, rice Krispy treats, Carmel rolls and cinnamon rolls, three kinds of muffins. . Please message me if you would like anything or if you have a business that you would like me to come visit in the morning.

  92. Here’s the thing with Rob Snyder… He KNOWS people are not going to believe his lies… He will PURPOSELY make himself out to be a lying S.O.B. just to get attention… He KNOWS none of his hater friends will NEVER go to court for him on his behalf if he gets into trouble… Which proves NONE of those haters are as close friends as they want people to think… Rob Snyder is on an Island of his own… Now if the dumb idiot wants to prove I’m wrong on that I have 2 people in mind how to squelch his theory that I’m wrong… And I”m sure one of them don’t want me to mention her name and who was NOT in court on her behalf… Rob Snyder wasn’t in court with her on her behalf…

  93. another facebook page also used the term canceled, as well as BCFP. snyder is just a big mouth coward, just like the old man on the hill. neither have the balls they were allegedly born with. it is believed snyder is the one that created an email account using a different name then his own to contact and harass DBI. concerning me working with DBI. when he did not get anywhere. snyder began calling her names.

  94. Bobbin Robbin clearly makes himself look like a complete ass. he stated : Contrary to a claim made by an unreliable source the Fourth of July fireworks were not canceled. They were postponed until a later date to be announced. The English language can be your friend or assist you in making yourself look foolish. Hopefully one day the unreliable source will be able to afford a free online dictionary in an effort to appear semi-literate.

    looking at the DBI page this is what the main street manager posted : When it rains it pours! Sorry folks….everything is cancelled for tonight including fireworks. We will reschedule so stay tuned!. did Bobbin Robbin call DBI an unreliable source?

  95. Bobbin Robbin is whining about what he calls real sponsors involved in the July 4th event. i looked everywhere for the name Robin Snyder as a sponsor. did not find it. i did however see BCFP as a sponsor. sounds like Bobbin Robbin needs to suck it up. until i see his name posted as a volunteer or a sponsor. he is just another clown crying like a two year old about BCFP.

  96. Mortis has Lohr dancing like a puppet. he is so confused he thinks everyone on here is Cameraman. he just has to come on here and see what is being said. the poor little old man. so little time left.

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