The Everett Police Dept. is asking the public for help, in identifying the pictured vehicle, which was used in a armed Robbery; on June 28th at around 10:54 Pm on Friday night. The vehicle is believed to be a 1995 to 2002 Ford Explorer, Maroon to Red in color. The robbery occurred at the Everett Igloo on East Main St., the actor dressed in dark colored clothing, held the manager at gun point as he was leaving the building after closing. The actor was described as a white male, around 6 to 6’3’’ feet tall, dress in dark colored clothing with some type of mask. The actor then fled on foot from the rear of the store, running to the rear of the Everett School District building where the Ford was parked. The actor then drove off in the direction to the West. Please Contact the police department at 814-623-1105