Just days before the general election which includes voting for a new sheriff serious allegations have emerged by the Bedford County Commissioners concerning the current bedford county sheriff and chief deputy Diane Nelson who is on the ballot for sheriff under the democratic party. we have reported the facts about Deputy Nelson concerning her DUI and filing for bankruptcy twice. being listed on a PFA, and her being involved in a nasty divorce case as a mistress for a pa. state police officer. we have reported her abuse of power by going to the jail and confronting a woman she believed was having an affair with her husband warden troy nelson. we have suspected there was a deal made after the general election between the current sheriff, nelson and erik whisker along with his father james whisker. the documents filed by the commissioners just brings our investigation closer to the facts as we know them. below are those documents.

to give a little history after the spring primary sheriff race which wayne emerick defeated both erik whisker and diane nelson to win the republican nomination for bedford county sheriff election race. diane nelson secured enough write in votes to be placed on the democratic ballot in the fall for sheriff. erik whisker applied for a job at the sheriff’s office as a deputy. he was placed on the commissioners agenda to be hired on the recommendation of the current sheriff. he was removed from the agenda following the release of the criminal record of erik whisker and the fact that he had worked for the county previously and had filed a workman’s comp claim. after not getting hired whisker then announced he was joining the diane nelson campaign team and endorsing her for sheriff. then the current sheriff filed a lawsuit demanding that whisker be hired. the sheriff claimed he needed a part time officer at the sheriff’s dept. 3 months went by after whisker was originally removed from the agenda to be hired. and the sheriff never filled the position, he wanted only erik whisker to fill that position. we began questioning whether the sheriff really needed a part time officer or was whisker being hired as a favor to james whisker who we believed was funding the nelson campaign under the radar of the public. the sheriff publicly stated several times that he could not complete duties at the sheriff’s office without that part time deputy, yet never attempted to hire another deputy in the 3 months.

below is an article that was published in the bedford gazette including comments made by the current sheriff and nelson.

one day after the above article was written and published, james whisker had the ad below published in the gazette shoppers guide. we will address the comments made by james whisker after you have read them

we have not seen wayne emrick or any of his supporters spread rumors about erik whisker or diane nelson. james whisker is in denial concerning his son’s criminal record and the controversy that seems to follow diane nelson. in fact it is nelson that is running a dirty campaign, we have seen such people as john lohr a resident on sunnyside road in bedford post information on social media that only nelson could have known, she has allowed lohr to spread wild unverified allegations concerning her opponent wayne emerick. allegations that lohr demands emerick prove they are false. the burden is on nelson to prove allegations she has her spokesman post on social media. BCFP has provided documents in the article ” drain the swamp ” that is posted on this website. we have provided the criminal record of erik whisker, the police complaint against him, we have provided the court docket on the DUI nelson got when she was known as diane price. we have provided the PFA against troy nelson by his former girlfriend in which diane nelson was listed as stalking the home of the female victim along with troy nelson. if james whisker can not deal with the truth how does he deal with anything else that comes in life ?

below are two examples as to what the spokesman for diane nelson has been posting on social media. we have some serious questions as to just how does lohr know that higgins is behind on his fines. that is not a matter of public record. someone has to be checking up on higgins that has the means to do so and supplying lohr with that information. and why is lohr attempting to connect emerick to higgins ?. allow me to remind voters that it was diane nelson not emerick that worked with higgins for 18 years. their offices were across from each other in the same building. in a recent campaign mailing, nelson took credit for the downfall of higgins. right after higgins resigned, nelson began her campaign for sheriff. was this part of a master plan to get rid of higgins for political gain ?, if you pay attention you would realize the sheriff’s dept took a different turn after higgins left office. the only explanation for lohr to try and connect emerick to higgins is to take the heat off nelson. it was nelson and reich that leaked investigation information concerning the pending arrest on higgins to lohr months before the arrest took place. lohr even admitted on social media that he had connections in the sheriff’s department. we questioned sheriff reich about john lohr concerning an incident 2 years ago. reich stated he did not know lohr at all. as it turned out. reich & lohr have been best friends for over 25 years as bragged by the wife of sheriff reich. so ask yourself, why did reich lie about knowing lohr?. we also confirmed when lohr got into trouble over shooting a fox in a residential area. reich went to higgins and requested that the charges disappear, higgins declined to do so. this request was in the same timeline that reich and nelson were secretly working with the attorney general in taking down bill higgins. i attended many political events during the timeline in which nelson would have been investigating higgins, her and her husband the warden of the jail sat with mr & mrs higgins, laughing, smiling, and enjoying dinners together, all the while nelson was working the investigation to get higgins out of her way.

in closing, we here at BCFP are not telling anyone who they should vote for. we have presented the facts and only the facts so voters can decide based on the entire story. we have investigated both candidates and only diane nelson had a paper trail to make it easy on us to learn the real facts. the only thing we found on wayne emerick was meaningless gossip, vicious rumors that not one person could verify. we followed the evidence and presented it to you the voters of bedford county. how you choose to accept it is up to you.